Urgent bug - unconquerable bases

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zan_Aus, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Zan_Aus

    We just started seeing a problem in last few hours of some bases being unconquerable on Briggs server.

    The two bases in question were both on Indar, Crimson Bluff and Galaxy Solar Plant. Both were TR held. At Galaxy the point just stayed red, the progress bar just did nothing no matter how many of us were next to it. We were ghost capping so there were no TR in the area.

    At Crimson bluff we had 2 points NC and 1 point TR, we then moved into one of the NC points and it went to white (mid point of flip) but the progress bar stayed full blue. The 2/2 marker acknowledged we were there because as we moved closer and further it changed from 0/2, 1/2, 2/2. We then moved onto the TR marker and it refused to move.

    So in essence these bases can't be flipped, no idea if its a hack, bug, server needs reset or whatever. Other bases were swapping fine between NC and VS but these 2 TR ones can't be taken. Will come back if we find any others like it.
  2. Zan_Aus

    OK, couple of hours later and we can take those two bases. Seems to have fixed itself. Bizarre.
  3. Ruxxis

    To capture a control point, you must control at least one surrounding territory.
    If all surrounding territories are lost while capturing a new territory, then further capture is not possible.