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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. PresidentFreeman

    I don't see how transferring to connery is an option, we would get ridiculous pings to the US server which would make gunfights suicidal.

    The one time I tried a character on the server my ping didn't go below 200.
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  2. taurangaNZ

    if this stupid client didn't keep crashing on its own, we wouldn't have to keep logging in every 20 minutes or so.. I think thats whats caused all this...

    Make a more stable client, and all your problems will go away.
  3. taurangaNZ

    has anyone else noticed that when the number of connected players hits 320 everytime the login server refuses to log more people in, until the server population falls back below 270
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  4. Incentive Legend

    yeh ive been noticing that for a few days now. when it tries to go beyond 300 pop, logins are less likely to be succesfull until the pop drops below 300 again where logins are either 5 + mins or instant. Im sure the devs are aware of this.

    This sux thou, i want big fights once i have successfully logged in, not squad Vs squad or squad Vs platoon crap. Also makes working for that auraxium medal alot longer to strive for compared to other servers that are capable of getting 1000+ people.
  5. IraHero

    Radarx i hope u see this post and reply. Is there any planned service or currently able to switch your character to another server? iv'e put money into my briggs chara and it's just not right to have it taken away or deleted to make another after putting in cash. thanks in advance
  6. Merli0n

    Sounds familiar? SOE fixed the EU login issues, but broke login Briggs while doing so ;)
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  7. RadarX Moderator

    There is no functionality to transfer characters at this time.
  8. FaLI3N

    We know there is no functionality but surely you could offer a one time package of free certs to help the poor buggers from Briggs who have fled to Connery. We didn't leave our decked out acc's because we wanted to and as much as it is fun for a while to start from the bottom it starts to suck when you know what you need to do in order to counter someone but you do not yet have the means to do so.
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  9. Smagjus

    They are definetely looking into options like you suggested. As far as I know this would be their very last choice though.
  10. Solaries

    That's not precisely true as devs have moved their characters around, such as when TE broke up and Malorn moved from Mattherson to Connery.
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  11. Accuser

    Future Crew was temporarily transplanted to Waterson for a MLG event once and it apparently caused significant issues. I don't know what those issues were, but it sounded like they don't want to deal with them ever again.

    On the other hand, just giving Briggs players 100,000 certs on a new character might be a good option.
  12. Mr.Seacucumber

    Dear RadarX, not SOE

    I am writing to you as a fellow player and hopefully you will read this and listen.

    I have been playing TR on Briggs for a very very long time 697 hours rounded down to be roughly specific.

    Also I have spent somewhere between $100-150 AU on this game which you know I am cool with it has given me allot of

    joy and honestly I love the game, I am also a member, the problem I have is now Briggs is dead more dead then dead it is buried. the login issues alone have made me loose hours of good prime time gameplay and have forced me to move to Connery, but although Connery is 1000x better then Briggs has been in along time I have left everything I worked so hard for behind, stats is okay I can deal with that they were never any good and BR does not bother me anymore ether, but leaving my Certs something that I have worked on for hours and hours, not being able to use a level 5 med tool, or fly in my Mossie confidently. This is something I am NOT okay with, I am not asking for my 3 month boost back, I am not asking for a refund on my membership all I am asking for is for

    1/3 of my total certs which is 11.720 to be be transferred or refunded to my Connery Alt MrSeacucumberUS

    That seems fair doesn't? It is not like it can not be done?

    Thank you for your time RadarX I know you are a busy man.

    So long

    Mr Seacucumber
  13. Dr. Curiosity

    This just had me thinking "Day 58: Still not king." Too much VSD for me, I fear.
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  14. ShortRovnd

    We don't really want to permanently move to Connery. Playing with 200+ ms latency might be better than not playing at all, but it's going to get old quickly.

    What we really want is our server Briggs running the way it used to.
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  15. lesserbob

    AND for the population to return. I would hate to see them fix the problem so late that too many have abandoned the server and gone over to connery (or other) meaning populations are no longer good enough for a good fight. They will need to not only fix the server, but the player base as well,
  16. ZaphodBeeblebrox

    Today Brigg's population is lucky to make 200. If you fielded the entirety of the VS in one platoon it wouldn't be full. And even with that feeble population still comes with a 150 second wait to login.

    That patient is almost dead, doctor.
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  17. IIThommoII

    As a paying subscriber I would like to have an answer on what SOE are doing to fix Briggs.
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  18. BobSanders123

    I hope you guys don't fix the server any time soon. I'm enjoying all these TR Aussies on Connery, they kick ***! We've won so many alerts in the past few weeks unlike we never have before.
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  19. sagolsun

    For all the impressive technology PS2 has under it's hood, the effective player limit of 300 or there roundabouts is an.. interesting limitation.

    This is probably a consequence of bad design at some point. Most of the data going over from the main to AU server is not time-critical in the same sense moment-to-moment gameplay is. The dependencies of that data however might be, though they really shouldn't. When you have a stack of servers next to each other it's far too easy to assume that they're always going to be local, and that they're going to be one physical machine.

    It doesn't make sense to assume they're just running out of bandwidth alone - I won't believe SOE just exhausted the carrier capacity of the continent of friggin Australia. The erratic load times suggest the queuing system is waiting for the wrong things - or that it's really is trying to push a gigabyte of data with each login.

    You can throw a stone in California and if it won't hit a startup entrepreneur, it'll hit a distributed database engineer. With today's webscale craze I'm surprised SOE couldn't pick up an engineer or two on the cheap to rework the server.

    Would be a fun project to use Erlang on I guess. In so far as much as Erlang can be fun anyway.

    Unfortunately login server changes are one of those things where you can pour a huge amount of manhours into, and the game won't run better. Info screens will update faster and future development may be easier, but that's it.
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  20. Merli0n

    Hi RadarX could you give an update, has this been tried yet?
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