[V4IK] Valsect Logistics & Support. -VS-

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  1. Xec Mai

    [V4IK] Valsect Logistics and Support's primary and main focus is bringing together dedicated valk pilots and crewmen to provide an atmosphere where valk/gunner mains always have a crew to roll with. Utilizing the valk's full potential and bringing effective meaning to the valks logistics capabilities. Secondary focus is providing effective dependable ground rep/ammo/logistics support, Ground to air defense operations and strategic FOB/Airbase building.

    No valk pilot should have to deal with sitting at WG or a base blasting their horn waiting forever for a gunner, or deal with random's who jump out/redeploy before or mid battle.. Most often being left to solo the valk.

    Screw that nonsense, As a pilot you need to be free..like...like a mythological bird..Or an owl.*loud terrifying screeching noises*... except this owl has rocket pods shooting out of it's ears, wyverns out it's eyes, Dropping VLG's out it's butt.. And a hellion blasting out it's mouth..CAS feet with VS mites launching lock-ons an archer shots out from under it's feathers..And V4IK, Well V4IK is your flock..
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    anyway, Where was i?

    On the battlefield we aim to provide effective, meaningful and strategic strikes, Recon, hard hitting close air support and battlefield logistics in co-ordination with other platoons and squads. Seeking daily/active players we aim to build a dependable force that works with other outfits in providing quick effective frontline strikes on demand and merciless backline defense/patrols. We want to train, practice and perhaps develop new strategy/tactics.. In hopes to establish a reputation so when someone see's our tag it invokes caution in our enemies and comfort to our allies.

    We also gladly welcome anyone who runs dedicated ground to air, Rep/ammo support or base building operations.

    All that said while we will mainly focus on valks, this does not mean we wont mix things up and have fun with other roles ( ex. Harasser squad, Sundy balls ect. )