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  1. ToxicBeaver

    So I've played for a few hours on Jaeger and I want to put money on my character. My question is which server should I choose, or should I stick with Jaeger? I'm looking for high pop and equal people for each faction. On the US East. I'm a TR so they can be slight underdogs but not way under/overpowered.
  2. ToxicBeaver

    Actually, if EU servers don't lag it could be any of them too.
  3. QuantumMechanic

    Miller is the only server that reaches high populations. It's EU.
  4. ToxicBeaver

    Would there be an issue with lag if I'm in the US?
  5. QuantumMechanic

    Depends on where you are and how good your internet connection is. I played on EU1 as well as US West1 during beta, and it was obviously slower but still playable for me. No harm in rolling a character there and trying it out to see what it's like.
  6. ToxicBeaver

    I'll give it a try.
  7. Sinist

    Dont play on an EU server if you are in the US!

    What kind of idiot advice are people giving?

    Play either Waterson or Matherson.
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  8. ScrapyardBob

    Go with Mattherson, although TR is heavily influenced by The Enclave [TE] there, so you may not find it as enjoyable as Waterson.
  9. CzingerX

    Waterson is good.
  10. ({x})Kyoji

    Each server has its cons. Waterson has an NC outfit that tests the boundaries of member caps, many of the TR are mindless automatons that run around without a clue and the VS suffer from low numbers and (with the exception of the VA) too many smaller outfits that are sometimes difficult to rally.
  11. bluEyedillusions

    I don't know what the member cap is, but my outfit (The Ascended [TAS]) on Mattherson, NC, has 2400 members. I know we're far from the biggest outfit.

    Mattherson's a good choice. Like someone else said though, if you plan on playing TR, plan on playing with the Enclave which basically has slime for a leader.
  12. Talizzar

    You don't have to run with the TE zerg if you don't want too. There are other fine Outfits, Bonk, AOD, DOG, BWC and more that I can't recall right now.

    TR was only 25 percent of the pop. Maybe Buzz took his outfit to NC to test more stuff, who knows.
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  13. MyOdessa

    I play TR on Jaeger and most of the time I can easy find good fights. Usually TR holds Indar and once in a while we take Esamir. Most of the time TR is not well organized on Jaeger, but it holds its own pretty well.

    I play VS on Waterson, most of the time TR has largest population on the server, but they rarely manage to kick ***. Vanu usually holds Indar and makes credible pushes on Amerish and Esamir. Today we almost took Esamir, but NC re-grouped and took Esamir. Right now NC holds Esamir and Amerish and Vanu holds Indar. TR is holding onto something, but it is not a continent. lol.

    I also play NC on Mattherson, and NC usually does OK, but I do not play NC often, so I cannot tell you how it really breaks down.
    All in all, Jaeger, Waterson and Mattherson are three major East coast servers and most of the time you can find good population there.

    If you already have TR char on Jaeger, you may as well keep it there, it is a good server and team.
  14. Zultanath

    Yeah if you already have one on Jaeger its a good bet to just stay, but if you want to come to Matherson to die to my hands.. I mean to have a good time. Come on over, hopefully you won't join the TE zerg cause honestly from playing around on a TR on that server, I don't like them at all, and honestly and truly their leader is a piece of crap even your dog wouldn't sniff.
  15. ChadWardenPS3

    Waterson is the home of the real TR zerg, never going below 33 percent population. Good if you're TR and want to roll with a huge population of bad players and TotalBiscuit fanboys.

    Mattherson is the home of the TE zerg, an organized outfit of bad players. Good if you're TR and want to join the biggest outfit of terrible players whom people regularly TK outside of their ops. Lord knows I love to get my late night Enclave teamkilling on sometimes.

    Jaeger I cannot really say.
  16. ({x})Kyoji

    sounds like both servers have its fair share of fail.
  17. ScrapyardBob

    NC on Mattherson is stepping up their game lately. TR has also been getting a bit more organized lately and now have some sort of allied voice comms like we have on Vanu (a number of the major/minor outfits on VS all coordinate via voice/chat comms each night).
  18. Karragos

    My first character, and really the one I always go back to, is Karragos on Jaeger. The populations, at least when I log in, seem very balanced at all times. I don't really have trouble finding fights either. My TR is on Mattherson, and it seems like you're either with the zerg, or against a zerg.
  19. ToxicBeaver

    Yeah, Jaeger seems good based off what you guys say. Might try NC on Waterson. I did try Miller and it is too laggy for an NA player.
  20. AngryElmo

    im on mattherson and im not "influenced'' by the enclave. TR on mattherson are not that bad honestly.We have are good days and bad days.But dont listen to the people that always bring up buzz or the enclave saying there bad players. Obviously they feel threatened by buzz and the enclave since they gotta bring his name up and TE in every post regarding TR and Mattherson. But that's my opinion