Update on the Briggs Server

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Destroyer7000

    Hey RadarX

    I think you guys either need to fix this or give us Briggs players something real nice as compensation for this horrible gameplay along with the server downtime for all access plan.

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  2. dirtYbird

    Any chance we can get an technical update from Rich Lawrence on what's being done to fix the Briggs issue, please?
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  3. PresidentFreeman

    Is it safe to assume the 'scheduled' downtime is for the patch and not anything to do with Briggs?
  4. WeaverMSI

    That is correct.
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  5. Honda

    Are transfer tokens going to be made available? I would gladly buy one to move to another server since i am a paying subscriber.
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  6. RadarX Moderator

    We'll absolutely provide another update when we can but there is no further information available at this time.
  7. RHYS4190

  8. WeaverMSI

    I don't know if this is down to low server pop, but since the servers came back up I've been able to log into Briggs immediately. Better than ever. Let's get people trying this out, because it's feeling good!
  9. MykeMichail

    Shame I'm CTD'ing every 30 minutes with no error message.
  10. WeaverMSI

    Oh, yeah. Just discovered this. Parp.
  11. F1na1

    Dear soe.
    Currently I'm experiencing almost instant login times on Briggs. Server pop is below 300 however. I'm not going to say thank you and excellent job just yet. However once I see the log inside problem fix tested this weekend on peak times and it works correctly I will then return to say thank you. This is to show that we (Briggs community) is not just a pack of whining little *******. We do appreciate everything u guys are doing. We love this game and want to support it. However we want your support as well on problems we encounter. A little more community enguagement would be great if that's possible. Anyways. Cheers
  12. LIFTER

    Same Same - No Probs

    But need to wait to see what happens during prime time......
  13. lesserbob

    Ditto here to. Near instant login last night. Waiting for prime time though.
  14. DerekAUS

  15. RadarX Moderator

    Folks I'm carefully watching feedback tonight on Briggs. Please do let me know if you run into login issues.
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