Vampire Implant doesn't trigger on any weapon tested.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Liquidrider, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Liquidrider

    Please disregard this bug report. The reason for it not working is an error on my part. Healing does not occur when you are cloaked. Therefor Nightmare Implant will cancel out Vampire's healing. Something to be aware of in case anyone stumbles upon this issue. In addition if you re-cloak yourself immediately after a kill, it also negates the healing affects of vampire.

    Vampire Implant does not appear to trigger at all across any weapon that I've tested. I'm under the assumption the implant is currently unusable.

    Based on these threads, it looks like this may have existed for quite sometime.
    I've tested it in numerous occasions both on NSO & NC.
    - Amatersu
    - NS-45
    - Blackhand
    - NS-44 Commissioner
    - Underboss

    I used Inf. Stalker in which a secondary is mandatory for my testing. I am not sure if this is the cause, but it something to check if it is meant to be verified.


    Killing an enemy while wielding a melee weapon or sidearm restores 325 health. This effect does not trigger on quick melee attacks.

    Unlike the implant's usual requirements with held melee weaponry, at rank 5 the implant will also trigger when the player is awarded a kill on an enemy via any means, so long as they are holding a sidearm when the enemy dies. This can include instances such as enemies dying to environmental damage after the player damages them, or the player scoring a kill using Anti-Personnel Explosives