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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. SpaceAngel

    and of course, my HA with full tank upgrades is stuck on Briggs...oh, the humanity...
  2. AxisO7

    It was sometime between March 3-6. You can see the difference it makes on the BorderlineTactical population graph: http://borderlinetactical.net/rsnc/...&zoom=4&daterange=1391764482192,1394442882192

    Up until then, we were getting more than 1000 people on at the same time during weekend primetimes. After that we never got over 750. And now over the last four days it's suddenly dropped to about 350.
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  3. MykeMichail

    Long weekend might've effected those last 4 days though. People might've gone away for the weekend or something.
  4. RadarX

    A few posts have been removed as non-constructive. We do continue to want your feedback, but we have a 0 tolerance policy on employee abuse. Let's keep this on topic regarding current issues you are seeing.
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  5. equinub

    20+ new players in my outfit have deleted there characters from the Briggs server in since friday.

    6 in last day, many have recreated new characters on connery, cobalt, matherson.

    Average weekly active outfit participation has dropped from 70% to under 50% in space of two weeks.

    Most outfits are now hovering at 45% and under weekly active..

    Outfits are losing players fast.

    Today leading a platoon, i was disconnected and played loginside 2 for 40 minutes, couldn't get back on and we lost.

    SoE has until MAY 12th (2 weeks) until i make a general recommendation to my players that they relocate to TR faction on Connery server or play another game.

    I'm well and truly beyond frustrated now. :(
  6. hellomumbo369

    an outfit i was with a while before had 150 members and on average 24+ on teamspeak on week and 70 on prime time in seperate squad rooms. in the last week they were lucky to have 3. 150 to under 20 members and eventual disbandment in a month.
  7. KO-tic

    At this point I am beyond frustrated or mere anger

    For months now this problem has persisted but SOE had made it much worse with the patches that make it worse, Briggs server is dead @ tops it has 300 ppl playing, mostly form usa

    SOE has soo far did nothing to fix the problem at hand expect make it harder today is sad because my outfit now quit the game and I have no idea what to do.

    No one is to blame here except for SOE. Pretty much ever radarx Said we are not a "priority" , I have lost all hope and faith on SOE on the matter. I had a certain respect for you now that has gone to.

    35 days of my like seems like a waste now.

    GG soe
  8. S7rudL

    HDstarcraft once mentioned in one of his videos that Aussies have a utterly terrible internet connection, after he stayed there for a couple of days. :confused:

    I fell for you, free hug for you. :(
  9. Statigus

    I said earlier in this thread that issues have only been affecting login for me, but this has since changed to mighty in-game lag. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the 64bit client?
    If i minimize/maximize the game i got no hitches for about 60 seconds, but then over the space of about 30 seconds it slows to a halt. Have been enjoying the game since beta, no real issues except for occasional delayed logins starting at about feb 2013.

    ps. i see some courageous posts in this thread and id like to briefly explain that the aus school holidays have now ended, the abuse levels may drop a tad...
  10. Destroyer7000

    I think i speak for all the New Zealanders who play on Briggs, SOE needs to make us a priority, I don't see any other issues that are nearly as bad as a whole server dying. If you guys have too open up another server in AUS for us to play on in the meantime. SOE you are about to have a lot of customers ditch and it isn't going to look good. Pick up the play, this has taken two months and lately has become the worst ever, this is your first problem like this Planetside and I will stick around for another month then I'm off with the wind, cause I know you can fix it before then.
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  11. lesserbob

    This is what has me scared. Couldnt get on last night, so I said **** it, Im going to play on Connery.

    Was having a great time, but it wasnt my briggs guy whom I had invested an obscene amount of time and money in, and I wasnt running with my outfit. So I went back and tried briggs again. Yay, 3 attempts later I got in!

    ...and the world was empty. Just abysmal population, no interesting fights. Thats the big problem = this game works when population reaches critical mass, and this technical glitch means people are giving up on the server. Critical mass is being lost and the server is dying. Every day that passes sees this phenomenon increase. Briggs is dying.

    Here I am, with hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars spent on a character trapped on a dying server, and the only way I can play is on a foreign server and not with my outfit.

    Fix, or offer transfers SOE. I have invested too much time and resources on Briggs to just walk away from it.
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  12. Destroyer7000

    You may as well transfer our players over to Waterson in the mean time, or is that to much effort for a server with about a million players on it (or who used to be on it).
  13. Blackinvictus

    This exactly, SOE should give us the option to get off of this dead rock. The damage is done, and likely not going to recover after this. It is what it is, and it's time to move on.

    Truth be told, Connery is like a breath of fresh air and I've had a blast over there lately.

    Transfers please!
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  14. Bulltahr

    Briggs will recover once the issues are resolved. All the outfit members will stick with their outfit and want whatever SOE offers as a sweetener/apology. We are too unique a community to just be absorbed into a US based server. I like to recognize who I kill and who kills me!
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  15. Blackinvictus

    Not that much different for me, but I'm playing from Japan. About 130-150 ping each way.

    I do see your point and why you wouldn't want to though.
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  16. lesserbob

    Lets hope your right and that a fix comes in a timely manner. For my part its the outfit I dont want to walk away from, outfit play is what makes this game awesome and I love the outfit Im in atm.

    But what I saw last night was depressing, worst population I have seen yet.
  17. o.Solei.o

    Sorry if this has been addressed already, but is this in any way related to that trans-pacific internet cable that was damaged? I ask because I'm going to be moving to the other side of the pond later this year, but in the last few months I've noticed serious dips in performance.
  18. WeaverMSI

    This is worth stressing: Briggs doesn't just host Australia and NZ-based players; it covers greater Asia. I play from Hong Kong; many people based here and in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia all use Briggs. Chinese and Japanese players also have (or had) a strong presence. It is (or was) probably the most diverse community among all of the servers.
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  19. RHYS4190

    Briggs has to be worth money to SOE I really don't see why there letting there player base die,

    If it a hardware issue maybe toss it or shoot it most fun I ever had was murdering my old windows 98 computer.
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  20. NovaAustralis


    *rubs chin thoughtfully*

    But there's nothing in any of those Patch Notes that stands out as what might have caused a Server / Network issue.
    (Unless of course a change was not mentioned... but that's never happened before... right? right!?)
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