Use this formula to calculate how dangerous you are.

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  1. zukhov

    Using science I have come up with the perfect stat. The danger rating.

    K * BC/BD

    K = kills BC = bases captured BD = bases defended.

    So in my case - 26857 * 4348/8746 gives a danger rating of 13351. For comparison the infamous Daddy has a danger rating of 299848.

    This has enabled me to create a scale.

    <10000 Spawn room hero, or AFK
    10000 - 15000 Mostly harmless
    15000 - 40000 Handbags at dawn
    40000 - 100000 Somewhat average
    100000 - 125000 Unsettling
    125000 -150000 Unnerving
    150000 -200000 Scary
    200000- 250000 Terrifying
    250000+ Freakishly frightening.

    Please post your danger rating and an opinion of your skills so that I can use more science to calibrate this scale. Thanks.
  2. Luminiouscow

    This works for only BR 80s + I guess.
  3. Phyr

    So according to you, defending bases is less dangerous? Seems a bit narrow minded.
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  4. Wafflepancake

    Only problem with this I can see is that those who have a character that'd been around longer, would have a higher "danger rating"
    Might want to incorporate "assists" in that formula as well as a way to include "time played" to round off the numbers.
  5. AshHill07

    Considering that my rating is 1071 I suspect the maths is flawed in some way.
  6. 7 Drunk Midgets

    I didn't know that helping your faction out by actively seeking out bases to defend especially when the population is stacked against you makes you less dangerous than someone who just sits by killing a few people to pad their kill count and letting the zerg do the work. Thanks for the insight.
  7. Solidpew

    Amount of yells per minute * (Percentage of your team kills/Percentage of team kill deaths) = Your RP strength; higher number, higher tendency to RP.

    Live free in the NC.
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  8. zukhov

    Thanks for the feedback so far. To be honest I think that scale is rubbish and needs to be totally reworked, its calibrated for BR100 atm. So I guess divided everything by BR and whatever factor they use to scale xp and then we have the perfect formula. Forget the scale we need a new one.
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    No doubt he considers it much more dangerous to spam HE shells at an enemy spawn room and get several free kills than to fight tooth and nail over your control points indoors in defense of your bases.
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  10. DK22

    Kills as a multiplier? Thats time spent playing and not going to get you a danger rating.
    captured & defended, just means you were there.
    You need to rework that math.
    I'm not even going to try so don't ask, because I don't believe it can be done.
    But I'll watch this one...
  11. Linedan

    3212.078. (4496 * (1411/1975))

    Apparently I am as dangerous as a small kitten or a minor heat rash.
  12. minhalexus

    This scale is messed up.
  13. RHINO_Mk.II

    If you REALLY want to find a formula for this, I would start with things like average kills per hour, average lifespan, and percent of time spent outside of vehicles or MAX suits.
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  14. Flamberge

    Mine is 825. Pretty accurate actually.

  15. Cinnamon

    Number of kills with carbines is the only figure that matters. (ubgl variants excluded)
    • 0000 - Harmless
    • 0049 - Mostly Harmless
    • 0401 - Poor
    • 1009 - Average
    • 1501 - Above Average
    • 2501 - Competent
    • 4501 - Dangerous
    • 6000 - Deadly
    • 8000 - Very Deadly
    • 9801 - Elite
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  16. Zombekas

    20274 * 1098/1804 = 12340

    Then again I smell a lot of BS in this "perfect stat".

    Something better would be taking score per minute, taking into account how much you tend to AFK, what kind of boosts and/or membership you use (on average), and since when are you playing. Of course there's no stats for some of this info, but you can estimate.
    The account age is a big factor because a while back it was easily twice as hard to get score. No ribbons, no alerts, no high threat / extreme menace (and their assists), worse exp for the whole driver/gunner deal, and so on.

    This would be not really a "danger rading" but more of a "how good you are in what you do" stat. Even this is by no means perfect, most importantly because some people play a lot of not so much rewarding roles, like galaxy drops and what not, but it's as good as I could come up with. Might post a separate topic for this tomorrow, depending of the feedback...

    The formula could look something like this:
    SPM * (1 + AA/1000) * (100 + AFK) / (100 + BP + MBP)

    SPM - Score per minute
    AA - Account age (in days)
    AFK - percentage of time afk (estimate)
    BP - boosts percents (average)
    MBP - membership bonus percents (average)

    Mine for example would be:
    290 * (1 + 550 / 1000) * (100 + 10) / (100 + 5 + 0) = 290 * 1,55 * 110 / 105 = 471

    Post yours :)
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  17. Liberty

    If you want to create a "for fun" stat that is all well and good.

    However, this formula doesn't really paint much of a picture for a player who hasn't sunk a lot of time into the game.

    The attack/defense is pretty terrible because players will naturally have much higher base defenses. When you attack, it is pretty binary, either you cap and get a point or you don't and get nothing. With base defense, every time the point(s) flip and the timer starts to go down and then comes back up to full you get 1 point. If you are fighting at a highly contested base, it is nothing to get 20-30 defenses for just one fight. There was a time when forumside would try to call players out that "oh look, you just sit and defend all day" when it was more than possible they had an even 50 / 50 split despite what their stats said.

    If you want to create a "for fun" danger rating, I'd suggest incorporating KDR / KPH. Then add (Vehicle kills / kills in vehicles). This will allow people who are only BR 30 - 50 to compete with people who have been just playing longer.
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  18. andy_m

    I guess that medics and engis can't join in this then...
  19. Liberty

    Yelling "Hold on, let me heal your boo - boo so you feel better" doesn't exactly scream "Danger" unless we are talking stranger danger.

    Besides that, you can still kill plenty of dudes as either of those classes.
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    Spawnroom hero here. Apparently
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