Update Notes 06/27

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  1. d_carey Developer

    Downtime Start: 6am PDT

    • Continents will now correctly lock to the Alert victor upon the completion of the Alert
    • Since Hossin is a brand new continent that we want everyone to enjoy, we've temporarily disabled all Hossin alerts to prevent Hossin from being locked through alerts. Hossin can still be locked through territory domination, however.
    • Latest Hossin map
    • Fixed the spawn room shields at Nason's Defiance
    • Removal of redundant FX on some plants in Hossin
    • Server performance fix
    • All reinforcement spawn points will now turn off once a faction has greater than 50% population in the region.
    • Outfit Browser: Will now only show outfits from your own server
    • Updated the notification for facility capture to include more details on the dominant outfit
    • Up x 38