Vanguard AP vehicle gun is OP

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Navoletti, May 23, 2014.

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    Well, you may have noticed me calling it out without hiding it with subtlety, and so far I've had an SOE response once.
    Just the one time.

    I'm also not very good with making any form of art, so I'll promote other people's work instead. Some of which has even been posted multiple times on this site before!

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  2. Aesir

    Well, I can't draw for real either, doesn't mean I can't make stuff ... through other ways ...

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    Yeah I don't know how to do that. ._.

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  4. Silus

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  5. Klypto

    I wish I could have that turret in the game with dual wibbly wobbly tank whip antennas with functional physics.
  6. FBVanu

    Are those AA lock on missiles on top?
    Please make it a double barrel main cannon.
    with rapid fire and fast reload
    increase the top speed to 80kmh

    I'd lover to roll in that ..
  7. Flag

    The post does say what it is. :p
    Dalton for main gun, with Breaker Rockets (lolpods) on top.
  8. Obstruction

    8/10. would be cooler if it could fly upside down and had a tankbuster on it.
  9. Aesir

    It's actually also a completely new hull with way more room clearance ... and the turret is mounted in the center. Also ... someone here has played War Thunder Ground Forces I presume ... Pz4 wobbly Antennas are wobbly.

    It is a Dalton Maingun and Breaker Rocket Pods. I know, I should have maybe added a coaxial Zepher and maybe make a Breaker/Coyotes hybrid turret ... and stick some Sundy Blockade armor on top of it ... (C4 resistance, more rear resistance, more overall resistance).

    Because balance ...
  10. Frozen-K

    We need more TR representation for art.
  11. Takoita


    Would this one count?
  12. Aesir

    Want me to make a Prowler redesign? ;)
  13. m44v

    Honestly. Vanguard's artwork needs a buff, is like SOE got tired and only finished one side of the turret.

    If someone does a Prowler and/or a Magrider redesign...

    3 Things to think of.

    1 - Prowler main gun rotation, basically one barrel fires then they swap places. To reload it does it in reverse of it firing.

    2 - Magrider less overall surface area, keep roughly the same shape, but change so that it looks a little better (and less of a hitbox).

    3 - Keep the feel of the tank the same, so Vanu Magrider feels (more) like it is an alien tank. Prowler feels more military like and the Vanguard has a mix of Vanu (tech wise, not design) feel mixed with the tried and true form of a TANK.

    One last thing, ALL tanks need to keep (roughly not exactly exact) current dimensions.
  15. Aesir

    There are multiple solutions here, I would have used either of three or made all 3 of them ...

    A Single barrel Burstfire/Autocannon/Chaingun style weapon, similar to the C75 Viper or a more rapid Python, since essentially the Prowler is the TR beefing up a Lightning. So 100-110mm weaponry would go for that approach.

    Than there is the dual barrel solution, changing from Cycling large caliber weapons(current 120mm) that fire one round, use the recoil of that gun to load and ready up the other barrel, much like older high caliber FLAK guns did. So you fire between left and right in quick succession, instead of a 2 shot clip mechanic.

    And well ... multi barrel high caliber Gatling style Autocannon weaponry ...

    I've be honest, the Magrider so far is the only Tank I wouldn't really redesign, because it actually fit's the theme it's supposed to set very good, it also already has a maingun turret if you look at it's design, the only thing it might need and this is a balancing factor, so other things need to be looked at to(strafing) would be a reduction in length or with.

    The current Magrider, like I said pretty much "fits" the VS theme already very good.

    For the Vanguard, it's a hybrid right now between NS and NC design traits, which kinda ruins it in my opinion, since it definitely needs more hard edges, which you can see in my 3D model that I made. And as for design itself, tech gadgets, like the two shtora-like lamps I added on mine should be thrown on.

    The Prowler ... other than it's driver station is best tossed into the trash bin and be redone from scratch into something like a smoothed out modern day MBT and to set it appart from the Vanguard in sheer design/looks would be a frontal mounted engine(Like a Merkava), so it keeps it's current shape of being shorter and higher than the Vanguard, tough the hull should be lower and the turret way bigger, while keeping within a similar overall shape.

    That's a given ... ;)
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  16. Trebb

    I just want to say, the nailpolish is an *awesome* touch lol
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    Nails ey?

  18. Aesir

    How about a Video ...

    As I'm still reading into how to texture my Tank ... I did a quick render out of it rotating 360° in the mean time ...
  19. Frozen-K

    Is the entry hatch on top of the turret next to the machinegun? Kind of hard to tell.
  20. Aesir

    There are two hatches and they are left and right of the Basilisk. The Secondary weapon mounting is a fully separate, remote weapon station.

    Here a slightly older render, I shortened the barrel a bit.
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