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  1. Torok

    Since I've lost track of some news-related platforms such as Command Center, Friday night ops and the likes I would like to know if any developer have given updated statements regarding:

    - Mission System: next phases status?
    - Resource Revamp: are there any developers actively working on it? I see Malorn (the resource guru guy) is a full-time level design developer now.
    - Dome Shields: are they still on Hossin, on the Test server? Haven't checked it out for a long time now.
    - Any Server merge on the horizon?
    - Player Studio opening for other items such as armors and body skins?
    - Valkyrie: any unique trait and which guns will be given to the gunner?
    - I heard Hossin is scheduled for June, will it be released alongside a first continental lock mechanic?

    Thanks in advance to those that will share any legit info whatsoever, I haven't also looked at the roadmap for udated threads, will do so soon.
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  2. FateJH

    I thought the Valkyrie was not going to have any onboard weapons of its own.
  3. Torok

    Mmhm I remember reading it's a 4 seats vehicle, 1 Driver, 1 Nose gunner, 2 rumble seats.
    I wonder if they'll get the ESF ES noseguns, such as the PPA/Banshee/Airhammer, they sure look fun on a Valkyrie, and maybe some new weapons specific to the Valkyrie.

    From a fast google image search it doesn't look like there's much space for a nosegun there, but after all it's an early model, if they don't know which gun it'll mount they legitimately haven't shown any template yet to us.


    It's supposed to be a fast attack vehicle, it should mount atleast one gun.

    Anyway the valkyrie is the thing I have less interest in of my list, since it's the one we know it's coming for sure and ASAP, since it means BUSINESS $$$, I want answers for the others!
  4. danielpxp

    Well I would be interested too.. Especially of the mission system.. Right now it is more of a system to help brainless people how to go on on a lattice link after you capped a base... Not much for any player above BR 10, just some more free xp nobody really cares about or recorgnizes..
    Until now it seems like the mission system phase 1 should have never gone live, just stay on test server until something useful comes along with it.. At least some more commands or a better structure on platoons / Squadleader/platoonleader.

    And for the playerstudio part.. I even wonder if PSG people WILL actually get Player Studio end of this month... (finally?) ;)
  5. Prudentia

    Harrasser playerstudio cosmetics will (probably) go live with the next patch.
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  6. Torok

    That's nice, but did by any chance T_ray said what's the motive behind them holding off opening for more Player Studio items?
    I'd love some Infantry body skins!
    Are they waiting for EU to get the Player studio in full swing, are there any technical and performance related concerns?
  7. IamDH

    I believe they added some EU countries to Player Studio and intend to add more, i'm not completely sure because i read this a while back
  8. Hibiki54

    I simply do not want ANY ES things on an NS vehicle.

    That's how the Harasser (for TR and VS) became OP
  9. Torok

    Bump since no one answered much :D

    Come on I know you know what I don't know!