Vanguard shields the truth many have forgotten

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  1. XStormfire962

    The Vanguard was never surpose to get shields. The shields were originally intended for the Magrider when the DEVS for some unexplained reason switch them over to the Vanguard.
  2. Nanomorph

    Are you ok?
  3. JackD

    Not to mention that we were never on the Moons since its no possible to land a spaceship on a marshmallow
  4. Aesir

    No one ever said that it was supposed to be on the Magrider ... but yeah the first concept art draft prior to PS2 development was that the Vanguard would get an Artillery mode ... along side several other things, like close in air burst munitions and what not ...

    Never happened, but you can still see lock down plates in the side armor, the front dozer was never in game and the rear hydraulic plate was removed when the VS whined around so that the TR and NC also got glowing butts ...
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  5. minhalexus

    If Vanguard did not have the shield, what else would it have?

    I really do not know, how the magburner would work on the lightning, Prowler, and Vanguard.
    Accordingly, I do not know how the Lockdown would work on the Magrider.

    Unless they bring in a new ability, I think they did a good job by distributing the 3 existing abilities on the 3 existing MBTs.

    Ya and the vanguards was supposed to have magburner.. *Vanburner.

    ya no. that just doesn't fit.
  7. Chrisragnar

    It would have accurate main guns and great sights, be secound fastest, have the best resistance and the most versatile AT secoundary, and still have an instawin button in any 1v1.
  8. Takoita

    Turbo mode would've went to Prowler in that scheme, obviously.
  9. Jetlag

    Just speculation but it probably went something like this;

    Dev1: Hey guys we have a problem, we have 3 MBTs but only 2 abilitys. Lockdown and shield, what do we do?
    Dev2: Well we already have this afterburner ability coded for libs and esfs lets just reuse that and give it a new name.
    Dev1: Okay but the Vanguard has lockdown and Magrider has shield, wouldnt a prowler with an afterburner look ridiculous?
    Higby: Hmm your right just stick the afterburner on the mag, no one will use it anyway we all know vanu only use stuff that is OP
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  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

    yes, and Vanguards were hovering
  11. DevDevBooday

    I think it would be great if the Vanguard had an explode ability.
    You press F and the vehicle detonates, killing the driver and gunner instantaneously
    Id be even willing to throw in a quick cool down.

    Im sure roughly 2/3rds of forumside would probably agree that this is a sound and fair idea.
  12. MrNature72

    Nuclear Engine for the Prowler. +50% speed, +25% damage taken, +25% MORE damage taken from the rear, causes a VIOLENT explosion when it detonates. Press F to initiate overload, which shuts down the tank. Explodes after 10 seconds.

    Wildebeast Sanction for the Prowler. +100% speed, +100% projectile speed, -50% projectile damage, -50% projectile reload, +15 degrees viewing angle, +2 to the magazine, no Lockdown. +20% recoil and 20% time between shots. Just for fun, really.

    Juggernaut Loadout for the Vanguard. -50% speed, +33% armor on all sides except the rear, -20% armor on the rear, and +20% projectile speed.

    Landcrawler Prototype for the Vanguard. -75% speed, +50% armor on all sides except the rear, +25% armor on the rear, -15% projectile speed, -20% projectile damage. +300% traction, able to climb ridiculous hills. +15 degree downward viewing angle. Covered in really f*cking bright lights, rockets take -1 second to lock on, and markings last +5 seconds.

    Complex Maneuvering Systems for the Magrider. +25% speed, extended magburner, lowers gravity on the tank while magburning, stabilizes the tank in mid air, 50% quicker turn rate, -33% armor on sides and rear, -20% armor on the front. Rockets lock on 1 second faster.

    Phalanx Assault Protocol for the Magrider. +15% speed, +25% turning rate, -15% projectile speed, -15% damage. -50% health. Gain 25% health in shields that recharge after ten seconds. Magburner lasts 1 second, +200% speed, can't fire while above 150% maximum non-magburning speed. Minimal momentum loss.

    I'm only half serious about this, honestly just thought of a bunch of crap that would be really fun. Would it be balanced? I have no idea, man. I have no idea.

    But hot d*mn would they all be fun.
  13. Mrasap

    This thread is flying over everyone's head except Aesir.
  14. oberchingus

    I'd enjoy a remote control detonator which I could activate from my harasser. Find the right frequency from the rumble seat as I do donuts around the vanguard and then BOOM!!!

    Yep. I'd buy that for a dollah! Or fo-dollahz.