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  1. Higby Developer

    Hey all -

    As 2014 starts I wanted to give you all a quick note about some changes we're making to the way the game is updated. Over the last few weeks we have been reorganizing our internal build and development processes in order to allow us to expedite builds to live with the goal of updating the live game more often and more regularly. I'm really excited to announce that starting next Wednesday we will begin doing weekly game updates!

    What does this mean for you?

    Well for starters, it means we'll be more rapidly respond to bugs & balance issues in the game without having to rely on hotfixes as much. We'll also be able to release new content more frequently and consistently. Each individual update will be smaller and more focused, with fewer moving parts that can break, which we hope will greatly decrease the number of bugs being introduced when we update. This doesn't mean that we're not still working on bigger features and larger content pieces, we definitely are and they'll be slotted into the weekly schedule as they're ready to be released. As part of this change we are also going to be updating and playtesting on Test server a lot more often in the future, as always, your playtesting assistance and feedback on the test server will be greatly appreciated.

    One final note, the first couple of these weekly updates are going to be a bit smaller than what you can expect to see later on, as we're still shaking off the holiday cobwebs and getting used to the new development processes.

    We've got a really terrific slate of new features and content lined up for 2014 that we can't wait to get out to you guys, it's going to be an amazing year for Planetside 2.

    Thanks for reading, see you on Auraxis!

    Matthew Higby - @mhigby
    Creative Director - @planetside2.
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  2. Master

    My pants quiver with anticipation.

    Need that continent locking & resource revamp!
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  3. DJPenguin

    I look forward to the update on updates to game updates.
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  4. dirtYbird

    Dont forget the warpgate rotation thanks. :D
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  5. XDDante

    this is great news,i really do hope i can see new stuff each week :)
  6. Posh_Diggory

    Thanks again for that decal last month! But a couple questions, why the change? And how are you doing this change?
  7. Angry Scientist

    Any hints as to what we may be seeing concerning the updates?
  8. Hogfoot

    OMFG and PU2 were great initiatives, now I hope to see you put your money where your mouth is with regards to new content.

    Also, I hope this means more frequent balance passes, if you still adhere to the 'bracket' method of game balancing outlined before launch?

    Fingers crossed for a great 2014, love your game!
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  9. Dezik

    By next Wednesday do you mean tomorrow or the 15th?
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  10. MrMurdok

    Glad to know you took the time to tell us 2014 is going to have patches in it, Higby!
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  11. Netsurfer733

    *chants* PreeVIEWS! PreeVIEWS! PreeeVIEWS!!!
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  12. MichaelS

    By coupleof weeks you mean 5? 6? And smaller patches means no content but bug fixes?
  13. PurpleOtter

    You keep nasty SW Indar Warp Gate!
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  14. Gheeta

    I hope first thing in the list is to do something about the absolutely ridiculous A2A missiles.
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  15. RHYS4190

    I hope hossin is still on the way and more content is despritly needed
  16. Ziogatto89

    Is server transfer among those amaizing things to come? Is it??? Why did you take it off the roadmap!?!?!?!?
  17. ZeroErrorz


    EDIT: also do we going to have
    -ESF Update
    -infil update
    -LA update
    -skywhale/galaxy update
    -new vehicle of any kinds
    -battle island
    -amerish lattice
    -continental latice
    this year SOE ? also im glad you guys are back from the graves and start making announcement (the good one of course) and hopefuly new contents for us
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  18. BloodyPuma

    New year, new possibilities.

    You got a great game. Just listen what the creative part of community wants. Fix what need to be fixed, build the content we all have been waiting for and you will see masses of PS2 users growing and cash flowing to you.
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  19. CTMWood84

    A change control process you say?!?

    Please let it be true!
  20. Butcher123

    i like game updates too but mean that we players in EU can than only play @ 6 days the week? or you planning in EU a other patch start ?
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