Valkyrie Directives are Broken

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klabauter8, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Klabauter8

    How the hell am I supposed to do the Valkyrie directives???

    Getting transport assists, gunner kills, squad spawns, etc is no problem at all for me, but how the hell should I be able to get weapon kills and especially rumble seat kills, when there is not a single person on my whole f*cking server who can fly this thing halfway decently???
  2. OldMaster80

    Weren't you the one claiming you got your best kilkstreaks in the Valkyrie just yesterday?

    You already know my opinion.
    The problem is not only with pilot: the Valkyrie is extremely hard to fly. Because its survivability strongly depends on the loadout and crew composition.
    For instance the choice not to use Evasive Frame or Squad Logistics System, or without Engineers it is too penalizing, you burn in a few seconds.

    With the vehicle in this condition good luck with rumble seat directive: it's almost impossible to complete. For instance I've never ever been killed by a Valkyrie passenger since it came out.
  3. Klabauter8

    Yes, I got my best killstrikes with the Valk by far, and I also play Harassers, or gun in a Mag or whatever from time to time. And I don't even find it that hard to play, you just have to understand the basics of the vehicle, ie that it's a support vehicle, anti-ground mainly, that you should hover above tanks and not in front of their barrels, etc. I actually find ESFs much harder to be effective with, no matter of the load out.

    However, I sadly hardly can find any person on my server who knows how to fly Valkyries. Good Valkyrie pilots actually have much better chances to complete the weapon kill and rumble kill directives by flying Valkyries solo (which I do), because finding other good Valk pilots is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I can get the rumble seat kills, it's just a matter of time for me, but it's really slow and frustrating when having to do this solo.
  4. OldMaster80

    I agree it's very frustrating to fly the Valkyrie as platform for infantry combat.
    Btw what's your loadout for this kind of fights? I usually fly with Squad Logistics System + Composite Armor + Hover Frame. Passengers can do a good job against infantry because the vehicle is well armored and stable. But I totally lack defence against ESF without Evasive Frame.
  5. Taemien

    I'd wager that the good valk pilots gave up on it and went back to flying Gals or Libs. Even my static of 4-6 will use a Galaxy over the Valk because everything the Valk can do, the Galaxy is better at.

    Gal is faster (in overland flight)
    Gal has more firepower
    Gal can hold MAXes
    Gal holds more people
    Gal can spawn squad without certs or slot
    Gal is tankier
    Gal can skywhale (mario bros some tanks even)

    Here's what the Valk has going for it:

    Can do Apocalypse Now shtuff. (but does that really compare to the skywhale horn?)

    Valk really needs a MEANINGFUL niche to fill. Right now its the cheap short transport. That's its niche. You know whats faster and easier, and costs no nanites? Pressing U or /suicide and redeploying.

    Whether they nerf redeploy to hell, or just plain give the Valk another niche.. something needs to be done to improve it vastly over what it is now.

    Hell.. take its weapons off, give it to the Lib pilot gun, and swap them with the Tankbuster. Yeah give the Tankbuster to the Valk instead of Lib. Now its an effective air platform for a variety of roles. And you'll see a ton of pilots using them.
  6. OldMaster80

    The niche it cannot fill properly is exactly the one Klabauter8 is trying to master: the Valkyrie is bad as flying platform for infantry combat. Because it can't fly slow and steady as it gets targeted by everyone, because it takes too much damage from esf forcing pilots to dodge all the time (and passengers to throw out their breakfast).
    A little more protection against ESF, faster vertical thrusters, and 360° turrets angle. THAT would make it a CAS vehicle. Right now it's just a transport vehicle in game where logistics is not needed.
  7. Klabauter8

    I never said it is frustrating as a platform for infantry combat... I said it is frustrating that I have to fly the Valkyrie solo for the directives, but whatever. 99% of people can't fly Valks for sh*t, but are the first to blame it on the vehicle when they suck. I am ten times more effective when I fly solo and be pilot and gunner myself, than if I would climb into some other persons Valk.

    I am happy when I make it around the next corner when climbing into other valks. Yet, the directives want me to find good pilots, as if this has anything to do with my personal skills. If I can't find any good pilots to be able to make weapon kills or rumble seat kills, then this is not my fault.

    And I fly depending on the situation, not depending on if I have passengers or not. Having passengers from time to time is actually kinda the norm for me...
  8. Eternaloptimist

    The directive is not broken - its just hard to get, like Max punch and one or two others. The fact that no one co-operates is not the directive's fault. Personally, I cannot hit a barn door from inside the barn with the doors closed if I'm using a pistol but the directive isn't broken because my enemies just won't stand still.
  9. Klabauter8

    Funnily the directives which are actually about flying Valkyries are not hard to get at all. And even the gunner part is not hard to get.

    I find the directives broken, simply because you are too much dependent on other peoples skills. Like I said, getting the rumble seat kills is actually far far easier when just flying Valkyries solo, than constantly having to find other pilots. Same goes for the weapon kills.

