Updated activity and ESRL stats

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  1. Darlith

    I blame the high kill low xp on the fact that in general use the Pheonix gets most of it's vehicle kills on flashes (because it's one hit) and stationary targets like turrets (both engy and base) which yield the least xp of the vehicle kills. Mobile vehicles that take multiple shots to kill often can run out of the 300 meter control range of a pheonix before dying and repair yeilding neither kill nor assist xp.

    The rest of the kills come from lucky shots on wounded infantry which again tend to be lower xp than vehicle kills.

    Now if there was more coordination with groups of pheonix users I'd expect to see those numbers higher in general but lets face it, the majority of any empire is a zerg of rambos and the pheonix just doesn't get high xp kills without focused fire. A Lancer or Striker is more likely to tag a good assist on a tank/sundy before it exits range with a solo user, and the striker is more likely to get some assist xp on air raising the xp level without sending the kills into a similar rise.
  2. Armchair

    Because the phoenixes are mostly killing mana turrets. In contrast, the striker is gobbling up the XP for liberator/MBT kills.
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  3. Vixxing

    Killsteals and assists, its way to weak to do anything by itself... only useful on already burning tanks/sunderers and not at all vs Air So it adds nothing at all to the VS side, thats why 700 use it not 1500+ as the other launchers... And its 1500+ launchers competing for the kills on the other sides and only 700 on VS side... easier for 3 hunters shooting 100 birds to get a kill than 100 hunters shooting 3 birds... It would also be fun to see statistics on ESF kills...
  4. CupBoy

    Wow, you're reaching now. I'm getting dumber every time you post so I'll leave you alone now.
  5. Vixxing

    Dumb is to post stats that contain 1 big diffrence 700 Vanu launchers vs 1500+ TR and NC and to not understand what that means... So no you cant possibly get any dumber, so dont worry about it...
  6. Zan_Aus

    Perhaps the simple answer is the Lancer was broken at launch as opposed to insane like the other two ESRLs and therefore many people were put off it and never went back to repurchase it after the buffs.

    Your stat has many different interpretations, not that the Lancer is bad. Did you repurchase it after the buffs? Well? If you did, you would know it is now fine, hence the decent kill stats. The number of people who have purchased it is not a directly correlate-able stat to its combat performance.

    However, if you want to just cry lots, go right ahead. I'm off to kill some tanks.
  7. Vixxing

    Well i dont care... Keep your Glancer then i changed to TR they have superior tanks and sniper rifles to imo, and i like sniping flying and driving tanks and when i fly on TR side i dont have to worry about the striker (sure u can avoid it with fighters but you are toast with a LIB if u dont want to do 900m sorties with a dalton) pheonix well they 1 shot kill you if you hoover like a nub so dont care bout them either and Glancer,,,, HAHAHAHA even if they manage to pull a sick shot off on my fighter its still just a scratch and a big glowing arrow points to the poor bastard so hes eazy to LOLPOD... :)
  8. Qaz

    heh, i don't even know why you bother. excellent work on the stats, i love all the updates. as for the lancer, it's fun and satisfying to use, and it's definitely effective.
  9. Falcon_BR

    Now that the striker can't kill turrets, are we the worst ESRL now?
  10. MetalGrave

    this what the striker needs to be
  11. CupBoy

    Yeah, I don't know either. Just trying to raise the low standard of discussion around here, I guess. And thanks, they're fun to do. Lots of assumptions and myths getting busted.

    Glad you're enjoying your new pew pew launcher!
  12. Plunkies

    Any chance of an update on the stats?
  13. CupBoy

    Yes, they are all updated now and then. I'll be updating the class performance data today.
  14. ThereIsNoTry

    Would be cool if you could update the "new characters" and "active characters" within the next days. Would like to see how April turned out to be.
  15. MacG32

    CupBoy, thank you for making the document and keeping the information updated. It is very interesting and useful.
  16. Mefi

    Hm... I'm either don't understand something or the Lasher actually is the worst (score/hr & kills/hr pages)?
    And looks like it isn't even the most popular (weapons page).
  17. Ghosty11

    Score per hour is very misleading stat since it's affected by a number of external modifiers, such a population and boosts. I don't think it's a coincidence that the highest population faction always seems to end up with the lowest score per hour in these data comparisons.
  18. Ketobor

    Thanks for your work.

    Is there any way you could display player-hours, rather than active characters?

    If each unique character for a faction plays for less time I would expect this to be less accurate. Likewise, that would help explain score per hour differences while other stats seem superior.

    Can anyone else confirm I am reading this right?

    If these numbers represent what I believe them to, Vanu has 82% the total manhours of NC, with TR being somewhere inbetween. This would represent a 21% increase in experience gains on 'average' with the new system, and about a 6% average increase with the old system.

    Can anyone else do their own analysis and confirm this either way?

    This would put them at the lowest average score per hour in most categories. This would probably make sense given that they have the lowest kills, assists, and captures per hour.
  19. Purg

    I own all three. The Lancer is by far and away the best ESRL by a mile. Perhaps the tank buffs will change my opinion, yet to play. I've soloed a number of Vangards, Prowlers and Lightnings with it effortlessly. It's almost too easy. If you can see them, they're dead.
  20. Ender

    You haven't faced a skilled Lancer Squad yet then. You don't go HAHA after a sick shot. You may hear a couple bursters that do minor damage that you'd normally laugh off...and then you go BOOM, immediately, with no lock-on warning. No second chances, no fancy maneuvers. You die.

    I'll say now what I said on the Lancer's release, it scales exponentially better than the other 2 ESRL's because of its no warning fast strike nature. Yes squads of anything will face ****, squads of lancers will do it far quicker though. If you've ever attempted to dislodge DA from Commander's Rest on Esamir you'll know what i'm talking about.
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