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    1) As a person with 7600 kills on T7 Mini-blame gun i have to say what it was't what i expected to see as "buff".
    Long time ago(in a galaxy far far away) i started as 1.5kdr pleb and slowly climb up with my trusty minigun, however, at some point i become sligtly better at killing peoples and learn how important headshots so this gun stop matching my skill level. Headshot multiplier of 1.5, 0.5 sec spinup time from 600 to 845 RPM (1.0 sec without BRRT from 600 to 800RPM) this is what make this gun incompetetive in meta where tryhards using Athlete5 implant for "faster ADS". I am not asking you to change HS multip to 2 and i am fine with 0.5 spinup, this is natural downsides what create whole character of this gun, this is completely different playstyle with prespinning and prefiring, shard of quake 3 arena gameplay, no ADS, jump peaks... God i love it!

    Change BRRT type from "Rail attachment" to "Barrel attachment" so players now can truly decide between expanded mags and laser sight, currently BRRT is still a mandatory, i tried it with laser sight and spinup is just too long even after buff. It also doesn't feel like 750RPM i compared it to butcher and it feels like T7 still start from 600, but this is just my feelings, need someone to make frame by frame comparison (not with my potato PC).

    2) Today i played 7 hours, 7 hours of indar from beginning to the end, two MAX allerts, two Air Superiority, two whateverit'snamenoonereallycare allerts. But the only thing what changed is how allert will trigger and as far as i remember NC trigger it but TR still wins. Whats the point of triggering then? It is very hard to link warpgates and capture miltiple biolabs\amp stations\crown. So it takes 6 small allerts just to gather enough "Empire Strenght" and only then it started. In my opinion players should be awarded for triggering continent lock allert aswell as winning, since now we will have longer intervals between continent lock because of that revamped "Victory Points" there is nothing wrong of increacing total reward pool. For example 100ISO 100Certs just for triggering and 200ISO 300Certs for winning (150 cert pool increace across all three factions from 450 to 600)

    3) 360 degrees for Javelin's gunner - when?
    360 degrees for Harraser's rear seat - when?

    "Dev Note: We wanted to enable the 400 round magazine that was previously on PTS, but there is a bug barring a proper implementation at the moment. We'll look to changing this in the future, but in the meantime, the Butcher has received a minor rate of fire increase alongside the removal of the spinup mechanic." (c) February 2 2017 Update

    so, tube mag mechanic from baron\pump shotties for butcher - when? 17 days until 3 year anniversary

  2. Campagne

    The MCG buff surprised me a little. Feels like it came out of the blue.

    Having never used it in actual combat and not ever seeing it terribly often, is it really in need of a buff? Anyone with eyes can see the BRRT is mandatory. In my opinion, there should be no such thing as a single flat upgrade for a weapon. At that point it's just increasing cert costs past the 1000 cert limit, just make it default. It's little more than an insult to pay more for something with no downside when there's nothing else available or nearly as valuable.

    However, that said making the BRRT default would just buff the MCG by allowing an additional (practically) flat upgrade at again a cert cost. It's not an awful weapon, does it really need a rail attachment to be realistically competitive? I don't really know personally, but it does serve its niche at the very least.

    As for the magazine mechanic, best just accept the DPS buff I think. The NC's Canisters and Enforcers just had their reloads removed when an alleged bug proved to much to fix.

    Though, I always wondered why they couldn't just give the Butcher 500-round magazines with a singe round in reserve. (501 rounds in total, no benefit from ammo belt). It may not be the "true" intended mechanic, but it's something right? Couldn't be that hard to implement surely.

    Yeah i sort of understand what go wrong with this change and why it isn't working, you simply cannot have less reserve ammo that your mag's size, otherwise the only way of reloading is resupplying at terminal and forgeting about ammo packs, so i suggest just different approach. Imagine having standart 150 mag and 300 in reserve, but after you pressing "R" your mag start to filling up with constant stream of bullets, this process can be interrupted at any time by pressing LMB (fire your weapon) with keeping all bullets what already been feeded inside.

    This mechanic already exist in the game on pump action shotties and baron, you put shells manualy, in case of butcher this can be some sort of electiricty powered ammo feeder, all devs needed is just speed up this process, i don't know, maybe 10bullets per second (15sec from 0 to 150), add some electo motor sound and tweak reloading animation, thats it. Just a dream for a man with reloadia (obsessive compulsive disorder what causes user to reload his weapon after every engagement no matter how big his mag is or how many bullets left).

    It would be like betelgeuse's heat mechanic but in TR fashion - no infinite ammo, but 3x ammo pool until "overheat", manual "cooling down" and unability to "cooldown" without holding your weapon. Sounds neat, don't you think?
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