Update Notes June 3rd

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    The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of its preceding patch note.

    New Membership Perk - Squad Boost
    Members in a squad will now provide the entire group with 3% bonus XP

    • Continent Domination Threshold for gaining a continent benefit is now 94% (up from 75%)
    • Continent Domination Threshold for losing a continent benefit is now 7% (down from 15%)
    • Lattice links have been added between all adjacent warpgate-bordering territories.
    • Hex regions around the warpgates have been adjusted to fit new lattice links between the warpgate-adjacent territories. (Since they are hex shaped, they fit together. Geometry is fun.)
    • Added a short deploy timer to Instant Action when a player is dead. (Possibly taking the Z outta zerg. Now it's just "Erg I gotta wait a sec."
    New Ribbons
    • Resupply - for resupplying ammunition to friendly players, including vehicle resupplies. (Everybody likes this guy...)
    • Air Deterrence - for surface-to-air damage inflicted against enemy aircraft.
    • Air Superiority - for air-to-air ESF vs ESF kills.
    • Anti-Tank - for destroying enemy tanks.
    • Recon - for motion sensor and scout radar assists.
    • Spotter - for spot assists.
    • AMS Support - for supporting your team with Sunderer AMS spawns.
    • Marksman - for infantry vs infantry kills at ranges >= 70m (Shooting someone in the face at point blank range doesn't make you a marksman. It just makes you smarter than the guy you just killed).
    • Vehicular Combat - for roadkill and ram kills while in a vehicle. (Friendlies don't count. Yes I'm looking at you guy who drinks and drives against regulations.)
    • Point Control - for capturing control consoles and kills around them.
    • Savior - for saving your teammates from certain death. (This does not include killing friendly Vehicular Combat guy).
    • Objective Support - for overloading, stabilizing, and destroying generators.
    • Squad Spawn - for providing a spawn for your squad members via beacon, Sunderer, or Galaxy. (Everyone likes this guy too...)
    • Deployment - For deploy bonuses from transporting friendly players who go on to earn kills shortly thereafter. (Also known as the "Holy crap did we just make it through that alive?" bonus)
    Area Bugs
    • Speculative fix for the base flipping. (We'll stop blaming rogue nanites).
    • Refactored some code that will improve how areas are handled in general (gravity pads, etc). (In English this means game code got resorted. It's kind of like organizing your pantry because you can't find the Captain Crunch. In the event a programmer murders me for this analogy I have no regrets.)
    • Adding significant amounts of logging in case the above two fixes don’t work.
    Cert Refund: Optics Incorrectly Deducting Certs
    • We performed a grant to replenish certs for a small group of players who were incorrectly charged twice for certain optics purchases.
    • Charger Energy Values have been Increased.
    • Drop rates for implants have been reduced.
    Bugs Fixed
    • Updated Harasser nanite auto repair description to reflect in-game effect.
    • Fixed a bug where EOD HUD implants were draining energy while the implant user was dead.
    • Darklight flashlight should now be available on NC4 Mag-Shot.
    • Sending a message from Outfit Members list will no longer redirect to friends list.
    • Fixed some texture stretching issues on the Magrider.
    • Infantry decals will appear over armor now.
    • You can now resupply grenades in VR Training.
    • Crouching then jumping on a vehicle will no longer result in suicide. (We had serious safety concerns over this but you guys are apparently expendable),
    • Headhunter camo will now cover the entire body.
    • The 3.4x Red Dot sight reticle will now show up better at night.
    • Fixed an issue where some items could be removed from you when leaving VR Training.
    • Fixed a bug where the Greenhorn Voice Pack was missing.
    • The AV mana turret ribbon is now awarded at the intended number of kills.
    • Up x 59