Vanguard AP vehicle gun is OP

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  1. Navoletti

    now with the changes of tanks i hope Soe fix this,vanguard weapon ap is overpowered,really this tanks vanguard need op in armor,damage and zoom shots versus other vehicles and esf.
  2. Flag

    What are you talking about?
    The TitanAP is about to lose it's biggest advantage.
  3. MajiinBuu

    How so? It'll still have the highest velocity and damage
  4. Flag

    The velocity gap won't be as pronounced as it was before.
    That was it's biggest advantage, and while it will still have a higher one than the other tanks (bar anchor) and more damage, those weren't really as strong as having the higher velocity.
    Combined with the new gravity values I'll wager you'll find that the TitanAP will feel less .. "BS" than before.
  5. minhalexus

    I would worry about the Magrider, rather than nerfing the AP shell of the Vanguard which is fairly balanced.

    2 solutions, pick one:-

    1) Make turret speed slower for Prowlers and Vanguards only
    2) Switch velocity values of the Magrider with Vanguard main-guns (buff the velocity in other words)
  6. Chrisragnar

    I dont really think the AP gun is the problem with the vanguard, but im suprised that they dont change it sins it seems its the number 1 turret for anti infantry, anti tank and anti air 9/10 vanguards you meet have AP no matter the situation. And the devs seem to target items that are used the most and tweak them so that they get in line with the rest. But not with vanguard AP.
  7. Alarox

    What? The AP is not the best weapon for AI. The HEAT is way better.

    The reason Vanguards use AP is because the tank's AI is kind of crappy and because the Vanguard excels at AV, so we specialize in killing vehicles.
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  8. Chrisragnar

    The only logics i can find to this is that the NC is fudging the stats somehow, or people get so annoyed with the OP vanguards that they go out of their way to destroy them all. Or NC is just that usless with their tanks.
  9. Chrisragnar

    Yet its almost hopeless to shoot them with dumbfire half of the time sins you get instasniped with AP rounds. And AV turret is even more useless sins you are never allowed to place it where the tanks cant shoot you back basiclly. C4 is the only way to kill a vanguard that does not take way to much time and effort.
  10. Aesir

    Not really ... it probably has more to do with the fact that Vanguards die just way more to Infantry than to other Vehicles, according to the oracle of death. Because as many have said, Vanguards are the weakest of the three against Infantry.

    We can hold our ground against other Tanks ... but we can't deal as good with Infantry. And as you probably know, oblivious Infantry farm is a strong cert income ... for Prowlers/Magriders, but not for the Vanguard.

    The low survavability probably has to do with how people think they actually drive a Tank ... because it's the most "tanky" feeling MBT ... while in reality it's only a cardbox with a Tank skin on top of it. And the shield get's more people killed than it saves them, because they get to reckless ...
  11. Aegie

    Or the parsimonious explanation that the Vanguard is simply given hard coded figures that result in relatively poor in-game performance.
  12. dedgaem

    Dat Logic.
  13. MrNature72

    Honestly, I think the meta of tankfighting will end up being:

    Lobbing uselessly at short ranges with new glorified grenade launcher tank shells.

    Prowler getting a huge advantage with lockdown and being the ONLY capable ranged fighter.
  14. Flag

    You mean reducing it from 2 to 1.
  15. Mongychops

    Magrider AP velcoity on live 225 m/s "It's fine L2P"

    Proposed Vanguard AP velocity 230 m/s "ERMERGERD IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY AT RANGE"

    Though yes gravity is being increased, still, amusing at the hyperbole at the change.