Vanguard 1st person view is broken

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  1. Vaphell

    it struck me that the first person view is outright ridiculous. The cannon obscures almost everything that matters on the rightside part of the horizon plane. AP hammerhead makes it even more ridiculous, you have a good 40% of total screen width obscured.

    at 2:56 you have the driver attempting to shoot down a cruising scythe where the cannon obstructs the enemy completely. If you don't think it matters much because example involves air unit and tanks shouldn't be able to pwn them, imagine that the scythe is a fast moving harasser that is circling your ***. You can't lead it without covering it with your gun. Either way it's a huge blind zone that makes no sense.

    Compare that to prowler. Its cannons are just below the horizon line, which means that you don't lose your targets as easily.

    lightning is also decent, it barely touches the horizon line

  2. Dennisz125

    That vanguard vid. How did you lose that tank so fast
  3. Vaphell

    huh? These are some random clips off youtube for comparison.
  4. Klypto

    This never bothered me to even notice it when aiming but ok. I won't say it's not a problem, just not a problem for me.

    I'm curious if it's a difference in the mental process used for calculating the shot or just something you get use to compensating for then forget you are doing it.

    If I were to complain it would be that I can't see anything on that side while I'm driving in first person so I can't become aware of new threats... but nobody should be driving in first person anyways imo.
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  5. breeje

    as a former army tank gunner (aifv) that's actually what you can see from a reel tank
  6. Vaphell

    PS2 tanks are not real though, eg dat buttery traction. Also it doesn't explain why prowlers and lightnings are not crippled as much.