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    Hello, since I and my friends often use valkyrie here is a list about old/new bugs that I noticed and i hope at least we get some attention.

    Starting with recent bug:

    1. Fire suppression: Happened 2 days in a row. It got stucked at 7 and 9 seconds and i wasn't able to use this ability until relog.

    Now listing all bugs which are with us since I remember:

    2. Granades: throwing one while in valkirie often make strange movement or self-explode of valkirie.

    3. Exiting Vehicle: if someone jumps out while side of the valkirie is close to ground it can throw him under map also often in action when someone jumps out he got teleported to other location with high altitude and suicide (not a pleasant death).

    4. Disabled weapons: I got hunted by ESF which tried to crash on us all the time after third time I got my weapon disabled just because he was trying to ram us.

    AND THE MOST IMPORTANT "BUG" I mentioned in a thread which got no response a while ago.

    5. Animation of passenger seats after graphic patch few months ago is awful. Instead of sitting people are standing on them. People sitting on the same side are blocking each other view. This animation also apply to harasser third seat.

    As much as i love valkirie playstyle those bugs are hard to ignore so I'm writing to you in hope valkirie get some slight treatment at least for seats which are the most fatal bug so far.


    more bugs:

    6. Spawning in valkirie the same as number 3. Teleports you to valkirie spot but spawn in air and you drop from high altitude and suicide.

    7. When fast switching seats the hud shows the same person at 2 seats.

    8. Wyvern sound: We can hear its shooting all the time without shooting whenever we enter vehicle.

    9. Gunner camera: sometime camera of gunner is flipped.
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    Posted all bugs in main post

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