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  1. Demigan

    Apparently I was just too late with my comments on the PTS, so I'll just say something about the update to live here:

    The Prowler Rampart module sucks balls. It increases the hitbox of the Prowler more than 3x, it does not protect infantry as it's supposed to do because whenever you go into Anchor you usually aren't in a range that infantry can be effective at and while the shield adds 20% damage reduction from the front (at max rank) the shield can easily be hit from the sides and rear which counts as side and rear shots. Applying this is a direct nerf to the Prowler except in very niche long-range applications where the added hitbox size will still most of the time nullify the 20% armor advantage.

    The Vanguard NumbNutz reactor also sucks balls (That's a better name for it, at least that tells you how useful it is). It's a worse NAR in almost every way. It replaces the Vanguard's 1000 extra health for 1000 extra shield, so it can only regenerate that shield. Whenever your tank is damaged the times that the NumbNutz reactor can offer an advantage is small, and the advantage is at most 450 health if you don't get out and repair. While if you get out and repair the vehicle from almost dead to new the difference is about 2 seconds at the best case scenario where you started repairing at just the right moment.

    In the meantime the Magrider has got the gravy: Afterburner has been moved to passive, which is already a massive advantage as now it can equip Fire suppression there. Additionally it's got 2 abilities aimed at improving it's magburner it can choose from if you don't want fire suppression. And this is for the vehicle that has lately been proven to perform the best out of all 3 MBT's.

    The Prowler Rampart module needs to be changed. Either it needs it's own seperate healthpool, or the tank should be able to activate it and move around with the shield on, or it should be given to the Sunderer who can actually use such an ability in a risk/reward choice where you protect your infantry better and get some damage reduction but don't stop enemies from entering the shield, which means they can't fire at your infantry from afar.

    The Vanguard shield option needs to be a passive for it to be of any use. The regeneration per rank needs to be adapted though, as 25 seconds before the shield is fully recharged at level 1 is ridiculously slow (and 20 seconds for the max rank, oh goodie...).
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  2. k9delta

    The real Test Server is Planetside 2 mate
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  3. InexoraVC

    Update: It Rocks!
    I love new Vanguard's stuff. It is now a fresh air for NC.
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  4. 4JlEH30CM

    iam drunk again and for me isnt matter what update is. Planetside forever unfortunatelly there is no analogues on planet earth
  5. Liewec123

    Nanoweave Auto Repair: after 12 seconds will heal 375 health per second for the entire health pool.
    Numbnutz react0r: after 10 seconds will heal 100 per second and only heal a maximum of 1/6th of the health pool.

    It's an absolutely trash version of NAR.
    Hell, even rank 1 NAR heals 225 after 12 seconds, already over twice as good as this junk.
    We pointed this out on PTS, and ofcourse we got no response and it went live.

    It isn't a breath of fresh air for NC to get crapped on and VS to get gold, (this time in the form of integrated magburner)
    it's become the freaking norm.
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  6. Dethonlegs

    No doubt, the Magrider got a massive buff. FS + magburn....nuff said. This combo is going to be really popular. Not just for soaking a shot, but being able to get out of burning so magburn will work again is a godsend.

    I have mixed feelings about the Recharge utility. Being able to effectively extend magburn for another second with the option to pace it's use (getting one free magburn every 25 sec) will certainly help in just about every situation. Delaying a lockon is icing on the cake. Even with all that, not sure it's better than FS. Regardless, it's a valid side grade.

    The movement part of the Multi-directional Exhaust is OK, but a good driver can closely mimic that without it (turn, partial magburn, turn back), so it's the magburn regen rate that's important - about 13 secs compared to 20 without (nearly another free magburn). Perhaps useful while rolling with the zerg, but stealth is better in any other scenario. Regardless, it's a valid side grade.

    The combination of Recharge + Multi-directional Exhaust offers moar magburn and the tantalising opportunity to raise the skill ceiling to stratospheric heights. Looking forward to just how far I can push it.
  7. Trillsiker

    Hey, it has been years we ask for more mobility for the mag and more gamestyle, wich is exactly what theses changes aim to do : don't complain about other faction having some good stuff :p

    We'll test theses changes live in a much larger scale and then we will see how they perfom. There is no need to cry out loud without any extensive test, so please don't.

    I'am very pleased as a vs main to see theses changes actualy vary the gamestyle and giving us options.
    Theses changes seems to make the mag more accesible to new players, and it is a very good thing, mag performs better, maybe, but the amounth of skill and descision making you have to put into mag"s piloting is so huge for that kind of performing compare to the dead ez vanguard / prowler is the reason why it performs better, not because of utility slots (in my opinion).

    Being a good magrider pilot is totaly out of reach for new players and hopefully theses changes will aleviate some of it (we will see live).

    ACtually exited to test thoses changes and explore them ^_^

    Ps: i must admit the vanguard changes are not very well thougth, seems weak and useless, hopefuly you guys will have it buffed a bit and we wont get stripped from cool stuff in the meantimes like ZOE max... i couldn't stand another sack of our unique trait (mag is all about mobility) because nc/tr feels so :p

    Prowler changes in hte other hand open some cool blitzkrieg moment, after all, the TR prowler is all about holding position and this barrier is on that trend. Can be awesome to have some prowlers with a bunch of infantery with it being like a mobile base to push lines. or 2-3 prowlers just defending a base with 2more engenners on their back with this barrier protecting him. It's gonna be cancer i bet ;D

    Only the vanguard as unispired and useless nimirz reactor, i totaly agree it need a rework of something else.
  8. Demigan

    Just a few corrections:

    It is a weaker NAR. It offers the exact same playstyle as NAR. so there is nothing "fresh".

