Valkyrie + c4

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  1. 3punkt14159

    I just want to sai,. take a look at that,. if i throw out c4, it stais in the plain. So when a friendly player this didn know, he maybe friendly kills a vehicle and thre other guys and himself,.. .

    So avoid that somebody can throw it, or be shoure that it leavs the Valkyrie for shore.
  2. SevenTwo


    You are saying, that throwing C4 out of the Valkyrie doesn't throw it far enough, so it sticks to the vehicle instead of falling out of it? o_O
  3. Gleerok

    Thats what I think he tried to say...
  4. 3punkt14159

    Yes, that was what i want to sai.
  5. iller

    werkon us interdid

    (...and shouldn't be fixed until C4 gives more warnings to players under/near it)
  6. Lection

    ya, i noticed this too. the wings are too close to the c4 thrower + the aircraft is moving so the c4 will move toward the wings when thrown, so in simple terms... :eek:-{YOU MORON!!! YOU KILLED US ALL!!!}
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  7. Vachek

    If they change it so you can drop c4 out of the Valkyrie, i'm uninstalling, there is already far too much bad play and spam in PS2.
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  8. 3punkt14159

    The Valkyrie is so slow, if the get you in your lightning or MBT, then you are just to bad! :eek:
  9. Lection

    Maybe they should disable the C4 and AV mines for now (while in the Val). Anyways I believe grenades would be more effective at not getting stuck and dropping on target (plus you can carry more if certed out and they cost less anyways).
  10. Elrobochanco

    I'm fairly certain that right now if your pilot tilts the craft for you you can still get C4 to clear it. But like all sky dropped C4, if you were moving it would be an infinitely small chance of ever hitting you.
  11. Orsidus

    As far as I'm aware the Valkyrie flight mechanics aren't even finalised or fully implemented yet so I'm sure it will change a good degree. There's a good chance of what I've seen the craft will move considerably faster when this happens especially with racer equipped.

    As far as I know right now the racer doesn't give all the benefit as the plane at this stage is heavily reliant on vertical thrust(Due to not being implemented fully yet) from what I've seen on Wrel's video.

    I personally see no real issue with it since C4 again is rather expensive and to accurately land C4 you'd need to do a fairly slow drive by which puts you weak plane in nice easy shooting range of pretty much every type of ground based weapon including small arms, which I might add will be able to damage / kill the guys in the rumble seat anyway.
  12. DorianOmega

    This is why we need door turrets and not rumble seats.
  13. SevenTwo

    It would definitely fix a lot of things, as they wouldn't have to balance the Valkyrie according to what types of troops it could potentially carry, but only what manner of guns could be mounted on the vehicle.

    I still think the passengers should have an open compartment though, but I don't if that's possible with the current iteration of the engine - seems like having the occupants rendered inside vehicles is kind of a no-go with the current build of the engine.
  14. BurntDevil

    For the valk to C4/Mine you, it has to come over your vehicle and loiter. If you or your faction mates cannot notice a giant pinata of c4 sitting above you long enough to do such a thing, you deserve to be blown up.
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  15. Vachek

    People said the same thing when the AV rocket spam started, we see how that turned out eh?
  16. 3punkt14159

    A Lock-on Launcher can be fired from 400 meters with highspeed, its something completly different to a c4 whitch had to be thrown from the valkyrie by 25-30 km/h.
  17. Ronin Oni

    Should throwing C4 set off a fog horn and announcement to everyone in 5m "WARNING! I'M C4 AND ABOUT TO BLOW UP!!!!"????!?!?? o_O

    In any case, you can throw C4/ATM's from the Valk by rolling slightly towards the side so it doesn't land on the Valk.

    Use some coordination FFS

    Randoms will be randoms though. No sympathy.
  18. iller

    That's an even better idea.... Though I just figured it could have the same UI / glow particle of Frag Grenades...
  19. Ronin Oni

    terrible terrible TERRIBLE idea.

    I want those RIDICULOUS grenade indicators removed for that matter. Lets not add MORE of this stupid crap.

    Holy hell.

    Why don't we put glowing lights on C4 and land mines while were at it?? OH WAIT!

    This game is far to casual as it is. Next thing you know the game will take over your character and forcefully save you from gettingyourself killed on explosives.
  20. iller

    Mines already glow .... I never agreed with that change. However...

    You need to drop this Hyperbole act and discuss this like the grown man you are.
    It's not "Casual" to demand that an object with a room-sized explosion radius that 1-shots multiple infantry (& Maxes) and can be thrown even farther but only costs 75 creds, actually be visible in the middle of a battle while it was hurled. You're better than this Oni. You know damn well what's "fair play" in environment Awareness and what isn't. "Casuals" have nothing to do with this. Casuals will still die in the hundreds to it even with the glow just like they die to Frag grenades still. ...Atleast lay off the capslock bro