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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by YourNameOnRice, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. YourNameOnRice

    I have around $300 to spend and I am using these items currently.
    AMD FX-4170
    Nvidia GTX 560
    8GB RAM

    And I have relatively good results with this system. (Unless of course I am in a huge fight or if you run up on me real close.)

    So my question is...
    Would it be better at this point to spend the money on an Nvidia 760 or to spend it on an i5 or i7 and mobo bundle that it seems I can get probably get for around that price (the aforementioned 300 clams)?

    And of course if you are advocating the new CPU/Mobo route any suggestions on which Intel chips that fall in the price ranges are going to give me the most benefits is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. user101

    I would update the processor to an 8 core... and increase the memory size a little.. with PS2 your just are not going to gain that much.
  3. Pointyguide2

    intel i5 much better option
    it will help with those minimum frames
  4. BlackDove

    Get an i5-4460 and an H97 motherboard. Save whatevers left for a 960 or 950ti when they come out.
  5. YourNameOnRice

    OK good advice. Thanks BD and Pointy.

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