Valkyrie with UnqualifiedYouTubeDev & Shoggs

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  1. Vava31

    Hello all,

    I'm Vava31, French player on Miller server.
    I would like your opinion on this Valkyrie.
    I think a lot of players NC and VS have already seen it.
    Also, they don't fear to camp the NC or VS Wargate.
    I think it's something to wonder about...

    Their names are :
    Gunner Valk / UnqualifiedYouTubeDev :!/5428851341651733521/killboard
    Gunner Striker / Shoggs :!/5428835589027976833/stats
    Pilot / Veliah :!/5428191068399180961/killboard

    Their accounts seem a bit strange, no ?
    Thanks for advance for your advice.
  2. Liewec123

    Striker Valks are a legit tactic and an example of clever use of empire specific toys.
    i refuse to call for nerfs to things simply because people are using them cleverly.
    no matter the faction i hate faction diversity getting nerfed because people can't think of alternate ways to deal with the situation!
    obviously taking air against that thing is gonna be a no-no, its a 3 person crew yes?
    imagine what 3 skyguards could do to that valk!
  3. Towie

    They seem to have a specific tactic that just so happens to be an extremely powerful combo (and do very little else - the gunners at least).

    Individually the Striker is useful but doesn't get that many kills. VLG is a bit more potent - but adding the two together in a dedicated way seems to be OP.

    In a way it reminds me of the Lancer - individually it was poor but get a squad using it together on specified targets and it could delete anything within a second. Even though this was rare, the Lancer was still nerfed to death - suspect something will happen to the VLG or Striker if this trend continues.
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  4. Towie

    ...just noticed - there appears to be a bug with VLG right now that makes it too powerful (and is being abused). This is not going to help matters.
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  5. Makazinjo

    Its not a VLG bug...Its the striker Valk ******** that DBG allows. Why dont they let max to sit in that thing....but i think striker heavy is more lethal..he can jump and kill the skyguard with C4. If my VS squad have that thing the sky and the ground is clear in 15 min. We just lucky that they dont have more skill for more damage. Against good Striker Valk you dont have counter measures..
  6. Klondor

    I'm with Liewec123 on this. OP, don't you dare try to call this tactic unreasonable or unfair. To nail home why the striker valk isn't a bad thing, let's start off with recent balance changes. The striker's range was nerfed recently, some say as bad as Base AA turret range, but i say not so bad, it's definitely worse, but not horrible.

    Now, The striker is a close range AA platform to be used in teams, and the TR players who use it from the rumble seats of Valkyries are actually doing what Liewec already stated: "a legit tactic and an example of clever use of empire specific toys." I have seen the Vanu do it with Lancers against ground targets albeit rarer than the striker, i have seen the NC do it against ground targets, which is also rare. But i ask you, why is it so bad when the TR do it against air targets? They took something that is meant to be a deterrent, and combined it with a mobile platform that allows them to seek, and destroy, rather than just pester something that will come back after a few seconds of repair. It's a result of player ingenuity and teamwork. If you cannot handle that, perhaps you should adjust your tactics. Take note of valkyries in the area if you're fighting TR, if it's making a B-line to you, you could lure it into your lines for other aircraft of skyguards to engage, don't take to the forums and attempt to make it seem like it's the new (early game) ZOE.
    Honestly, i cant stand seeing posts with such little thought given to accepting gameplay styles that work because they use teamwork, or in other words: Playing the weapon to it's strengths.
  7. Vava31

    My aeriens had armor composite, and :
    The Reaver & Scythe are one shot.
    The Liberator is 2 shots.
    The Valk doesn't move at right or left on the one or the second "example", so, I think it's really strange :
    I have already fight a Valkyrie with strikers.

    Now, you talk of Lancer, It's really crazy if you die by it, because there is a long charge and the damage max (so at 3 charges) is more low than Striker.
    Seriously, are there some guys who die by that ? I play also TR and NC BR100+, and I didn't die by it.
    You can easily to move your tank for hide it, and the damage is more bad, compared to Striker.

    For ZoE, no body use it, except you want to lose your MAX in 5 secondes because you support 2× damage on you, for a bad result in damage on the enemy.

    Thanks for your reply, and goodbye.
  8. Makazinjo

    Why cant we have burster max in Valk...because its op...but TR can have heavy striker which is more deadly...imagine striker valk vs lancer valk...who would win using teamwork.