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  1. BetaGuru

    You're asking too nicely. You should have disabled his ability to respond to you unless he UPRAGE NOW

  2. Jalek

    I haven't seen this, though I also haven't logged in.
    My sub ran out a couple of weeks ago, this doesn't sound like an incentive to do anything other than do something else.
    I guess I have work I could be doing.
  3. MrK

    I already said the post was ALSO spot on in content. Meaning I upgraded and read the pastebin ;)
  4. johnukguy

    While we do understand that some of you at SOE would like to see the game attract new players, keep it's existing player base and thrive as a gameplay experience, this is not the direction that it is going to go at this time, due to the intrusive spamming, the broken game mechanics and the downgrading of just about every feature that made the game fun and interesting to play in the past. In a few months, when the remaining players have left the game and moved on to something that doesn't advertise at them every few minutes, would the last player please shut the door and turn out the lights as they leave.
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  5. Traxiconn

    While personally I would agree with you, it's better that we try to move past this phase of planetside and have all the proper steps taken to recover.
  6. Cromell

    You should probably hire a new marketing expert. Your current efforts are giving results opposite to the intended role of advertising.

    ...unless you aim to irritate every single player in your game. If so, I congratulate you for extremely efficient modus operandi.
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    Thank goodness! The old Upgrade Now button was a choking hazard. This new one is much safer.
  8. HadesR

    I personally believe that any time would be better spent trying to attract new players, rather than badger us all ready jaded buggers ;) ..
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  9. FischiPiSti

    I dont get it why these ads are so important. We are in the game allready, everybody knows of the benefits, and where to find the depot. Ads are supposed to raise awareness, but we are well aware of everything these ads are shoving down our throat.

    You dont see ads of youtube ON youtube... Now if they would advertise PS4, or some other SOE game, or heck, even a DoritosTM ad would make more sense..
    Its not just about annoyance, its about unnecessary nuisance. They need to realize, that we want them to be successfull financially just as they do, but this just.does.not.help.period.
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  10. NovaAustralis

    Sadly, ^ this.

    Time for some Marketing 101...

    SOE, these are your player consumer groups:
    - 1. Free To Play Only player - this player gets new weapons through certs only, doesn't really care about cosmetic items, will only play for free because, they are either: poor, a tight-wad or simply paranoid about using credit card over internet. Their mind is made up.
    - 2. Try Before You Buy player - initially plays for free to see if they like the game, then makes purchases and/or gets membership. (The bulk of new players.)
    - 3. Paying / Member player - likely tested the game in beta or bought into the concept early has dropped significant cash into the game already. (The bulk of 'veteran' players.)

    Neither of these 3 groups will be attracted by 'banner ads' or 'spam'.
    - Group 1 is just not going to bite. No really. Stop trying. But realise you do still need them in game to boost the (dwindling?) player numbers. (This is to keep your paying customers happy and provided with plenty of allies / enemies)
    - Group 2 very likely will make their mind up based on their initially experience. If that initial experience involves being spammed with ads, like some cheap Facebook flash game, then they'll probably re-consider and bug out.
    - Group 3 are already paying customers, you have their business, it's best not to annoy them with more 'sales tactics'...
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  11. Turtleseek

    Then it hit me
    Look at the date
    it's the only way i could imagine a company making such an obvious "huge mistake" haha
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  12. NinjaTurtle

    *puts on flak armor*

    I fully support SOE actively advertising their game, should have been doing more from he start quite frankly. The game wont continue to grow without money

    Whilst it may look jarring now in a couple weeks it will just be part of the scenery and it wont matter. The pops ups dont imede you at all, its jus a small box to the side. Just ingnore it like I do to all the random squad invites that get spammed my way

    UPGRADE NOW (seriously no joke)
  13. Noktaj

    This guy said it best.
    Marketing people at SOE has gone nuts.
    I do understand they have to make money to keep the game running, but this advertising system is alienating the playerbase and backfiring.

    I'm no member but I've sinked 1000+ h into the game and bought my due amount of SC. I've always defended the SOE F2P model everywhere on the net, but this, well this is bad. And if I've ever considered subscribing, the direction they are going with this is pushing me away.

    With this ad thing and the new dumb mission system I think I'd take a break from the game 'till they put their crap togheter.
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  14. HadesR

    Depends how you view it .. I personally don't view it as advertising their game ( That is done in areas outside of the game such as MMO sites ). < Something they should be doing more of.

    What they are doing is advertising a certain product within the game to those already playing .. It's the equivalent of people dressing up in a bunny suit in Walmart to advertise a special on X product .. It's doesn't attract new customers / players .. Which is what they should be doing IMO ..

    Healthy game > People more likely to spend money ..
  15. Grayson

    The whole conecpt is BAD. No one wants to see pop ups in the middle of a fight, or anywhere. There is a cash shop in the game, where everything is accessible.
    Pardon me , but when someone played at least one MMO, and can register, download, and install a game i suspect they can find the cash shop and the membership tab >>>> IF <<<< they want it ( and not when you shove it in his/her face) .
    Promotions are fine WHEN its done right, but there is no point doing these pop-ups and upgrade buttons taht disturbs the gameplay. (especially when after every update the game falls back to a clossed beta stage for a whole day, because the applied patch is braking the game....who wants to pay for that? ehmm)

    Sometimes i wonder how these ideas even manifest in that magical SOE office, would be nice to have twitch stream about these .:p

    TL;DR: If players want memberships they get one, no need to put upgrade now stickers everywhere.
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  16. Naelyan

    Can we have addon support so someone can make an addblock addon ? will we have to [¡¡¡¡UPGRADE NOW!!!!] to get it ?
    I'm really starting to think a lot of people in SOE are masochists and like to be insulted by the playerbase with all the stupid decisions i've seen since release.
  17. stalkish

    Ye i can just imagine during one of those MLG showdown things, while streaming right in the midst of a crucial battle.....''Upgrade Now!!'' ruins the whole thing.
    I wish theyd make up their mind, AAA MLG competitive game, or mindnumbing grind with an ant nest of bugs and popup advertisements. Cant have both.
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  18. RealityWarrior

    If you don't understand how a pop up that can happen DURING A FIRE FIGHT is trolling your users then any discussion is mute.

    These pop ups would be fine in spawn rooms or in the warp gate, or in any screen like map, social, loadout etc... I get that you need to try and earn $$$ but doing it during actual play time is THE. WORST. IDEA. EVER.
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  19. Marked4Death

    Radar, I've dropped cash on this game because I like the F2P model you have going. I didn't feel like I was pushed to pay anything, but wanted to support the game. Even when new I found it quite obvious that I could either buy equipment directly or boost earnings with membership.

    My biggest concern is that as a new player, my first impression of a game spamming me with ads to upgrade will come across more as some cheap cash grab title, and I'd be much more likely to walk away.
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  20. Bruno Puntz Jones

    If I am already a member, then any number of ads more than ZERO which appear in the game anywhere outside the Depot window or on loading and login screens is TOO MANY. I already am paying you. I know where to go if I want to pay you more.


    Is that clear enough for you?
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