Vanu are harder to see at night than TR and NC

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Xiphos, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Xiphos

    I think Vanu should have some bright colors on their uniforms like NC and TR have.
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    come at me. I have glowing plasma balls for you
  3. Tasogie

    Why are you not using NVG? "instantly" the issue is removed.. I dont think people understand just how good suppressors+ NVG make things.
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  4. Xiphos

    Tried the NVG, couldn't tell the difference between friend and foe. Never went back to NVG.

    Also, even the NVG doesn't remove the issue. I have to aim to see people. When I'm aiming I usually have the enemy already spotted. The problem is seeing them when I'm not aiming and I'm not sure where they are.
  5. Metsuro

    Because the problem does not go away. You get a 1x scope. Wheres the 2x, 3.4x, 4x, variations?

    Oh... so we all have to be gimped to see VS, while TR and NC stand out like christmas lights?
  6. DukeFlash

    Vanu: working as intended :rolleyes:
  7. Howler556

    Ya. You are applying logic where you cannot. Why would vanu be a balanced faction? Their supposed to be as OP as possible
  8. PhredEx

  9. Tasogie

    What I do is go "slowly" an quietly. That is why I use Suppressors an NVG at night. They never know your around. how to pick friend from foe is really easy when your not running an gunning. You will notice they dont have anything over their head. Also NVG gives you the friend or foe marker. You can also practice the snap aim at night. it works really well, but I wouldn't advise it till you get some practice in.
    Many Vanu on Briggs use NVG too, an once they know someone is around they will have you pinned. (shoot first)
  10. Diamond Sword

    TR is equally hard to see at night if they are in default camo because it's more black than red.
  11. treeHamster

    The are ALL equally difficult to see at night because the colors used on the pads are dull and low hues. So as night they blend in better. However if you wanna do better, just bind your "spot" key to one of the mouse buttons and run around clicking it all the time. That is what most of us do. Then you just look for the red arrows and it makes finding people a hundred times easier.
  12. Diamond Sword

    Or 100 times harder as now every model of an enemy is swimming in a sea of red names and triangles.

    That's one thing I don't like about the names and stuff. They can become so cluttered to the point where you can't see anything but names.