[UWP] The UndeadWolfpack is recruiting !

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Katyvsha, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Katyvsha

    Hi !
    The UndeadWolfpack is recruiting !

    Outfit Name : [UWP] UndeadWolfpack

    Faction : NC

    It's a new outfit I just created whose purpose is to focus on tactical squad gameplay, being able to specialize in a certain kind of gameplay. Trying to overcome numbers with good tactics !
    Combined Arms Squads with infantry as it's core, but also we plan to train to create specialized armored and aerial squads.

    Since it's really a newborn outfit, I need people to help me create the foundations of it as I lack some knowledge probably, so [UWP] is looking for potential admins !

    Of course this outfit is international, the minimum requirements are to have a microphone and join the discord (We will use mostly the ingame voice channel to communicate the differents orders and objectives, but joining the discord to have some fun chatting while playing is also good :)


    It might look a bit messy since it's the very beginning, but I hope we can have fun alltogether !

    You can either contact me in game (KatyushaFR) or on discord (abi#0001)