[Suggestion] Vanity Item: Kill markers

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  1. KraggTheGrim

    We have seen it it war movies, and old war footage: The bomber with 30 bomb icons painted on the side, the P51 Mustang with a dozen or more enemy flags painted on the side of it, or the infantryman with notches on his rifle.

    While not critically important, I think it would be neat to have vanity item to display the number of significant kills on the hull of your vehical. basically having a visual representation of your kill on your vehical, where you can tell it what kills you want it to display, and then the corresponding marks are put on the item.

    Lets say I am a tank hunter, and i sport a lighting with an AP cannon, and I want to display how many MBT I have destroyed. In that vanity items interface I would put a check in the enemy MBT boxes and vuala a portion of my hull now has kill markers equal to the numbers of MBT's I have destroyed.

    What do you guys think? Anyone else want to own a kill maker vanity item?
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  2. LameFox

    The only vehicles I'd still have any room left on are sunderer, galaxy and flash. The rest would just turn black.
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  3. Tobax

    Sounds cool in theory but wouldn't we just end up with hundreds of these symbols all over our vehicles since we kill so many people/vehicles.
  4. Deltanno

    I think a better idea would be some sort of magnet that can be applied to MBTs and the opposite magnet applied to Flashes from the same faction, for obvious reasons.
  5. KraggTheGrim

    Work in progress i guess. You do make a good point, we kill so many of each, that eventually your vehical or personal item would just be loaded with marks. Unless you added a mechanic that would say that each mark represents X number of kills of the specified target.

    Maybe make them color coded like the medals are now. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Araxium. So for every Gold color tank symbol that represents 100 of that type of kill. I could see that as the only way to slow down how quickly your vehical fills up.
  6. LameFox

    I can't tell, but... you're aware 'opposite' magnets attract one another, right? It seems almost redundant, they're like that already.
  7. YonmaN

    Or maybe kills in the last hour, or the average of kills in a session or any other aggregation of those
  8. {joer

  9. Baleur

    Yeah! I have been thinking about something like this.
    Perhaps have 1 roman numeral for every 500 kills, that might keep things reasonable.

    500 vehicle kills = I with a tank icon above it (in like, carved sooty black hand-drawn style).
    2000 infantry kills = IV with an infantry icon above it.

    Having them 1 per kill would just fill up your tank, but it would definetly be cool to see some sort of kill-count as a dynamic decal.
    OH! And also showing your rank decal on your vehicle, i desperately want that.
    To see which sunderer, lib or galaxy to get in. To tell the scrubs from the veterans.
  10. XanderF

    The game already has 'medals' for the weapons. Kind of a shame that only you can see them, though. At the very least, I think it would be cool if the medal status (silver/gold/auraxium/auraxium level 3/whatever) of your gun was displayed in the kill screen.

    Might be interesting to have that on the gun, itself, in some way, but...given the (thousands!) of kills we often end up with, I dunno...
  11. Deltanno

    Yes, I meant opposite magnets.

    Crushing ATVs with my tank amuses me, especially when they line themselves up with my tank traveling in a straight line.
  12. KraggTheGrim

    We at least people seem to like the idea :)
  13. Syphix

    Or kills in one life. Makes you a nice big bullseye for the enemy so they can see who is doing all the damage :p