Vangaurd Shield

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  1. FendleyFire

    Hope that's a joke, all lockdown is good for is camping spawn rooms.
  2. stalkish

    I see the nerf herders have firmly set their sights on the vanguard, guess its time to find a new thing to do in game. SOE being SOE wont just adjust shield, they will double nerf the tank as a whole, probably whilst buffing the other tanks.
  3. MasonSTL

    um, maybe if you shot that vanguard, backed of for 10 seconds then bombarded him with your lockdown you would have won. But then again you may not have known that the shield only lasts like 10 seconds.
  4. Cinnamon

    I'm interested in hearing why it is a totally fair ability. I drive vanguard myself as well as prowler so I know that it is good and that vanguards are pretty easy to keep alive in comparison.

    I already know that vanguard only pilots are very jealous of the how effective the prowler main gun is against infantry. Although that is only with direct hits now splash was nerfed.
  5. Mindjacker

    NO DRAWBACKS - joking right ? can only be used once every 30 or so sec's, once started cannot be stopped and will not even start to re-charge until burned out, breaks when too much dps hits it and does nothing to help kill the other vehicle.

    Anchor mode
    Disables movement when active

    Also i thought NC were the hardest hitting empire - no good if the other out-dps you in other ways and definately a drawback if you miss just 1 shot. 1 shot missed means so much dps lost that it easily renders any harder hits useless.
  6. Cinnamon

    It's easier for prowlers to miss shots because the "high dps" means that they have to take a lot of unstable shots to actually get anywhere achieving that perfect maximum dps. Yeah if they are locked down they can get stable shots and a high dps.

    Time limit for shield activation is a limit not a drawback. You can't have the shield on 100% of the time you want? That is not a drawback of the shield, when the shield is active it has no drawbacks.

    The drawback of lockdown is that if you are spotted you can be killed quickly before you can move if you use it in any position where you can take advantage of it.

    The drawback of shield is that it only lasts so long so you always know in advance you can only depend on it to do so much and sometimes you can be killed if you are not careful enough? No. A drawback would be something like if there was a low possibility that the enemy had an emp weapon that blew the shield instantly doing a large amount of damage to the tank.
  7. Shatters

    1 thing:
    Wrong sub-forum. We got the vehicle sub-forum for a reason.
  8. EliteEskimo

    A cool down is not a drawback because it doesn't negatively affect your tank in any way while on cool down. All it means is that you can't be invincible 24/7. If you use Anchor Mode at the wrong time in battle it will get you killed because you will actively get C4'd or flanked sitting still. If you Magburn wrong it could expose your flank to the enemy long enough to die, or flip your tank. What happens if use the uber shield at the wrong time besides that you aren't invincible for the perfect duration of time you want, and now you have to wait till you can use it again? That's not a drawback, it's just a limitation that makes it so the shield isn't OP.
  9. Shatters

    lets nerf afterburner, it has no drawback cus it only is on a timer.
    cus, you know, logic.

    A timer on a ability IS a drawback. Not being able to use it for 45 seconds after using it IS a drawback.
    Also, it absorbs damage, along the lines of 11k HP i believe. Not easy to break trough, altough it can happen.

    Also, before the vanu are hunting me, i believe that the mag afterburner should receive some buff, as it is much less usefull then the other faction specific MBT abilitys. Lockdown is fine as it is, tough. Its situational, but when used right (like over that canyon near the warpgate on north-indar) its devestating. Also, lockdown ismuch more usefull versus infantry (since the shield will only help versus stuff that you actually notice.)

    If anything, TR lockdown suffers the most from not being able to swap vehilex loadouts, since their ability is the most situational. It is really strong when used right, tough.
  10. Bill Hicks

    Highest dps doesnt mean anything if you die stupidly trying to hug a vanguard.
  11. DashRendar

    Actually in this case the CD IS a drawback, because without the Shield, the Vanguard is the worst tank in the game that's easily outplayed by every other tank due to the pitifully low DPS that's even outclassed by Lightnings. The shield literally makes up for its weaknesses in a large way and can turn an engagement when used right.
  12. Chubzdoomer

    What's the matter? EZ Mode TR still not EZ enough for you?

    The Vanguard's shield is fine. It's all our big, slow, clunky tank has going for it, anyways. And even maxed out, it only lasts a few seconds and takes forever to recharge.
  13. Phrygen

    Vanguard shield is fine.

    Tank balance is almost completely fine.

    Elite Eskimo's first post pretty much sums this one... i'll let him handle this thread:cool:
  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    A better strategy would have been drive up behind him, get out, drop tank mines on his face (or c4, whichever you use on your engineer) and instagib him.
  15. lothbrook

    Getting close to a vangaurd isn't a good strategy, thats where they shine the most, because at close range hes going to hit you with that big gun and you have no choice but to engage with the shield up, and you can't run unless you want to just die faster when he nails you in the rear.
  16. HellasVagabond

    Bottom line the Vanguard had a secondary gunner and our friend here didn't, case closed.
  17. Jake the Dog

    Sir I would like you to stop spouting this nonsense as it may be hazardous to my many score streaks, because I hate people like you
  18. Mr_Giggles

    It lasts for 8 seconds and remains down for 45 seconds afterward. This means that if I pop shield and you run for those 8 seconds, I just wasted my special ability and am now fair game for almost a minute. With Prowler, lockdown can be disengaged and re-engaged at will.

    There is your distinct downside.
  19. GSZenith

    how to kill a vanguard.

    step 1.
    come from behind, force shield.

    step 2.
    take cover behind the rock/hill/whatever you are right next to while the shield fades.
    notes: most vanguards with shield got racer so they won't be able to turn nor back up before the shield fades.

    step 3.
    roll outside your cover and kill the vanguard.

    step 4.
    send a tell to vanguard players saying "outplayed" and watch the drama.

    you may skip step 4 if you aren't a troll like me or you don't like drama.

    step 5.
    if you done step 4.

    make an alt char on the nc side of the troll victim, find him and follow him around helping him, gunning for him etc.
    get an outfit invite.
    get onto teamspeak.

    after a few weeks start going back on your other char and kill some ppl of the outfit, as you do trashtalk (ingame chat)
    go back to your alt and start trash talking your other char (which they shouldn't know is you)

    smirk while they are agreeing with you while getting officer outfit status.

    Gz you have just done a basic outfit trolling :)

    edit: inb4 i get kicked from outfit.
  20. TheBlindFreak

    Bull ****. AP + Halberd has ripped my tank in 3 seconds from the rear, with maybe a few more added for the shield. My gunner and I didn't even have time to react. Anyway, by the time you get in a situation where the shield is the lynch pin of your survival, you are ******, even with the shield. Vanguard shield is just icing. It isn't the cake.

    I'm curious, did you just quit shooting after he popped the shield? "Oh, he's got that SUPER OP shield, I won't win even if I try. Oh woe is me."