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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. PeRXeRs

    Locking Briggs and working on the issue at the current situation is the best thing you can do. Soe's inactiviti or lack of communication the last 48hours brough our Briggs community to the edge of a total collaps. Take your time and talk to the people,stay in touch!We dont need detailed informations,we just need to know what you have planed to solve the probs.

    A loooot of people on Briggs are badly disapointed - SOE has to work on that in the future!
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  2. qwertyuiop´´

    Well this sounds impossible or ilogic but can SOE give us (Briggs players) An option to change server during you are fixing it?
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  3. GotCerts

    Seems like the login issues are fixed for now. THANKS SOE!!!
  4. RHYS4190

    THANK GOD I don't have to play BF4 any more
  5. NovaAustralis

    Sorry RadarX, you're cool and all and I know you are trying and probably have brass that 'don't get it', but this needs to be done:

    Why not?

    Is it "can't" or "won't"?
    You're telling us that a single line status message is the most information that you as the PR/comms person has at this time?! o_O

    What "technical issue"?
    Is it software?, network?, hardware?, what?

    "a technical issue" is the biggest throw-away line ever for media to use when the ship hits the sand... we all know it.
    Just be honest with your loyal player/customer base please.

    Why not?

    Most savvy techs can provide an ETA based on previous experiences with similar issues.
    Sure it won't be exact, but at least a 'ball park' figure...

    At the very least "expectation manage" the issue.
    Tell us 48 hours.
    Then when the server goes up in 'only' 24 hours, we'll be all amazed and impressed!

    Sorry RadarX for smashing you, it's not you personally, it's SOE, you're just our best POC. :)

    Looking forward to some sort of constructive reply.
    (or a ban from my 'favourite' Mod... :rolleyes: )
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  6. taurangaNZ

    yesterday started off the same too.. wait till this afternoon.. we will see how she goes.
  7. taurangaNZ

  8. taurangaNZ

    looks like when there is a spike in users logging in, it all turns to custard. like at 1.30pm today 100 people tried to login.
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  9. BeyondNInja

    Aaaaand loginside is back
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  10. RHYS4190

    Can you just fix the ******* server, i mean for **** sake im having to play BF4 on my day off because of you do you know how anoying and **** BF4 is?????
  11. AdmiralArcher

    actually i dont think its just SOEs problem, i think it also has to do with the server itself which is run by sony, and because companies typically have a hard time talking to themselves i think its causing problems

    i logged on from california just fine with 100 MS ping.......maybe im logging on off of prime time?
  12. Kulantan

    Have a look at the stats from the live Loginside tracker that uses API data. At the moment some people are getting in instantly, some are waiting for 5 mins and some are waiting for 5 mins only to be disconnected (repeatedly).

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  13. George6408

    It seems people logging in from the USA are having no problems its just the people logging in from AUS who are having the long waits or disconnects
  14. AdmiralArcher

    i think from what radar said its because of the way things are routed back and forth from AUS to USA

    when you login into briggs you are sending data to the US and then its being sent back and then you log in, which is why it takes time, the login server is sperate from the main server which is acutually in AUS

    its this data being sent that is causing the problems, if only they setup a login server in AUS everything would be fine

    but i think its a legal issue that they cant, prob cuz its SOE managing it so all player data and account info is kept in the US to ensure security

    europe has proseibien managing their login servers i think, idk tho
  15. RadarX Moderator

    I physically can't because I don't know what they are doing. This is well outside my wheelhouse.

    As for the technical issue line? Sure that's fair. It's the same issue you've been experiencing since this thread was started.

    If the original post doesn't make sense, it's not going to get any better. If the OP does make a lot of sense and you want more detail, those details don't really matter. What's important is the level of service is not at an acceptable level and we are going to continue to work on it until it is.

    You aren't getting an ETA because we don't have one. The issues you've seen this week are the result of trying a number of solutions. Those solutions either worked or they didn't so the ETA is now or when the next solution is executed. You guys have been through enough and I could simply throw things out to buy time, but I personally feel we are well beyond that. We will continue to monitor this throughout the weekend and make adjustments when possible.

    I know you guys are frustrated you aren't getting constant updates, but until I have something new to provide this is the best I can do. I'm not physically working on the issue and I'm not standing over the shoulder of the folks who are. That is as an honest of an answer as I can provide.
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  16. RadarX Moderator

    As the OP states the issue is data moving from the Sydney datacenter to our west coast datacenter. US players login through that same datacenter so it would not experience this issue.
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  17. TheHolyCow123

    I still can't login in to Briggs...and haven't been able to for around ~5 days straight, I can ONLY connect to Connery...
    What can/should I try? :(
  18. PresidentFreeman

    This is exactly the honest answer we needed, disappointing or not; Now we know where everyone stands. Thank you for the update. We can only hope that more people will return to the server once the solution is found.
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  19. Choppy89

    Can I ask just how many people are working on it? Can we blame tony Abbott? Would that help?
  20. Ian_M

    Best not to even bother to try now with Briggs. Now I Expect a free character Transfer to another server.
    That seems reasonable.
    If not well its free to play, but will NOT EVER CONSIDER paying anything else for station cash or premium membership.
    It truly as an abject technical failure on part of Sony Online Entertainment.
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