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  1. X3Killjaeden

    yes and the chance that the engi is delicious xp because of the OP turret is high, so it's the best target you can have.
    I used said turret to snipe other turrets (amongst vehicles of course) as well during double xp... avalanche of xp, it was hilarious
  2. X3Killjaeden

    Ok never mind. Even though sometimes spamming at vehicles seems pointless, its the most fun with the phoenix because you can guide it^^ Its the weapon i had the most fun with so far. Can't blame VS&TR for beeing jealous at TV guiding =P
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  3. GhostAvatar

    And he was talking about the Striker.
  4. Fligsnurt

    Going to go out on a limb and say, because the Pheonix promotes hunting down your target where the striker promotes lock on what you can see and fire at it, hoping at least one rocket hits so you get some xp. :p But I would also say that the bonus xp from firing at aircraft, if all 5 rockets hit you get two +20xp damage aircraft tics and if it dies you get a large xp asisst or if you kill it you get the xp for it, helping out xp in general. Where as the pheonix is a OHK on ESFs and doesn't give up the addition hit aircraft xp bonus as well as it being generally harder to hit aircraft with.

    I'd just like to add that the Lancer is really coming out with group play, I personally witnessed a group of VS hiding behind a ledge at about 300m just spam firing it as an AV rifle (not charging) and it just tore through armor. The accuracy and travel time make it crazy good when groups use it like that but not nearly as good when someone tries to solo tanks with it within 100m.
  5. ARCStormtrooper

    Don't be an idiot. Pay attention to who I was quoting.
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  6. NoctD

    I shot from the bottom of Regent Rock in the shielded area by teleporters last night to a sundy at one of the outer buildings the TR didn't bother guarding/repairing. Its slow, cheap, but fun at the same time. By far its the most fun of the launchers to play.
  7. GhostAvatar

    Ahhh, you was right. I was actually reading it wrong. Thats what you get for reading posts in the early am, my bad.
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  8. Fligsnurt

    Sorry stealing your quote here. Too damn funny and true.
  9. Wildclaw

    Pretty much assist xp.

    Also, score/hour (or any other per hour statistics) is not the most appropriate measure for secondary weapons as it can vary a lot depending on the functionality of said weapon. For example, my tank mine is 115k, C4 is 64k, Repeater is 23.5k, while my primary weapon Nighthawk (with a fairly decent KPM) is only 16.6k.

    I would guess that the Lancer is a bit overrated in the statistics as listed as it requires less overhead time than Striker/Phoenix, which means that the user will go back to his LMG faster, thereby reducing the amount of time spent using it. Just my guess though.
  10. CupBoy

    What other measure would you suggest then?

    I'm not sure I agree that it's such a bad measure. The fact that e.g. the Lancer has less overhead time (if that's is the case) is an actual advantage and one that probably would be reflected in the score per hour. Less time to use means more time to do other stuff.
  11. Giggily

    I still am pretty interested in seeing what each faction's vehicle statistics are like, since the Vanguard seems to be vastly under-performing the other two MBTs despite the statistics released by Higby which indicated otherwise.

    e: I also do realize that MBT score per hour and such is already included, but I think a more detailed breakdown on the same level as the ESRL page would be pretty interesting to look at.
  12. Purg

    I've one or two with my Lancer. On full charge, it seems to do about the same damage as a Phoenix. The major difference being that I'll unlikely fire on infantry with it if the tank I was aiming for is no longer hitable whereas 'you might as well' hit that guy filling up your camera view because the tank you were wanting to hit is no longer a target.

    I've *tried* to kill infantry with the Striker by aiming it from an angle where infantry were repairing a tank and I've come as close as I possibly can to doing it and was unsuccessful - didn't even score a hit. If they're standing right in the spot that the Striker locks on, it'll actually interrupt the lock, a foot either side, got lock, no hits.
  13. CupBoy

  14. Mefi

    Edit: probably, I could use PM instead ^^.
  15. CupBoy

    Link fixed. Thanks.
  16. Rown

    ...Or that it's a more situational weapon that is drawn at very specific moments. A metric that could be used to decide that would be score with Lancer/hour spent as a HA with Lancer loadout, then compare it with the same stats with HAs with striker or phoenix.
  17. CupBoy

    Yes? I don't think I said anything that would disagree with that?
  18. Rown

    Agreed, but you said it could be a good thing because while you're not packing a launcher you're shooting with your lmg or shotgun. While that's true, it doesn't follow that it's a positive trait; first if you're spending certs or cash on a weapon you want something you can use more than once in a blue moon, regardless of how useful it is in those very specific circumstances. Second, a weapon that can be used in a wider variety of circumstances offer more opportunities for advancing your goals, be it score gaining, conquering territories or padding your K/D.

    That's why just counting the score/hour with the weapon doesn't offer a clear measure of the weapon's usefulness. A better metric would be score/hour with the class, for characters that are using the weapon as part of the loadout.
  19. CupBoy

    If something takes less time to use, that's a good thing. Not really much to argue there. Whether or not a weapon offers enough opportunities to use it is another discussion.

    Yes, loadout time would also be an interesting statistic to see (not necessarily better or worse). Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way to get those numbers.
  20. HadesR

    Ty for the new data .. But I think it's flawed


    I mean seriously .. How can they be that even when it's obvious the Carv is crap and the Gauss is OP badassness :p