Upgraded Composite Armor

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Astraka, May 29, 2013.

  1. Astraka

    My fellow TR Infiltrators it is time to rejoice. Those of you who do not visit Reddit, Higby & his team have done it again and answered our prayers! For all of you who do not like the Infiltrator's Composite Armor feast your eyes on these beautiful pictures!



    Now that is one deadly looking son of a gun. It still needs a little work (the shoulder pads look like they're clipping through the model), but this is a million times better in my opinion than what we have. Maybe some of the helmets will actually appear proportional now!

    They are also working on new tank weapons, new models for infantry weapons, black camo, empire specific camo, etc. I just thought this in particular was too good not to share. Prepare your wallets!
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  2. AnuErebus

    Yeah, this'll be great when it finally sees the light of the actual game. We can finally look like we're meant to take a bullet or two. :p
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  3. Souleater

    Wot, no VS or NC?
  4. Astraka

    I would like to see more armor variations for all of the classes/Empires, but I think SOE is at this point just rectifying their mistake of giving TR Infiltrators an arguably poor Composite Armor choice - especially when compared to the much cooler looking VS & NC Infiltrators.
  5. AnuErebus

    I think it's more along the lines that the TR model got done first while the VS and NC ones are still in progress. I wouldn't actually expect to see these until the infiltrator update by which point I'm sure all three factions will have some new fancy armor.
  6. Astraka

    You could be right. It certainly would not be the first time something special for one Empire was put on the PTS before the other factions' were done, and they did add a lot of cosmetics for the MAX suits during their update. I would really really hate to wait that long though.
  7. RoMoronik666

    **** i just bought the composite armour...... oh well!!!

    I'll have to get this one cos that looks SEXY!!

    I would like to see it with camo though...
  8. Dasparian

    I like everything but the codpiece. Can anyone say, like, "fashion faux pas"?
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  9. Enxel

    Haha the shoes armor looks like High-heels on their own, lets hope it wont reflect the same equipped :D
  10. JahziLLa

    Ahaha still not as good as the NC, but anything is better than the VS armor.
  11. giltwist

    The VS composite armor hides my decal. SOE, why you not let me use all the things I pay for?
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  12. Sworaven

    I hope those orb-like things on the belt don't glow too much ..
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  13. Nyscha

    I wonder when VS will get their proper comp armor....

    This is the REAL VS infiltrator armor it's meant to be covered in armor plating.

  14. Astraka

    I think the VS Infiltrators could use more purple so they better match with the rest of their faction, or the rest of their faction could use more silver/dark grey to match with the Infiltrator. The Composite Armor just looks weird on them with the default helmet, and they don't really look like they go with the rest of the VS.
  15. YoXn

    No offense to SOE, but it looks the same, except you have a groin protector now.
  16. Sworaven

    I think it looks pretty nice.
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  17. Astraka

    You think? I can definitely see a little more bulk around the chest/neck area, & the legs look really different compared to live. I would like to see some bracers for the arms, and the shoulder pads to not clip through the model; otherwise I think it looks 100% better than what we currently have.

    I imagine this will look really cool with the black crystal camo they're releasing. I mean just check it out with default.

  18. metrotw

    If the camo doesnt cover 95% of the red\faction color like it does for the nc or vs armor then it can suck a fat d*ck.
  19. Astraka

    I absolutely hate that about the NC & VS. I understand the concept of camouflage, but I'd rather have them be more like the TRs than vice versa. I miss when you could tell them apart at first glance, rather than having to stare & compare to be sure. It doesn't bother me too much on my TR character but when I play my VS character that split second indecision could be the difference between living or dying.

    Heck, just the other day on my TR I hot dropped into a VS-Controlled Crossroads with my NC friend 59Cdo2, looking to double team them. Of course my first kill ended up being him. :(
  20. Aimeryan

    Astraka, just don't use camo if you don't like not seeing faction colours! I for one would love it if I could blend in with the environment as much as possible, if I choose the right camo.