[Suggestion] Valkyrie Squad Logistics Unit

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PawLurk, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. PawLurk

    Is there any consideration being given to the Squad Logistics Unit on the Valkyrie becoming a Passive ability?

    As I understand it, both the Galaxy and the Sunderer's spawning ability used to be active slots, but are now Passive - so it wouldn't be unprecidented!

    Currently the paper-thin Valkyrie isn't very useful as a Transport, as anyone not in communication with the Pilot is left wondering whether jumping out is going to be a Death Sentence! The result being that nobody wants to get in a random Valkyrie.

    Making it Passive would also allow for Fire Supression/Flares/Scout Radar to be fitted - affording the Valkyrie a smidge more survivability/utility.
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  2. Kristan

    There were suggestions on this forum about this already. I hope Devs will do this one day.
  3. Liewec123

    it definitely should be passive!
  4. OldMaster80

    This would help. But in my opinion this is not enough to make the Valkyrie worth: players do not like to spawn in the Valkyrie because they die too quickly. The Val is too fragile to achieve anything, right now it has no place in the game.
  5. YoungPedro

    at least some indicator if the thing is equipped would be quite nice. If you get picked up by a valk with a mute pilot its fairly hard du judge if you will have a save landing once you jump out of that thing.
  6. PawLurk

    I'm just trying for baby steps here, but I agree with you!

    There's something about the Valkyrie's flight characteristics that makes me really enjoy flying it, but it's practically useless as-is.
  7. OldMaster80

    What really drives me mad is it could be the coolest vehicle in the game. And we've been telling the devs team it's crap since the 1st day it has been released. And they did nothing so far: the only vehicle they released in 2014 is a total failure.
  8. PawLurk

    I'm farily new to the game, but considering after almost 3 years the auto-drive when deploying a vehicle slams you into buildings/rocks/trees, and hasn't been fixed yet... well, it sets a tone, really.

    The economy is daft, also. Unlocking add-ons for a Basilisk has to be done multiple times on a Sunderer, then again on other vehicles, even though it's the same gun? Certs are a helluva grind (although I'm told it used to be worse)

    Not to mention the fact they expect people to fork over $6.50 for a Vehicle Horn, some of which are just a tone rather than anything fancy.
    Honestly, as a free-to-play game, getting people to spend money is a pretty important feature - but they're breaking their own economy by being extortionate!

    Charge less, make more bundles - deliver more value, and you'll have more people willing to part with their cash!

    It is a 3 year old game - you don't see any other games that old trying to sell at Day 1 prices, do you?
  9. MotionBlured

    You can tell if it has squad logistics equipped by looking under the tail. It will have a small AMS looking dodad attached.