Using default jump jets?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DarkStarII, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Iridar51

    I've seen this video when it was released, there's nothing amazing there, most of that and much more could be accomplished just as well Jump Jets.

    At 1:45 - 2:40 Wrel admits there's no reason to use Drifters outside edge cases, and that same things can be done with Jump Jets.

    Yes, they demand a different style of play for very questionable and situational advantages.

    It all comes down to how OP should play if he wants to perform better than he does currently.

    What? How does that even work? I should stop talking to you if I am looking to be horrible or pathetic? I don't want to be looking horrible or pathetic, so I guess I'll keep talking to you, mr. englishman.
  2. AxiomInsanity87

    And the op stated he doesn't like the recharge time and energy cost, so maybe he would like drifters. I stated my opinion in no absolute terms because it is just an opinion, like yours.

    You are behaving as if i asserted that they are better, which i didn't.

    So your whole point is based on the assumption that i asserted or said that drifters are better, which i didn't

    And you are trying to act clever while failing to comprehend that hahaha.
  3. Iridar51

    Maybe your opinion is "just" an opinion. And it's exactly what it's worth. Ramblings of of some guy, pulled out of his ***.

    My opinion is a statement, backed by 600+ hours of time played as Light Assault. I write guides, I research, I talk to people. I know what's better and I can prove it.

    Or you can prove me wrong, and I will admit it, and thank you for teaching something new to me. Truth is born in arguments.

    Yeah, I was acting based on assumption of you stating that drifters are beter. Because why would you intentionally use an inferior piece of equipment? That would be crazy.

    I can understand achievment hunting with horrible weapons, but it's not like you unlock directives by playing with drifters.

    So yeah. I was stupid to assume you're not crazy. Which is indeed kinda stupid of me, considering only a crazy person would play FPS game on console, lol.
  4. AxiomInsanity87

    I know who you are and that has nothing to do with the fact you took my opinion the wrong way. I didn't say they are better as that would be speaking in absolute terms. I actually made sure it was clear that i am not asserting anything absolute and that it is just my opinion to make sure that this doesn't happen.....

    I like drifters due to how consistent they are with energy consumption, recharge rate and getting me around. I also like how well i can c4 fairy with them and get away easier. Regular jets do not suit how i like to play nor are they consistent for getting around in the way that i like. I like to do more ambushing and being stealthy, of which the drifters are great for and they are also quieter.

    I also do not care about directives and "achievements" and never have. I like the game a lot so gratification for playing is not needed for me. I have no interest in the directive freebies when i can and have bought everything that i want.
  5. Iridar51

    Fair enough. If it works for you, why not.
  6. AxiomInsanity87

  7. Iridar51

    Ultimately it's a game to play and have fun, and it's normal to use what's most fun for oneself. My assertion was that in order to stand among the best, one can't afford to choose what he likes or wants to use. He must use what has proven itself as the best option.

    Of course, it's perfectly normal to experiment - who knows, maybe a new meta will be discovered. But like I said, never seen anyone do good with drifters.

    Darkstar specifically asked in another thread how can he improve, and I told him to use the Jump Jets. Now he's voicing his concern, and I guess I just got afraid that he'd reject my advice, which would hurt my ego.

    Self psycho analysis 101 :D I'm a horrible ******* person, lol.
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  8. AxiomInsanity87

    I appreciate how honest you are about that.

    I guess we can all be A holes from time to time lol.
  9. XanIves

    Iridar, you're not yourself when you're hungry

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  10. Iridar51

    Au contraire, toxic, egotistical and disrespectful is perfectly normal self for me. Ask anyone who has been around past 2-3 years.

    Or at least was, until I got banned from forums for 5 or 6 times. That cut off my balls :(
  11. Riksos

    To the OP, I've found the only thing the icarus has been useful for is that initial superjump during 1v1 situations. When in an open area an enemy rounds a corner, boosting upward and dragging my crosshair down usually is enough movement to disrupt the opponents aim to win the duel. Otherwise I stick to the defaults as they are good in many different situations.

    Is someone going to call me a piece of **** for having a preference for defaults over Icarus or Drifters?

    I have hundreds of hours on PC logged but a few months back switched to PS4 as my computer is outdated and I get better framerate on console. Yet after hundreds of hours on console I STILL have more time on my PC account. Because I currently play the PS4 version, am I unworthy of an opinion?

    I started reading this thread and noticed 2 guys going back and forth arguing because one likes Drifters and the other doesn't, and somehow because they don't agree it means the other guy is a lesser human being or something.

