Useless Features

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  1. Styrkr

    Here is some whining about gameplay aspects that I see no use for:
    1. Claymores.
    The TR version of the potentially deadly proximity mines and Bouncing Betty's can be quite lethal. Against a blind man that is. The Vanu and NC mines lie close to the ground, and are fairly flat and small. You won't see them unless you're looking for them (or unless some genius places one in the snow). The claymore, on the other hand, is like an upright cereal box with a big "Shoot here!" sign on it. That sign, of course, is the presence of two glowing beams that emanate from the top of the mine. I spent 200 certs on these, but have only gotten a couple of kills (pretty much when everyone blindly rushes the spawn room of a recent cap). Why do VS and NC mine-layers get to have all of the fun?

    2. Cloaking.
    I don't know if something changed or what, but when I started playing, I had to practically bump into an opponent for them to see me cloaked. Now I'll cloak and get killed by a soldier who's 20 yards away! Why even bother!? I know I'm not "invisible", but still. Seem pointless.
    3. Spawn rooms.

    Don't say "it's to prevent spawn camping!", because although it does do this, it can't help against weak-*** kills. These, of course, consist of two types.
    The first of these is the "roof run". A roof run is when an attacking player gets on the 2nd floor of the spawn (for those that have a 2nd floor with no walls and a roof), runs across, and kills as many as he can before the timer runs out. Why is this weak? Well first off because who the heck would expect an enemy in a camp-proof spawn area? Probably why it works at all. 2nd is because that time isn't there meaning "you can kill here for 10 seconds", it means "you have 10 seconds to move before we kill you for playing like a dirt bag". And don't EVEN try justifying it with "It's tactics". It's fairly safe to say the games SYSTEM won't kill you for using tactics. It WILL kill you for being cheap. If it was a fair tactic, the timer wouldn't show up at all. It's the PURPOSE of the timer to deter players from going up there. The only reason for the 10 seconds is because occasionally one does get too close on accident, says "oops!" and steps away. It would suck to have those who have some dignity to die instantly for a mistake.
    Now, the second cheap spawn move is planting trip explosives outside of the door. These are unavoidable to those leaving the spawn, making this a tasteless strategy. Again, you have to get too close to the spawn for this to work. Once it's there, the planter can go off and pick daisies while some poor guy steps into the fresh air and BOOM. I think and charge placed here should detonate immediately. C4 is a different story for two reasons. One, because you don't HAVE to be in the no-zone to place it. It can be dropped from above. I would call that fair game. Two, because someone still has to push the button. That means the player has to wait and time it for it to be of any use. There is also a chance that someone can get out (the POINT of a spawn. It's not an inverted deer blind for attackers). Now you can argue "well the dropper could just push the button randomly and get a lucky kill." While true, we aren't discussing luck. We are discussing planned attacks. If you want to talk about luck, let's talk about getting OUT of a suppressed spawn :D There needs to be an option to give the defenders of bases with small spawns a fighting chance.

    These things ought to be balanced so that they are made useful. Also, aircraft should not have an advantage against AA guns. Totally defeats the purpose. This means more flak please.

    Thanks for listening to (more like tolerating) my raving rants. Feel free to contribute or rebuke. Know that rebuttals will be automatically wrong. Why? Because if I shout loud enough, I can beat any logic.
  2. Oreo202

    Claymores need to be changed, I agree.

    The cloak has always been bad, players are just learning to see it now.

    My thoughts on the spawn rooms are this: Get out of them as soon as possible. Anything done in the spawn could be more easily done elsewhere. If you are camped in the spawn you should be retreating to a better defensive position, not trying to shoot people from the safety box.

    It has been stated by the developers that AA is a deterrent. Competent players fly away, foolish and greedy players die. AA is not the end all solution to all of your aircraft problems. Too many enemy ESFs? Get your own ESFs. Don't even say that liberators are overpowered... just don't go there.
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  3. Cab00se187

    Useless features are adding hats and camo's over actual content, aka new continents
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  4. Styrkr

    Solution: After X amount of meters, cloaked player doesn't render. So you have to be in CQC to see 'em.

    Good point. Solution: Make ALL friendly spawns available from deployment. (And fix the damn deploy timer!)

