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  1. RobertoGomez

    First of all and foremost:
    I dont know much english, so this was done in the best way possible, understand and know not to make fun of bad grammar that I have committed.

    This letter is addressed to both directors and staff of PlanetSide2 as for users every day we have to face this. This story is real, so please pay close attention:

    I have a higscholl generation of 30 people 16 were men, and we all had an account in the game and download planetside2. 'Why? Because the game claimed to have a high protection against hackers. The issue is that I go to the server (Miller) and I find that on Indar, there are people who can make me 3 shoots in the head with a terran pistol (semiautomatic) over 30 meters ... : | Researching on the Internet, I realized that there were some hacks or also called aimbot beeing seld in piracy sites, and ensured a antidetection. Even that i have no money so i tired to make my own hack.

    I open the program "CheatEngine" I put it to search in all the values ​​and put my ammo ke, after spending ammo, and I put that seeks among other new number and everything like that, to stay with constant numbers. Then change all those values ​​(5 or 6 directions) by 1000 and get 1000 bullets usable. So with all due respect, inspect a little more.

    The height is not that, the height is, in my brigade NCTD - "NEW TACTICAL DIVISION Conglomerate". Indar detected daily in at least 10 players making hacks types.

    I wish some of the staff member and contact me so I can begin to help clean up a little more this game.

    But wait, do not tell the story ends:

    Of the 16 friends, 14 left the game, now I have many members of my brigade giving me goodbye, because the hack is unbearable.

    PS: Do not use bullets to kill any enemy, taking the probe flashes and reavers in the Warpgate and shooting them. I hope not bring me problems, because it would be the height.
  2. RobertoGomez

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  3. onemancrewbtf

    It's not easy to leave. I wrote a ticket to close my account yet no reply.
  4. TheAppl3

    Concise version: OP is upset about the cheating perceived in Planetside 2.

    @OP: Saying "I cheated via X" is pretty much a horrible idea. Admitting to a bannable offense and then posting the name of a cheating utility = a pretty swift way to get a forum ban or at the minimum your thread locked. I don't see remotely close to as much cheating as most people complain about. I must be extremely lucky with my server choices.

    You can just stop playing. It's not that hard.
  5. Brusilov

    I cant.. stop playing :p
  6. BenYeeHua

    Yup, I very hope they has some people that processing the report ASAP and looking that guys playing with some hacking ways, ·live.;)
  7. munchousen

    Without further ado, presenting our next beloved generation of movers and shakers.o_O
  8. AuntLou42

    The current system isn't working. We need a faster response to the /report feature. Hackers are getting reported yet still sit in the battle for hours griefing the opposing team.

    The biggest problem is there is no fear for getting banned since you can just create a new account. From the start they needed to charge for this game. I don't care if it's just $10 or maybe $0 but they still have to verify their credit card. Anything to add a bit of fear to getting banned would have helped.

    Another suggestion is making players go through a tutorial when they create a new character. Would be a minor annoyance but it might get annoying enough for some of the hackers.
  9. santuckcasper

    really the only thing i dont like about this game is the hackers, i mean really guys, please actully try to do something about it SOE!
  10. Highway_Star

    I was seriously expecting something like this when I saw the title;
  11. BenYeeHua

    lol, but nope, we are not reach that level yet.
    When this is time for serious, let serious.:)
  12. Daimond

    I use to have buddies that did this in some games, to see and get a feel of what they did, so they knew better what to look for. But that was also before Hackers blatantly posted YouTube vids showing they can easily get away with them. But I also don’t agree with testing them out either BTW.
    But I also talked about this in beta. Derv's getting these hacks them self’s, even if they spend money on it, to track what they actually doing to create counters easier and more precise. It’s easy to find these sites, and read all the posts from them talking about how they never get caught and being using them since release.
    But this is the problem too with F2P games and/or how easy it is to create an account. When it was subscription based (not saying it should be either), it’s far less likly for hackers as they have to give out there info, and pay just to login. That’s not saying that there is not hackers in them, just that was far less likely to have them, as more at stake, and harder to create.
  13. BenYeeHua

    Yup, every F2P games in China has hacker.
  14. Moonlite Quality Assurance

    We ban hundreds of cheaters every single day - the greater majority of which don't come from /report. However, /report is checked 24/7 on all servers. Please remember lots of people report lots of other people for any number of things - we have to check every single one - and, we do not just take the word of one over another.

    If the person you reported hasn't been banned in moments since you reported them it could be for a plethora of reasons some of which are:

    We're looking into someone else right now.
    We need to monitor some things, and they aren't online. We'll get to them once they are again.
    They just aren't cheating.

    It may take us an hour, a day, a week etc, but we will investigate every single report thoroughly. It may not be as quickly as you'd like, but we afford the same thorough checks to be certain to every account. If you were reported you'd want us to afford the same to you and your account.
    Thank you!
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  15. Arkha3

    I've had my own employed duties to track down cheaters in certain games, and let me just say, there are a lot of things that can affect the response times for banning someone who is cheating.
    For a game that has a very large population such as this, with the large number of servers available, response times can be choked. 1 GM cannot sift through 50 to 100 reports on 1 server in minutes. It's just not possible without hiring maybe 20 to 30 people dedicated to observing the game. At that point, you will run into issues with certain GM's being corrupt and banning people who arn't really hacking.

    It is unfortunate that a hacker can roam around for hours, but eventually they DO end up banned. You people must remember that these are real human beings just like you and me, dedicating their time and life to sifting through hundreds of reports to observe and ban hackers. It's not an easy job, and it is very time consuming researching a report, only to find there is nothing wrong with the man who was reported.
  16. sladuog

    Thanks for this response Moonlite, I'll continue to use both /report and support tickets for serious hackers, recording footage if possible.

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