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    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) / 13:00 (UTC) for an update. The estimated downtime is less than 2 hours and will require a client download.

    The following changes have been incorporated:

    Construction Improvements
    • Silo's and deployed turrets can now be individually locked by the owner to faction/self/squad/platoon using the “Q” radial menu.
    • Structure Shield Modules will now give active HIVEs a bubble shield for additional protection. If the shield takes sufficient damage it can be temporally disabled allowing the HIVE to take direct damage; the bubble shield will not activate again until the HIVE has regenerated back to 100% health.
    • Increased Cortium harvest/deposit xp by 25%
    • Fixed issue where the Decon tool would remain in the character’s inventory after respawn.
    • Construction system notifications have been refined to be more consistent.
    • Additional death field added underwater in some locations on Amerish to prevent base building.
    • Placing construction objects should now be more responsive.
    • The ANT's C-Barrier now receives more damage from most weapon types.
    • Locking Esamir will now properly reduce the cost of the ANT by 50%.
    • ANT gunners will properly be rewarded experience.
    • Empty HIVE chassis should now be more difficult to destroy.
    • Crystals within range of Mineral Radar are now visible on map/minimap
    Player Studio Item Release
    • We’ve published another round of Player Studio submissions to the Depot, including a number of new helmets and vehicle cosmetics.
    Misc Improvements
    • Fixed issue with Enforcer/Canister firing fx and projectiles not being visible in third person
    • Friendly deployed Sunderers are now displayed on the mini-map with a unique icon
    • Repair utility vehicles can no longer repair destroyed vehicles
    • Fixed issue where the “Descend” key was blank on the FTE displayed entering an aircraft.
    • Additional faction banners have been added to Indar warpgates
    • The tutorial has been re-enabled for new characters.
    • Drop Pods can once again steer east and west.
    • R3 Swarm now uses correct ribbon reward icon.
    • The cap on ammo resupply experience has been increased substantially.
    • Experience caps related to the Bounty system have been removed.
    • Various fixes to mislabeled vehicle optics.
    • Aphelion, Gatekeeper, and Mjolnir have been added to the Harasser directive tree.
    • Lumine Edge now displays the proper icon.
    • "Check your fire!" quick chat menu callout has been replaced with "I need a gunner!"
    • The EM6, Pulsar LSW, and TMG-50 have received new models.
    • GODSAW's projectile velocity while aiming down sights is now properly 670m/s.
    • You can now see which continents have a queue while in the world terminal.
    • Fixed issue where players could get stuck at a location near Scarred Mesa Skydock.
    • Fixed issue where objects would disappear when looking down from the point building stairs at Tawrich Depot.
    • Fixed issue where roof shield did not allow players to pass from below at the indar Comm. Array spawn room.
    • Fixed issue where lift-pad does not work on Hvar Tech Plant on the south side.
    • Fixed issue where stronghold vehicle shield ownership does not change when the vehicle terminal is hacked.
    Utility Pouch
    • Cert line removed and certs refunded.
    • Two new cert lines have been added to dispel confusion surrounding which benefit you receive from Utility Pouch at each rank.
    Mine Carrier
    • Rank 1: Increases carrying capacity of Anti-Tank Mines by 1.
    • Rank 2: Increases carrying capacity of Anti-Tank Mines by 2; increases carrying capacity of Anti-Personnel Mines by 1.
    Demolitions Pouch
    • Rank 1: Increases carrying capacity of C-4 by 1.
    • Rank 2: Increases carrying capacity of C-4 by 2.
    • Up x 20

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