    I NEVER win dogfights. I've trained and trained, but I can never get a good bead, and then they seem to switch from prey to predator SO easily, yet even reverse maneuvers don't help me :'( And no, Libbies are NOT op. It totally depends on the pilot and a few other factors. The Libby itself can go down easily.

    I like your answers. What is your opinion on roof running? I think its cheap as hell.

    Yea cloaks are pretty useless.
  6. The King

    Useless feature is the HUGE icons on enemy vehicles at a distance... Like, where the fk is it? The icon is blocking everything.

    Claymores do need an improvement. It's crappy.
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  7. Styrkr

    Good point. I concur with that. Maybe a slider that sets the size/distance ratio for the icon?
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  8. The King

    That would be a good starting point. Unless, it is already in and I didn't notice. lolbut I doubt that.It does sound like a good idea for this.. icon.
  9. Hypnoso

    Useless features? What are you talking about? I got a flashlight installed on my sniper bolt rifle (PARALLAX VX3). And it's super useful!

    >inb4 sarcasm
  10. Styrkr

    Actually, if you play on ULTRA, everything gets a LOT darker at night making flashlights and headlight necessary.
  11. Patooie

    Claymores are far from useless if you use them tactically. I've gotten ~300 kills with them just by being tricky with placement. Around the corner in a flow path to gens, top of stairs/landings, next to cap points/crates near cap points. These are a very viable weapon system. Only rarely do folks actually see them and in experiments with these buggers it seems like the lasers only show for people who SEE you plant them. If you come on the scene after they don't render. (not sure if this is a bug or not) I had the same reaction when I first unlocked them but now I use them constantly as an engie to slow down base penetration on generators.

    Cloaking is situational as well, popping up from a ridge line cloaked and aquiring a target, zeroing, uncloak, fire (headshot), recloak and slink back behind cover is a very valuable tactic since it greatly minimizes the amount of time you are exposed whilst looking for targets. As for cloaking and doing what I'd consider real infiltration work you need to be pretty sneaky, know that your speed affects your visibility and with the new extended cloak timers and refresh it should make it even more viable.

    Spawn rooms
    Spawn of last resort. Not enough folks have figured out how to use the habitrail/tube system as an exit if you are camped. Mostly I try for sundy/squadspawn/squadbeacon and preference spawn room spawns as the last resort of if dropping in a known uncontested or mostly secure base. Folks who lemming walk repeatedly out of the shield into camped opposition are just feeding the cert farm and not really doing their faction any favors. If you spawn and are locked in find the TUBES. They are less often camped, and give you a better shot to defend needed cap points/gens etc.

    In all if you think something is useless to you you might not be using it in the right circumstances or it may not fit your play-style so look for an alternative. Nobody forces you to use claymores or cloak, do something else, you'll find your niche and the game is a lot of fun. Or try the equipment/ability in varied situations and you might hit on something that works better for you. All the stuff I learned from watching other players (and stepping on claymores/proxmines in certain areas) and thinking "Hey! that's a great place for a footwarmer!" And return the favor.
  12. MrMurdok


    After countless claymore kills, and using the cloak in the best way possible to get as many kills and objectives as possible, I'll have to disagree.
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  13. Drasilov

    If the counter is at around 25 seconds before we lose a base I just redeploy? Why bother running out and being immediately killed?
  14. Patooie

    Not countless but 2251 is a sh*teload!! And point well made sir!
  15. MrMurdok

    Don't get me wrong, the claymore is the only landmine that you actually have to use as a, well, tripmine and not throw casually in the middle of a clump of bad guys, hoping for kills, but it gets the job done.

    The only point I agree on is the spawnrooms, and that's player mentality, right there. A whole platton leaving the spawnroom at once could stomp an equal or bigger force with sheer dakka dakka power, let alone if they're coordinated.
  16. Styrkr

    I meant spawns at outposts and smaller places. The tubes were so obvious I didn't feel the need to mention them.

    Also, yes, claymores are usable after practice, but they still have a huge disadvantage to the other factions explosives. And cloaking is fine for long range sniping. But I used to be able to play infiltrator quite well and now the cloak doesn't seem to help when sneaking past enemies.