Updated activity and ESRL stats

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  1. StormFrog

    If I see an engineer turret I'm going to Phoenix it, easy stationary kill and the potential to remove an enemy AV turret.
  2. Ronin Oni

    Striker is nearly useless against turrets due to trajectory... it hits the base under the turret unless you get level with the turret placement.

    On the other hand, Striker users get lots of ground-to-air XP and assists compared to kills.

    Probably explains some discrepancy there.
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  3. Rraymondo316

  4. Excidium

    And on Watrerson during peak hours, VS is down 8-16% compared to the NEXT faction in population. Lets not bring up the NC during peak hours.
  5. centurionvi

    Except they want people who try the game to keep playing the game. Recommending to play on Mattherson is like recommending to move to Detroit.
  6. Shockwave44

    Hitting and killing are two different things or do you need a refresher course?
  7. Cl1mh4224rd

    He's referring to the ground-to-air damage XP that you can get. The Striker and Lancer may not be able to kill an ESF in one shot, but they can frequently do enough damage to get some XP out of it. The Phoenix, although it can kill an ESF in one shot, has a much more difficult time of even connecting.

    Ideally, the "lots of ground-to-air damage" + "lots of assists" + "fewer kills" XP that Striker and Lancer users get should be roughly equal to the "zero ground-to-air damage" + "zero assists" + "slightly more kills" XP that Phoenix users get.
  8. GhostAvatar

    Air damage XP onto of the vehicle kill XP accounts for some of the inflated XP/hour. That and the Striker is more likely to get assist XP as well, since one rocket lands its target in most cases.
  9. GhostAvatar

    Striker can't target MANA turrets.

    Yet the Phoenix has the highest vehicle kill per hour, this does not match up with your conclusion.

    Yet the XP per hour is an average score, so number of users don't really matter in regards to the XP per hour difference. The only time the total amount of users would matter, is if the figure was so low that you didn't have a sufficient amount of data to get an accurate read on the averages.

    1. VS where the tops dogs and considered OP to begin with. Then Margaret Krohn got a new position within the dev team. Then VS slowly fell to the bottom and now generally suck.
    2. I am totally with you on that point. Lancer I would have no issue with it being able to snipe infantry. At least with the Lancer, if it can shoot me I can shoot back. Unlike these lazyboy snippers. I wish they would make the Phoenix so that you lost guidance with the rocket if you didn't have line of sight with the rocket.

    In every meaningful way heh? Don't you mean, only in the ways that have value to you. Lets not forget that some people place more value into KDR than anything else in the entire game (me not being one of those people).
  10. Shockwave44

    Then tell SOE to give XP for hitting tanks but don't use it as an excuse to keep the lancer from being where it needs to.
  11. St0mpy

    did you guys hear a whooshing noise above your heads? :D

    this is the pertinent line, I put it at the bottom, you missed it?

    Comparing scores as if they are equal is just like the prev posters 'damn lies and statistics' quote since its not comparing like with like, the 2 launchers act completely differently in the way they gain score and anyone trying to compare the two and claim equality is simply not understanding (or ignoring) how the scores could be so different.

    How comes, NC now kill more people and vehicles, yet are still behind on score..no one seems to want to think about that.
  12. Antich

    Many ppl explained that already. It doesn´t say what vehicles they kill. And they kill static infantry that is not in cover so most likely not the best players around(not high value targets). While the infantry kills for the other 2 are mostly vehicle drivers that can be worth a lot of xp.
    4 infantry kills/hour is nothing. That equals 1min respawn time. It surely takes the player more to actually get those kills(with positioning, missing(45% acc on stats), reloading, guiding the missile). So timewise NC is in the loss for every guy hunting infantry with the rocket launcher
  13. CupBoy

    That is exactly what people are discussing.

    You just brought some pretty faulty logic to the table and you were called out on it. Don't make it worse now.
  14. Rusky

    How about reading the last few pages where many people have been discussing exactly this ? Try and fit it in between classes or something.
  15. Tobax

    No but I wonder if you do, I never said hitting and killing were the same we were talking about earning exp and as I said hitting an aircraft awards instant exp even if it doesn't die, so since a Lancer and Striker can hit aircraft those weapons allow you to earn exp that a phoenix normally can't.
  16. 5karn

    This is a huge problem, and part of the reason why i'm not playing as much as I used to. We need to bring back global and strengthen XP incentives for playing under populated factions so that we will self regulate more. That XP bonus for under populated factions right on the server selection/character creation screen did wonders. I really didn't see much of a permanent population issue until we got rid of it. We should keep the Continental Xp bonus as well.

    Glad to see the ESRLs look balanced now. Might consider the Lancer now.
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  17. ARCStormtrooper

    I was talking about the Phoenix.
  18. rickampf

    Thanks for the data.
  19. X3Killjaeden

    If a burster is around me with my Phoenix i dont even attempt to try and shoot at hovering skillpodders, because they freak out as soon as the single-arm burster hits them, so the missile would be wasted since its impossible to hit anymore. Plus the hitdetection is kinda wonky sometimes, i flew through the tail of a couple of mossies with the missile. Most of the time the timer runs out before the hit connects though.
    I wouldnt spam it at base turrets, the dps is way lower then with dumbfire and its easy enough to hit the turrets with dumbfire.
  20. NoctD

    Didn't have the luxury of getting the LOS needed for dumbfire... the base was full of defenders, so you'd get blown up/sniper shot before you can get your dumbfire off. Every single turret was manned and they had engie backup, and we had infantry streaming towards our little launch position too. Air was getting cut up by the AA turrets as well.

    It was slow but we slowly disabled the turrets and gained the upper hand.