    NAR does 6,75% per 5 seconds, so its not 375 health per second but 75 health per second. Even so because the NumbNutz reactor only heals 1000 health instead of 6000 health and when damaged the player will usually get out and repair the NAR will almost always be a superior option unless you happen to get out and repair at the exact perfect moment. Additionally the less damage you received the better it is to have NAR as a single repairgun heals 208 health per second and will repair you to full faster while if you repair to full with a downed shield it still takes 20 seconds to fill that shield back up.

    Correct for most of the post except that directional magburn and recharge go in the utility slot, meaning they cannot replace stealth for an option.

    We can cry out before an extensive test because we can accurately predict the outcome. The current Prowler and Vanguard options that have been added are blatantly inferior, you are in practicality certing into a nerf for your vehicle. Yes the NumbNutz reactor and new Anchor protection are so bad that you are better with leaving the slot empty most of the time!

    Now we've also had some threads fairly recently where VS complained about how weak their Mag was and how bad it scored. So we found something to gauge the scores and the Magrider proved to be used almost the exact same amount as the other two vehicles per player but score better than either of them. On top of that the VS shows no superior skill in anything else as proven by their NS weapons scoring virtually the same as the other two factions.
    And this tank gets at minimum if you want it 15% extra health through fire suppression, or the ability to improve its afterburner more than it already did making the vehicle more dangerous in the process as constantly the game proves that movement is one of the most important traits in the game for vehicles.
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  9. Liewec123

    oops my bad, but yep 75 h/ps for the entire health pool is far better than 100 h/ps for just 1/6th of it,
    its a no brainer. ;)

    also, crappy as the balance of this patch is, i think we can all agree that auto bounties is way overdue,
    i'd have preferred it be xp based, but kills is ok too.
    the very first good change in a loooong time.
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  10. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I haven't tried the update yet so my comments here are pre-testing.

    I don't play air so I have no opinions on the air anomaly changes. The only thing that seems good to me is the new Bounty System. I think it's in a really good place right now, far better than the previous version.

    In terms of the MBT changes, I understand giving Magburn as a default. I'm fine with that, just as I am giving anchored mode to TR. But at least give NC the Forward Shield by default to the Vanguard. Forcing them to purchase either it or Fire Suppression, when the Magrider and Prowler now have access to a special ability by default is unfair. NC deserve it.

    I'd be more ok with the new ability the Magrider can have, if it wasn't given the ability to disrupt lock-on attempts. Maybe I'm justa really bad player, but the Magrider is the most manoeuvrable of the three tanks as is. This means that it can quite easily dodge incoming rockets. In order for me to score a hit, I always have to use a lock-on RL. Even then, unless the driver is quite happy to get locked on, from experience, due to their quick multi-directional movement abilities, they can quickly move/magburn out of the way. Giving them the ability to have a kind of 'ground flare' type ability is too much. I get that it will likely force players to decide whether using it or Fire Suppression is right for them, but giving it to the tank that's already highly mobile is going to make it even harder to hit.

    Again, I haven't yet tried the update and these are just my thoughts beforehand so they may change once I do so.
  11. Dethonlegs

    Nope. Wrel says:

    Recharge (Utility Slot)
    Multi-directional Exhaust (Defensive Slot)

    Can't confirm Recharge as it's not on PTS, but Multi-directional Exhaust is definitely in the Defensive Slot.
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  12. Trillsiker

  13. Demigan

    My bad
  14. Johannes Kaiser

    Oh boy. Ths reactor anti-gimmick sounds like the result of a long brainstorming session titled "Find an idea that sounds cool but then assign values that make it a thinly veiled downgrade".
    Coming up with something like that must be genuinely difficult...

    EDIT: Prowler shield might not be too terrible then combined with engies and/or repair sundies. Thing dies earlier, sure, but with proper placement and usage you might be able to get your Cert's worth out of it.
  15. Towie

  16. Jbeasty

    Honestly wouldn't mind this update bricking the game so hard, they have to roll back. Thought there would be more time before this update came out...RIP infantry.
  17. InexoraVC

    why ? I've played already. No alternatives to infantry inside the bases or @Hossin.
  18. Jbeasty

    Lately, I have been 50/50 between infantry and vehicles. There is always gameplay to be had with vehicles, you just don't use them water buffalo style like the majority of players and there is a lot of fun to be had.

    Death cam and auto bounties ruin a lot of flanking play styles for infantry. Can't see why I ever would pick infil anymore, with that already being my least played besides medic. LA is dead to me now too. Just not interested in that direction of gameplay, which is why I don't play many shooters besides PS2 and on occasion things like Rising Storm:Vietnam. Very bothersome that one of the last things I actually play gets all these hand holding changes. Which don't do anything for new players, just lets ****** players better enact revenge on their killer...

    I already got accused of wall hacking 5 min in by a BR 24 due to the death cam showing me taking cover behind a wall afterwards. Killed the guy multiple times among others and got a bounty. His conclusion? In /yell chat saying "nice wall hacking you POS"....

    I didn't need to play infantry more to see how bad this update is.
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  19. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Probably because he thinks the kill cam shows you how you died, not who you died to.
  20. Jbeasty