    Why can't people just use what they like and what fits their playstyle without trying to **** on everyone elses fun?
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  12. Iridar51

    Well, if you read further, we made our peace, so no need to fuss over it.
  13. nehylen

    They're a bit better than that. I've been playing a lot of LA recently, most of it as Icarus+Safe fall implant and what you state is the most obvious advantage but it's not limited to that. I specifically mention the implant because it affects the playstyle with Icarus a lot more than it does other jetpacks.
    Icarus are definitely less versatile than Standard jump jets, but they do enjoy a tactical niche which is fairly larger than Drifters (those can essentially be summed up as: "C4 monkeys", something Icarus are terribad at). The combination of vertical velocity and fast recharge rate allow the LA to harass much faster and consistently than he could otherwise do with Standard, even at heights which don't particularly favour a superjump.
    For instance i remember a recent point cap on a base of Esamir (near an amp Station) where you have some snowy trees near the point. As enemies were stacking to assault the point building guarded by my squad, i was sitting above on a branch with my MKV. in white camo, firing white tracers on a white background, and not displaying on minimap. I killed a few people from above, then safe fell right behind a guy's back, then back onto my branch super fast, and start over. A bit like a hawk or falcon of sorts.
    I feel that Icarus are the best way to make Blackhand sniping profitable, in combination with a potent CQC gun for the hawkish maneuvers, since you may so easily get to specific vantage points.

    Contrary to other jetpacks, they may also be used to survive: the sheer speed is much more offsetting to the enemy's aim than Standard, which can be used to 1.Escape on a roof/wall/whatever, 2. Spam MLG...err... medkits key. Since you can't use C4, aren't using regen implant, might as well go for MLG-junkyism.

    Last, but not least, fast recharge helps a lot in this dreadful era of EMP spamming where there's no way of increasing ability gauge regen.
    While i do believe Standard jump jets are way more versatile, i probably won't go back to use them much as the Icarus meta is right up my alley.
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  14. Iridar51

    But did you also drag the corpses into your nest to feed your spawn? Doesn't count otherwise ;)

    It's interesting stuff you write.

    Superjumps - it's totally possible to ration Icarus thrust and make small jumps, the problem is precision - it's like a super sensitive gas pedal.

    I'm not sure I see a connection between Icarus and Blackhand, though.
  15. nehylen

    I let the corpses there, so it attracted medics: the more carrion the better!:cool:

    Not well-expressed enough on my part for the Blackhand: it's mostly a practical argument for alternating playstyles between the CQC primary and the Blackhand, as you can get in sniping position faster (possibly back or possibly a new one), thus with a shortened air exposure. Typically the hawkish situation i described would favour the Blackhand more, but the suppressor part was crucial, so no Blackhand for that !
    Nothing specific in itself, all that Icarus jets do, you may achieve with Standard jets in the principle. It's just that Icarus are all about shorter sequences with fewer downtime.

    I agree it's a bit tricky to manage at times, but you do get there in the end, it's the opposite of getting back to Standard after all!
    The toughest thing in my book is passing through windows while crouched: between the speed and lack of horizontal thrust there's very little leeway to achieve that quickly without a ledge in front, so you end up being exposed more.

    Overall i'd say Standard jets give you more flanking options, but Icarus jets allow to commit yourself less in the option you picked, e.g. assaulting a roof twice in a row with no downtime, or even just entering a prefab like peasant pedestrian infantry, do your deed, then when the chase comes after you, exit and back on the roof, or even jump, maintain altitude, then assault pursuer when he passes through door (dicey but works), then back on roof, thanks to full recharge within the time necessary for the kill.

    I must concede that Icarus LA benefits a lot from the expectation of a Standard LA by the enemy though!
  16. DarkStarII

    Okay, so I've gone back to using Icarus jump jets for a while and found that I can do the same things I could do with defaults. The only difference I found was that defaults could slingshot more effectively and are easier to use.
  17. Demigan

    It heavily depends on playstyle what kind of jump jet you need.

    You have a much more slow, defensive playstyle looking at the video's you've posted (still have to watch your fourth episode). I find that drifters have ten times more versatility and usefulness than normal jump jets, this because in your playstyle you rarely travel large distances.

    The only real disadvantage I see in drifters is that they climb slowly, which with proper land&jump management can be sped up. I also think that using your jumpjets anywhere where you need the speed (with the exception of a tower) is a bad way to use them in the first place.
    I am constantly using drifters to climb antennae, trees or other obstacles, then fly over a fight and drop down on the area that gives me the biggest advantage. This can be a good flanking position, this can be smack-dab in the middle of a group of enemies to cause some mayhem, this can be behind the building they are holed up in to attack them from behind. I also use them as normal jumpjets when necessary to get around. I can also use them for pop-ups or cover at weird locations. For instance, you can fly along the edges of bridges to stay out of sight and suddenly pop up to attack an unaware enemy or simply cross the often dangerous bridges in safety. In one of the many bases with elevations you can often use it to fly just below the edge of infantry paths and surprise holed-up infantry somewhere.
  18. Iridar51

    My playstyle revolves around killing enemies. Need to be alive to do that.