    Just yesterday I made about 50 rumble seat kills by just flying solo. If I had tried this with some other pilots, it would have taken me weeks to get this many kills. All these directives provoke is just people doing strange and actually uneffective stuff.
  10. Eternaloptimist

    Well, I can relate to with competent allies is not a major feature of the game in my experience either. Has someone already suggested teaming up with good outfit who are minded to help each other out in this respect? Might take a while to find one though.
  11. Taemien

    I dunno about a 360 turret change. I kind of like the mechanic that the pilot and gunner need to communicate. But I do believe such communication requirement should be rewarded.

    Here's the actual changes I would do:

    Increase base top speed to 200 KPH. Modified as normal by frames and vertical thrust. This will put it into ESF speeds.

    Give it a new weapon, Jackal Missiles. This are like Coyote missiles but are buffed up a bit. 400 RPM, 200 damage, 300 indirect damage before .35m, 175m/s velocity, 6 round mag, 4s reload (long and short), 96 ammo pool.

    Allow MAXes to ride in 2 rumble seats, one firing left, one firing right.

    What these changes will do is turn the Valkyrie into an air denial system as its primary niche. Requiring long range weapons from other air to deal with effectively. It would keep its ground support role as normal, but it would its secondary function for when enemy air isn't exactly present which means it shouldn't have an issue performing that role in that case.

    Would this hurt ESFs? Only those fitted for ground attack roles. Much like a MBT trumps a Skyguard but not one with AP rounds so much. ESFs fitted for A2A would be required to tackle the Valk. Libs would have issues, and Galaxies would be threatened by Valks but not entirely blocked by them (two valks fully manned would be an issue however).

    It would change up the air game, which is sorely needed and would get more pilots into the Valk as well. For those focusing on ground attack ESFs, they'll just have to make friends with AA and A2A air. Nothing they haven't told ground to do.
  12. Klabauter8

    Ehm... This was not supposed to be another one of these "wahh Valkyrie is UP please buff!!!" threads, this was about the directives of the vehicle.

    Also, "2 Burster Maxes riding in a Valk"... LMFAO! You have no idea about this vehicle nor about the game itself. Just stick to your ESFs or Libs if you dislike it.
  13. Taemien

    You asked why there is no decent pilots for it. Its because they are in Gal's. As I said before, everything the Valk does, the Gal does better. I dare you to provide a decent argument against that.
  14. Klabauter8

    I never asked why there is no decent pilot for it. Please stop pullig sh*t out of your a$$. And again, I am not here to argue with people like you about the effectiveness of the vehicle. I already know how people like you fly Valkyries, so there is really no point arguing with you, especially not in this thread.

    If you just want to whine again how ostensibly UP this vehicle is (although in reality you just suck at flying it), then please do this in an other thread.
  15. Taemien

    Lets see how long we can go then shall we?

    You're complaining about no pilots, I showed you why and you're upset that was the only answer you got and you didn't like it, tough balls. Now you're trying to attack me personally in order to try and chase me off the thread. Sorry but your little cert pinata is outclassed by the Galaxy.

    You know this, that is why you can't give one single bit of evidence why it is not. It doesn't exist and that makes you sore.
  16. OldMaster80

    Do you at least use the voip chat ir are one of those jumping on random vehicles and expecting the pilot magically read their minds to understand where they're aiming at?
  17. Klabauter8

    No, I was not complaining about no pilots. I was complaining about the directives of the Valkyrie. I was complaining that you are too much dependent on other people to complete the directives. That good Valk pilots are rare was nothing I complained about, it was just a fact that I stated. It's sad, but there is nothing you can do about it.

    I actually have a good pilot, you know. Someone, in contrary to you, who actually knows how to fly Valks (well, more or less at least...). And I can get many kills with this person. It's just very rare to meet such people and they are not always on. That's not why I find the directives kinda broken though, I find them broken because they require too much dependence on other pilots.
  18. Klabauter8

    I'm not sure I understand your question right... but no I don't use voice chat. And when I jump into random Valks, I usually don't even have the chance to shoot at anything, because people just crash it into the next tree or whatever.

    If I fly with someone who has some understanding of what he is doing more or less, then it also works without voice chat quite well though (except for some exceptions of course, but they are rather tiny).

    Coordination between gunner and pilot in Valks is actually not that hard, once you understand the basics. I find the coordination between gunner and driver in Harassers much more difficult, because in Valks the pilot easier can face targets straight on with the front of the vehicle.
  19. Taemien

    Still on the personal attacks with no evidence. You know what that means? You're losing the argument. Deal with that like you have to deal with the directive. Stop whining about it. Other directives require others as well. Such as the Liberator and Galaxy.
  20. Klabauter8

    I'm just giving back what I received. You also called me a bad pilot in general, just because I fly Valkyries. And afterwards ruined my thread by ranting about the vehicle only to come up with ridiculous ideas to show you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    And that other directives require others as well is no excuse. It is not a problem for me that you also have to gun in vehicles to "master them". I just don't see the sense in having to gun in them as much as you have to fly them. That's just unbalanced to me, because it will always be much harder to find decent pilots you can get kills with, than to find some random gunner you can get kills with by piloting yourself.

    To me, it just actually feels like I'm primarily mastering to gun in a vehicle, rather than mastering to fly the vehicle, because the gunner directive part is much harder to accomplish, because it is much harder to find decent pilots/drivers, no matter of the vehicle.