Vanguard Nerf on PTS!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Alarox, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. TheKhopesh

    Yeah, this is all with the Tech Camo (It's a circuit board pattern in foil-shine silver/grey tones).
  2. Ronin Oni

    I still say if the cost is having ugly vehicles I'd rather not have it.

    They really aren't all that common, and it's just going to be annoying when you get nailed by a same faction MBT because some numbnuts left theirs unguarded.
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  3. Private_Ale

    For me at least, the wheels and gears don't even move anymore with the treads. They're completely stationary. It looks so cheap.

    I'm really hoping it's a bug.
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  4. Torok

    I don't want to drive that ****, it took us months to get the Camo application to exterior cosmetic depot items fixed, now they come up with this ****?

    T_RAY you really like to **** with our tank don't you?


    /Rant off
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  5. Qaz

    Come on, SOE! People were outraged over the horrid changes to the mag a while back, why do you think this would go over any different? The new look isn't particularly nice, and reduced camo coverage is totally lame because it makes things look less good.
  6. DeadliestMoon

    People deserve nothing.
  7. Takoita

    At first I thought the images in the OP showed a texture glitch.

    Then I remembered what game we are talking about. -_-
  8. Ransurian

    So, when are we going to see a Prowler remodel into something resembling its original pre-alpha concept art? :p

    I mean... Don't get me wrong -- I'm one of the few that doesn't mind the current Prowler too much (aside from the hamburger bun of a turret), especially with cosmetic armor kits. Still, the initial concept art looks badass, and I'm pretty sure an opinion poll would reflect that.

    One can dream.

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  9. vanu123

    Fine, Ill trade you your nerfed vanguard for a screwed over magrider.
  10. TerminalT6

    Man, if they want to show more faction color on the Vanguard, there are a lot better ways to go about it.
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  11. Minotaur667

    The idea is quite simple SOE: Don't try to fix what isn't broken. If they think the Vanguard looks too good then maybe get up off their ***** and make the Magrider and Prowler look better. Pretty sure if the Prowler looked similar to a Mammoth Mk.III from C&C3, no one would complain. By the same token, you give a Magrider some spines down the sides of the chassis to make it look more formidable and once again, no one would complain.

    Bottom line here: Don't decide to nerf the looks of the best damn looking tank in the game so it looks as crappy as the others (not that the Mag looks that bad), just so you don't have to actually do some work on the other two to bring them in line with the Vanguard. This choice to level the 'looks' playing field by making the Vanguard look worse, only shows everyone how lazy and ignorant (of what people really want) you really are. And before you go adding something more to this game, how about you fix what is actually already broken. Listen to the majority of the community as well as the minority for the serious bugs in this game. I dunno about the rest of you guys on here, but as far as I'm concerned, Planetside 2 never left Beta. No gaming development team releases a game, then has major gameplay alterations like those that have been introduced into PS2 on a regular basis. Nerfing tanks in general so they have to get closer to each other? What the hell do you people think Tank Warfare is all about? Because I can tell you now, it has nothing to do with CQC.

    To bring my rant to an end here, the only way a corporation like Sony Online Entertainment is going to actually listen to the community like they claim that they do, is if the majority of the community makes a stand and ceases payment. Currently, they make a change that people hate and we still fork over money to them like they aren't ruining something beautiful. I can tell you this much SOE. When Star Citizen goes into Beta, myself and a very large chunk of your community will go exclusively to it, from PS2. In general CIG listen to the community more and offer far more of a decent, persistent universe game than SOE ever will unless they seriously pick up their game. CID deserve our support. There really is no minimum or maximum amount that they deserve for the ambitious, yet incredible game that they are starting to pull off. Two years my friends and Planetside 2 really wont be competition for what is being offered to us by Cloud Imperium Games. So let's just see whether SOE can step up to the plate and act like real developers who actually listen to the community.
  12. biterwylie

    Maybe RadarX can get some information on behalf of the community?

    It seem highly unlikely they are destroying the looks of all there art assets for no reason?

    I mean who here has purchased camo after the changes to mag rider, lightening, infiltrator etc. SOE must be have hopes to sell camo to PS4 when it goes live. They will sell very little if the vehicles look rubbish anyway.

    It is like polishing a turd.
  13. -Synapse-

    Happened to the Magrider, happened to the Prowler. No surprise here.
  14. BeyondNInja

    I wish they would stop making changes that negatively impact the game just for the sake of some hypothetical feature they may be adding sometime in the future (same goes with the stupid Mission system overlay that hides cap points)
  15. Klypto

    The same way you tell the faction of anything. Behavior, minimap, spotting and doritos. If it doesn't have any doritos, spot it and you can't spot it then it's an ally.

    If you are using any other method like actual colors, then laugh out loud. That's how people get knifed around sunderers and in medic bubbles.

    The only reason why it's massive texture stretching with pixilated camo is because they downsized all camos from 1024 pixels to 512. This still pisses me off soooo much. I want a high res texture pack download. Like what's the point of Ultra if it isn't.

    They ****** up the camo resolution and now the pattern. I have a crap ton of camo and I am NOT happy about it.

    The stock colors actually look a lot nicer. TRay or his team did a good job there.
  16. OddChelsea

    Did... did you just take my post asking how would you tell if that vanguard was NC or not seriously? Please tell me you were being sarcastic too. Please.
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  17. Klypto

    What if it was hacked? There's a reason I didn't mention shape.
  18. OddChelsea

    I'm well aware that hacking may be a feature in the future. It's not close right now however and you can't just take jokes about it seriously. Come on. >.>
  19. Alarox

    The reason these colors are being added is because of hacking.
  20. blueangleofdeath

    change anything on the tank and make it look like a turd but PLEASE keep the glowing part of the back.