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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ixidron, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Ixidron

    Add a new subforum for serious proposals, something with the roadmap subforum style (with upvotes as well as downvotes), with no time limit to post edition so you can update your thread according to community feedback.

    Only serious proposals, no whining, no unexplained nerf/buff calls, and by explained I mean with logic and numbers, failing to do so might get your privileges to create threads there revoked.

    Developers should post there too before adding something to the roadmap/game, to see if the feature is worth it, I don't mean posting something like bugfixes or small weapon rebalance, but something like the PPA overhaul, or some new features they are planning.

    That subforum is basically for brainstorming, think about something interesting and post it there with a detailed explanation about why it should be a feature.

    A good suggestion:

    I want deployable cover for class X.

    I think I will enhance gameplay by adding Y to the game.

    It's niche will be K, and outside that situations it will become less useful to preserve balance.

    It has synergy with R and promotes teamplay.

    It will have Z health, N cooldown, unidirectional, protects from space zombie monkeys, etc.

    A bad suggestion:

    I want X, it's gonna be cool it will destroy tanks, and aicrafts, and kill infantry by the dozens, and only for VS, because their alien tech means they must be overpowered, oh and nerf cannister, also remove Y from game or I'll unsub.
  2. tf2hero

    oh..... i thought it would be a whining subfourm but sounds cool