[BUG] Valkyrie and the Pheonix

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by natowpnzor, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. natowpnzor

    I put the prefix "BUG" on this because the TR can fire their strikers out of a valkyrie, and the vs can fire a lancer our of theirs, but fire a pheonix out of a valkyrie and you nearly take the whole plane down, blowing it up if at half health. IF it's supposed to be like that, please tell me the so-called 'balancing' that it provides.
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  2. WTSherman

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind the Phoenix having a bit of a "soft launch" that throws the missile forward a bit before giving you control, so that it can get clear of the Valkyrie and also squeeze a bit more total distance out. It'd also mean that the Phoenix would have a small snap-shot threat range, which might be useful in some situations.

    Though if the soft-launch is faster than the normal flight speed, does that make it a hard launch? Maybe "cold-launch" is a better term, since the idea is still that it tosses the missile away from you before lighting the engine.
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  3. Liewec123

    thats a great idea :D
  4. natowpnzor

    But the devs don't give a crap. Oh well, PlanetSide has been getting annoying with the constant never-missing-headshotters-from-the-VS-and-TR. Maybe it'll just die out due to massive number of bugs the devs ignore.
  5. adamts01

    Because everyone knows NC doesn't have any hackers....
  6. JKomm

    Well of course we have hackers... their aimbots just don't fire on enemies.
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  7. Ryo313

    NC can shot their Phoenix from behind cover...
    TR can't shot their Striker from behind cover...
    where is your balance there?
    your logic is kinda funny...

    but srsly now... shoting a video guided rocked from a moving would be unbalanced as heck...

    the strikers "coyote" mechanic only sounds good on paper tbh... on the battlefield it doesn't work most of the time because your target is either way too fast to get your rockets into "aiming" range (which is a joke by itself ... its way too small to be effective especially at range) or you're too close and get killed in those 2.5s you need to unclip your mag ( the dmg from 2 rockets is laughable so you have to at least fire 5 rockets to deal the same amount of dmg any other RL would do in 1s)

    so as you can (hopefully) see the strikers nieche is way too small and everything it does another RL does it better (lock-on for long range and dumb fire for close range) and tbh the striker is the worst out of those 3 ESRL. (i still use it but mostly for ground targets which are somewhat easier to hit then air targets even with the coyote mechanic which is utterly garbage...

    keep in mind the Phoenix is a great weapon that gives you a huge advantage on the ground.
    only the NC can shot from safety and guide a rocket to its target... and yes i'm aware it leaves you unguarded while you guide your missile BUT that really doesn't matter when you are in a safe position behind cover and/or surrounded by teammates.

    imo the phoenix is fine the way it is and it shouldn't be able to get fired from any moving object... that would break the game way too much because you could fire it and guide it to its target while you are in complete safety.
  8. EPIC389

    OP is primarily talking about the issue that if you fire phoenix rockets out of a Valkyrie instead of behaving like normal, it'll just damage the Valkyrie or at least that's what it seems to me

    He's not asking for a phoenix buff, he's asking for a bug to be fixed.

    If you really want to talk about phoenix balance, You can literally outrun the rocket in a vehicle. That's how slow the rockets are. Balance much.

    Another point is that using phoenixes on Valkyries is the very definition of teamwork. Because that needs to be nerfed rite????
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  9. Liewec123

    its not about balance its about a bug.
    when you fire phoenix for some reason it instantly hits the valkyrie you're riding in, this isn't a balance issue, its a bug.
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  10. Eternaloptimist

    I know from experience that the Phoenix is prone to misfires and more likely to explode prematurely going through shields or past a nearby obstruction. I always thought this was some kind of balancing thing as it is steerable and has a unique damage profile (reduced resistance by vehicles and Maxes).

    I never realised the Valkyrie thing was a problem and the suggestion about a soft launch sounds like a good idea.
  11. Ryo313

    oh ok sry i read and wrote that in a rush.

    well if its a bug it needs to be fixed but i doubt its a good idea to fire the phoenix from a somewhat fast vehicle.

    on the other hand valkyries are fun to use and why shouldn't NC enjoy it the same way as the other 2 empires.
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  12. WTSherman

    Yeah, and I'm pretty sure the bug is caused by how the transition to the camera currently works.

    The game spawns the rocket first, and it takes a few fractions of a second to transition to the camera while the rocket hangs in the air. Unfortunately, as many of us know, projectiles in Planetside 2 don't inherit your momentum. This means the rocket, with its armed warhead, spawns in completely stationary. Inside the Valkyrie. Which is flying at a couple hundred Km/h.

    So the missile promptly hits the back of the passenger cabin and explodes. Coincidentally, the reason Harassers don't have this problem is that there's nothing behind the rumble seat for the missile to hit (though it does mean the rocket will end up behind you no matter which way you're facing in the seat).

    So I'm pretty sure if we just gave the rocket a good solid kick at the start, to get it clear of the Valkyrie, this problem would just go away.
  13. Liewec123

    could be really potent, fly over a base, let the phoenix's fly and then get out of there :D
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  14. natowpnzor

    I see strikers do It all the time. Lancers not so much, but they have done it. Another balancing thing by the way, the Striker can blow up a harasser with 2 reloads, the pheonix has to have 3.
  15. Sergio Lima

    Good luck landing 12 strike shoots on a moving Harasser.
  16. natowpnzor

    Good luck landing 3 pheonix ones on a harasser.
  17. Liewec123

    striker valks are rare, but if you can get people together to play one, they're an absolute NIGHTMARE for air :)

    i've only seen it once on my server and it took a platoon of ground AA to take it out, air was obliterated trying to kill it.

    ? that is so ridiculously easy? :rolleyes: