[Vehicle] Valk and rumble seat repairs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by unyielding_mass, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. unyielding_mass

    Im very confused as to what this is supposed to do for the game, the valkyrie is already criminally unused and so you nerf it? Adding it to aircraft synergy doesnt at all make up for this change, as a valk pilot since launch of the ps4 version... this whole move baffles me. I hope you guys at daybreak do as you promised and find something to make the valk useful and fun again, cause it sure isnt fun now
  2. MasterDk78

    what are the rumble seats for? c4 drops? lol
    or the implant rumble seat.. that once had a use

    was fun driving around in harraser being support, was fun being support in valkyre.

    now its my own personal flying coffin
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  3. unyielding_mass

    Very eloquently said good sir!
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  4. Mechwolf

    The least they could do is reduce the nanite cost for these vehicles, given they both have been substantially nerfed, 200 nanites for the harasser and valkyrie should make people at least want to use them again.
  5. Blue_Lion

    Think the issue is how tanky they got with it. While not the most common air vehicle I see them more than the Lib.
  6. RabidIBM

    I wouke support dropping the cost of the harasser, and finding a way to buff the valk.

    The harasser had it's cost double as an attempt to address its power without changing anything and it didn't work. Now that it isn't a turbo tank anymore its cost should be brought back down to Earth...or Auraxis.

    The Valk is meant to be an attack helicopter, and attack helicopters usually have some armour. Obviously they have to be light enough to fly, but if shoot a real attack helicopter with a pistol all you're doing is telling the gunner "shoot here!". If they could be made immine to small arms without changing their resitant to AV or flak, that might help.
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  7. unyielding_mass

    So after some testing, rep grenades do work while in rumble seat, but still the least fun thing available in the air categorie. As to what blue lion stated your right, but the lib has needed a buff for years it just not my fight as im not knowledgeable enough about libs to comment effectively. The valk and lib i think need an extra 1000 hp and the weps on the valk need buffing if its gonna be this weak and easy to take out. This change makes stealth, scout radar, flares, and stability frame non viable. Composite armor has been terrible since the beginning since an extra 600 health isnt worth the trade off. So the only build that somewhat works is fire suppression, evasion frame, and nanite auto repair. No need to put scout radar cause youll be dead from g2a locks or aa before you can really make use of it. Stealth is nice till you get spotted, than youll be missing the auto repair. Flares was already pretty niche but now whats the point of stopping g2a missiles if AA will take you out in 1.5 seconds (from the pilots POV). Stability frame makes an already low defence and slow vehicle even slower and less maneuverable.