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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Choppy89

    Blame Abbott?
  2. NovaAustralis

    Blame Rudd.
    NBN my ****...
  3. Wambat99

    I live in america but play on the Briggs server. Logins have been extremely long and have forced me to go to different servers. For some reason I felt the need to try and log in today and to my surprise I got an almost INSTANT login. I'm curious if this is because SOE tried something new?!? Hopefully it stays this way but to anyone who moved to different servers I recommend going and trying to login because you may find that you can enjoy playing your main TR,NC, or VS character again! ;)
  4. Miskaton

    There are no login issues when the population is below 400 players, which only occurs during offpeak (early mornings and weekdays in Australia). Logging in only becomes an issue during prime time, as the population rapidly hits the cap of 400 and stays there until early in the morning.
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  5. Wambat99

    Yeah.. I was playing when the people in Australia were sleepin so..
  6. BeyondNInja

    This is incorrect. There are currently less than 320 players online and I cannot login
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  7. MykeMichail

    I can't say this is true. I've had log on issues at any time of day, frequently finally getting in only to find there's barely a fight anywhere. I didn't stop to count in this instance but it definitely wasn't 'prime time'.
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  8. Stripeydog

    Sunday afternoon Hobart time and I have been unable to login AT ALL since 1pm and attempting continuously! Do I seriously have to start from scratch on a different server?????
  9. KaoticSnake

    Nah ok SOE, this really has gone far enough, this issue with the log in on Briggs has gone past the point of being able tolerate it with great self control, this is at the stage of being ridiculous and unacceptable. While i personally have not paid for monthly subscription i feel greatly for those who have, i know many people who have invested up to hundreds of dollars in this game. I have made a few purchases of station cash amounting to around AU $50 , we are customers and as i saw a little while ago on Briggs Reddit, a player was denied a refund their subscription during our battle with 'loginside' and was only refunded for the last part of his membership, i find this to be somewhat ridiculous, the 'goods' have been paid for and are 'faulty' or not performing as they should or as we have been led to believe they should be. A post on Reddit a little while ago claimed that the issues on the Briggs server were not one of SOE's 'top priorities' which leads me to question - do you have you're priorities in order SOE?

    Just a little bit evidence of how infuriating this is, last night i went to log into Briggs. After the client crashing to desktop 7 times, and 48 minutes of trying i FINALLY managed to get into Briggs and play planetside 2. But that's not the last of it, yesterday i spent near on 3 HOURS trying to log into planetside 2 as a result of my game constantly crashing forcing me to go through the process of loginside AGAIN.

    SOE - some of the effects of these issues on the Briggs server may be starting to show, cancelling of memberships etc. the Briggs sever isn't just played on by Australians but people all over the Australasian region, and many people are being infuriated and completely put off this game altogether as I am starting to become inclined to do.

    We the Briggs community urge you strongly to put all efforts into fixing the Briggs server, before many of the consequences of these problems start to become permanent...
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  10. Choppy89

    SOE must have a killer K/d on Briggs.
  11. Kaye

    Still having troubles with logging in on Briggs

    I also was having a lot of troubles in getting past the logging in section and would take ages before i was able to connect then id play for about an hour before i was disconnected from the server then had to do the whole process over and over again
  12. kombatkitton

    Whats with the floating players, tanks. walking in mid air. players there one minute then gone. as for logging in well we all know thats a big FUBAR. anyway can l get a heads up on the floating please. Kitton
  13. Choppy89

    Floating tanks and players is called a desync. Basically it is a bad internet connection on one end.
  14. Psyten

    Ive been a subscriber since day one even though I havnt been playing much for a few months ive come back over easter holidays and trying to play some ps2

    trying to login time and time again for something I have been paying for is getting too much

    Fix it or let us know whats wrong or I cant in good conscience keep paying for this game
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  15. SeeRedYourDead

    Is there a telephone number we can all call?

    Seems easy to ignore repeated posts and support tickets. I think a good way to get some action must be to have 300-400 angry customers on the phone, not as easy to disrespect you voice to voice.
  16. BeyondNInja

    I can confirm that submitting a support ticket about a refund for an unusable subscription gets you nowhere.
    We need someone up top to make an executive decision on appropriate compensation/refunds for Briggs subscribers who haven't been able to access the service they pay for.
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  17. NovaAustralis

    It's probably been said / discussed ad nauseum, but...

    when did we start noticing Briggs login times getting (really) bad?

    I recall having to wait for extended times to get in from well before the last two months.
    But it was infrequent and may have been coupled with prime-time locally.

    what changed between when Briggs was working 'properly' and when it wasn't?

    (a Game Update, Hotfix, Patch or something else?
    Something happened approx. two months ago to set it off...)
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  18. ice cold gangsta

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  19. Thagyr

    Not to say this isn't a bad idea, but as a company SOE really should know themselves when this started occurring. I know they keep tabs on servers since the opening day of Planetside 2 on Briggs they addressed the playerbase directly in-game to tell us that we were nuts and the server wasn't keeping up with all our shenanigans.

    That, and when people started to complain about the issues here on the Tech forum they should have been able to look at what they changed and come up with an idea of what was the cause. Unless they are truly stuck on Reddit as most claim and stuff posted here amounts to fluff.
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  20. Merli0n

    By my reckoning we are at day 58, source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/22wyw4/day_44_of_briggs_****ed_logins/

    That puts it about the 28th of Feb.

    Update notes for the 27th Feb:
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