    Drifters can give you a better insertion and greater surprise advantage, I admit that. But after that insertion they leave you out to dry, and unless you kill everyone on the first go, you won't be able to disengage and reset. It's kind of like going all-in all the time.

    There really is no need to travel long distances. Useful fighting happens near the frontline.

    What's the point of drifting 2km into enemy territory to kill enemies that don't even participate in the battle? What's the point of drifting into enemy zerg and killing 3 guys before dying? 3 guys who are not doing anything useful and gonna respawn in 10 seconds in nearest spawn?

    That essentially would be the same kill****ing I was doing in the first episode.

    It's also, well, cheesy? It's not very different from driving a Wraith Flash deep into enemy terrotiry to camp a vehicle terminal with a stalker.

    Jump Jets can do everything drifters can do. Maybe not so well, but functionality is 100% the same:
    They can do a Fly Along:

    They can do Speed Drifting:

    Long hang time is an advantage when it comes to hunting vehicles, but it just makes you a floating target for infantry.

    To summarise, my assertion is that flight length of Jump Jets is enough for vast majority of in-base battles. And most of large bases have jump pads to compensate.
  19. Demigan

    That's one way of playing, I usually do that but not always.
    The point of any jetpack is to move around, which drifters can do remarkably and depending on the situation both the normal jumpjets and the drifters have their advantages and safety when going around. But the ultimate goal of any jumpjet is to get into an advantageous position. So rather than dropping right into the middle of some enemies, which is ofcourse a great and deadly strategy with shotguns and often with Carbines, you can often also drop on some good flanking spot rather than in the middle of your enemies. From that spot you can easily engage and disengage just like with normal jumpjets, and often you can use drifters magnificently still to get around after disengaging. Sure your vertical speed is less and sometimes leaves you open, but the advantages of being able to bridge any gap and be in the air longer than on the ground are incredible feats that with the right management are incredibly powerful.

    I used to be a normal jumpjet junky, it had everything you needed. However I'm willing to trade in my vertical speed for an increase in range any time, and with the update that allowed drifters to climb I found them much more useful and versatile with less limitations.

    Useful fighting happens everywhere. There is almost no amount of battles that were lost or won because one team managed to win the outskirts fights and finally flank the enemy frontline core. From your video's I know that your frontline incorporates the outskirts as I've seen you fight there multiple times already to gain an advantage for your team. Using long-range flight is crucial for the very best flanking positions, gaining the perfect SA and opens up many more area's to fight and flank, causing confusion and pulling manpower away from more important fights and strategies.

    Why are you assuming that they don't participate in a battle? Why do you assume that those 3 guys might not be important? Killing 3 guys in the right spot is much more important than killing 10 people somewhere where they would have been killed eventually and are unlikely to give their team a good advantage anyway, such as on a mountain next to a spawnroom perhaps?
    The value of a death, yours and the enemy, varies and is subjective. It's often tough to say what is more important. Sometimes those people you killed on the mountain next to the spawnroom could have secured a flanking position and forced your friends back, sometimes they would have accomplished nothing aside keeping themselves and their enemies busy fighting for a hill with no real value at that moment.
    But you can be certain that killing 3 guys defending a chokepoint can make all the difference between pushing through or an attack lasing another fifteen minutes or even an hour. Hell, I've actually seen battles where simply firing from a flanking position without getting kills caused the attackers to pull farther into cover, leaving some ground open and getting crushed as they lost their strong footing. Just changing the focus of a fight can already do that.

    I see no resemblance. One thing is based on tactical decisions where your kills matter most, the other is keeping yourself busy for the time you travel there and then hoping some enemies will take too long to try and find&kill you just for some KD or something.

    My assertion: depending on playstyle either jumpjet is more valuable. Your fly along is erratic, short and reveals you easily. It works, but not for the type of combat I have in mind, especially when you need to return before landing, which is completely possible with drifters.
    The long jet works with slingshot to be sure, but not every base has them, and the ability to loiter in the air after a slingshot is invaluable for picking a target and attacking. It also allows for tactics like hovering in corners of a building, tactical assaults through windows by flying through them at higher speeds, easy transport across roofs and other elevated structures without popping up too high to reveal youself prematurely and the ability to better hug cover while in-flight to reduce the amount of shots that will hit.
    On the other hand from my experience pre-drifters, the normal jumpjets are unmistakenly powerful. Allowing a more intuitive and quick traversal of any terrain regardless of the direction you need to get to. You still have to traverse a lot of land by foot in between elevated structures but with the right path this is rarely a disadvantage and even means you are better concealed than jumping low across elevated structures. With the right elevation you can easily also avoid all the attention anyway.
  20. Corezer


    I like Icarus for climbing certain obstacles. for instance getting up on the leg of a biolab is way quicker with Icarus, also up the leg of a tech plant is faster even if super hard mode.