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  1. CupBoy

    Hi. I've updated some of the numbers in my Google Doc. First, active characters:

    Link: Google Docs

    Note: For any given date, a character is deemed "active" if the date falls within the character's active period, i.e. between the creation date and the date of the last login. It does not mean that the character actually logged in on this specific date.

    It appears that the trend from February is continuing through March with generally decreasing activity.

    Faction-wise, the New Conglomerate looks to be liberating still more and more slaves of the Vanu Sorority. Even the mighty Terran Republic appears to have a slight loyalty problem.

    Link: Google Docs

    Next, ESRLs. The empire-specific rocket launchers has had a few changes in an attempt to balance them out. Here are some updated numbers on their performance, taken over the past couple of days.

    Link: Google Docs

    The rocket launchers appear to be much more balanced now. The Phoenix still gets more kills than the other two but also still lags a bit behind a bit with regards to XP.

    Interestingly, the Lancer (which is faring much better now) seems to get better and better the more you use it. When only looking at users that have spent more than an hour with the launcher, the Lancer actually outperforms the Striker.
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  2. CupBoy

    Forgot one. I ran some general faction performance numbers a few days ago. It looks like the factions are actually pretty balanced overall:

    Link: Google Docs
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  3. Clonecenter-resident

    Any speculation on why the pheonix is showing more kills per hour and more vehicle kills per hour but still getting less score/hour?
    The only thing I can think of would be a lack of assist xp. Because of the long delay between shots they aren't able to hit as many different vehicles?

    What do you guys think?
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  4. Radec594

    This is what I'm talking about. Some people just can't wait it out, for a statistical data to be precise you need an extensive timeline.
    As I've said in the past: wait for an average to create before complaining about stuff.

    Also, thanks for the data.
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  5. Torok

    nice data! thanks for sharing
  6. Teod

    It's because they mostly kill flashes.
  7. MurderBunneh

    Can you keep posting these numbers or put them in a place that can be found? I am tired of people making up scenarios where one faction completely dominates the other two.
    It would be great if you could do a full week I need it for my sig.:D
  8. Rusky

    In before "Phoenix is OP, I refuse to play, QQQQQQ".

    OT: Thanks for the stats ! :) This thread should be sticky..
  9. ARCStormtrooper

    And Mana turrets.
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  10. TeknoBug

    Tanks, Sunderers, Libs and such grant higher xp kills. Not enough NC are using it against vehicles.
  11. Clonecenter-resident

    They get more vehicle kills per hour though. So they are using it against vehicles. The question is what kind of vehicles i guess. Flashes and turrets mainly? Seems odd but whatever.
  12. TacCom98

    It still shows how much the Phoenix is used for infantry sniping. Almost double the kills/hr while the other stats staying reletively close.

    And it's clear there arn't as many using the Lancer as it's not a general purpose weapon and has a learning curve, but those who are seem to be are doing quite well with it.

    EDIT: Also usually when I hear about how terrible the Lancer is vs the other 2, the Striker comes up as the clear superior. I do find it funny how the Lancer has a much higher vehicle kill rate then the Striker after everyone claiming the Striker to be so much better. It really shows that lock-on weapons are not superior to skill shot weapons.
  13. Plunkies

    I'm surprised people haven't figured out how OP the lancer is now. It's a hitscan rocket launcher with a 600m range.
  14. UrMom306

    good god there are so many nc....
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  15. Mefi

    It isn't a hitscan RL.
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  16. NoctD

    Assist XP at least compared to the Striker. I have both, the Phoenix leads to more kills. The Striker can get some damage on various vehicles for better vehicle assist XP. Most Striker XP comes from ground vehicles too... by the time you can lock-on to an ESF and fire some rounds, the Burster MAXes around us would have melted them while my missiles are still in flight. If you want Striker vs. air party, don't invite Burster MAX guys. The only thing that doesn't melt quick enough is Libs/Galaxies so the Striker can get some assist XP on those.

    There was also the times you use the Phoenix strategically... like taking out turrets at Eisa, which took a bunch of us HAs a while to do, since they kept on repairing them as we shot away. Hardly worth much XP, and they'd bail the turrets before they get blown up. But it was very helpful in the base capture, just tedious and not rewarding.
  17. St0mpy

    So, even after the nerf the NC Phoenix is almost doubling the Striker kills (11.8 to 6.4 looking at todays pull) and now the Phoenix is killing 12 vehicles for the Strikers 10 too.

    NC win on both counts, even against the TR dedicated vehicle launcher ... no its not OP, of course not lol :D

    (and its got a friken camera to scout with, we cant even measure that)
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  18. Rusky

    And yet people using the Phoenix net the lowest score per hour average, something of a trend when it comes to NC (everything apart from the MAX if i'm not mistaken).
  19. latere

    skill shot weapon? its a point and click with zero hard counters and no warning.
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  20. Copasetic

    I think the Lancer could stand to have its damage degradation put back, but lets give it another week or two. It's still the least popular of the 3 ESLs for some reason, maybe it's just the bad rep it picked up from being so utterly broken at launch.