Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    I don't want SOE to screw up.

    This time around I know that they can do this thing right, there thoughts etc are in the right place.
  2. RadarX

    Folks given how large this thread it's remained largely constructive and specific but a few folks are getting moderated. We want this feedback, but personal attacks and general trolling are being removed. Please help us ensure everyone's feedback is seen by keeping this out of the thread.
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    you guys must be swimming in feedback.

    I can only hope that you sift threw all the QQ and bias that are in it.

    Your ideas are great, its the implementation that people are worried about.
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  4. Moridin6

    I often feel like the vanu are disliked by someone in corporate.. please compensate our magriders for this indirect nerf.
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  5. SeanFree

    Glad to see you guys are still looking at this, I hope you like at all sides and strike a good balance for the liberator nerf.

    P.S. Can my airhammer get an AI buff if it's going to be terrible at its more general role?
  6. Wobberjockey

    I have to honestly question what game the dev team is playing if they honestly think the magrider needs MORE shell drop and a slower shell.

    i though the VS was supposedly the 'no drop' faction?

    Is it too much to ask that the Magrinder (and the vs weapons in general) NOT get the short end of the stick for once?
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  7. vincent-

    Look for devs posts bud the mag shell drop isn't changing seeing as were the lowest any ways.
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  8. Yuki10

    Next re-balancing patch: Instead of guns and weapons everyone is given flowers to plant around the warpgate gardens. Afterwards everyone rides ponies and drinks tea.
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  9. Wobberjockey

    Kevmo is saying the gravity on the shot is increasing on ALL Tank guns

    which means if the velocity is not changing, but the gravity is being increased, the tank shell will drop more.

    Plus the only mag gun not changing is HEAT... which is hardly used on magriders anyway. the FPC is still getting hit both in speed and gravity. and magrider HE is still an utter joke. and will be like throwing water balloons now.
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  10. PWGuy93

    I don't participate in vehicle play to make life miserable to infantry. I'm not looking forward to sitting in a vehicle outside of any base while waiting on a capture point to flip. I'm looking for something to do in a vehicle, that a vehicle can accomplish and quite frankly there's very little for vehicles to do that doesn't involve some form of farming - and that's what I see as the underlying issue.

    What I am getting at is vehicles don't have a major role in the game. Infantry are king, just look at all the base changes and weapons nerfs over time and this becomes obvious. That's perfectly fine to give the majority of players challenges and opportunities but the game has vehicle players and those from my time playing always appear to get hit the hardest with inconsistent changes for who knows what reason.

    Give vehicles objectives that don't put undue pressure on infantry players - bang, half the base and outpost updates never had to happen. As a vehicle driver I wouldn't spend time near a base or infantry if being in a vehicle had objectives that didn't involve being near a base and infantry.

    Give vehicles and their occupants challenges that only vehicles and their occupants can accomplish - bing bam, drive or fly the gauntlet within 2 minutes and ribbons and awards abound. Infantry press E at a generator and it times down to destruction. Why in the world aren't vehicles and their weapons taking out generators? Where's the communications uplink that vehicles destroy? Where's the ammo pool that needs blowing up? Where's the fuel supply that needs stealing or destruction? Where's the radar jamming system that only an ESF with a skilled pilot can undo?

    To me it feels like vehicles, their weapons and their overall use keep getting the shaft, downgraded performance or nerfs or adjustments... it's damn inconsistent and to me it seems that vehicles aren't the issue, their weapons aren't the issue, it's all the things that vehicles could or should be doing that simply aren't in the game... and because of this their "balance" keeps getting shifted around.

    It'd be nice to be able to theoretically log in a six months from now and see that all the vehicles still work the way they did from six months ago and the changes to vehicles really focused on vehicle objectives, not how the vehicle or its weapons operate. Instead of balancing around vehicle or weapons performance, the balance could focus on the objective and how difficult or easy the objective was.

    Flyers could look forward to the next set of challenges, flying under the bridge while avoiding the cliff walls while navigating the guantlet of doom while fending off other flyers, which if successfully accomplished makes XY or Z function active until the enemy does the same. Same for ground vehicles... instead of putting up more walls or placing infantry in underground caverns to avoid tank rounds on the spawn room just give tanks objectives that only tanks with skilled occupants could do. They'd have their version of the guantlet where they'd have to destroy all the turrets while avoiding the acid pools and other tanks and at the end if they succeed XY or Z activates until the enemy can do the same. -- my use of the term guantlet is a placeholder for any objective that only vehicles and their occupants could achieve.

    Non of this would stop the farmer from being just that, there's always that Lib pilot that likes to hover over spawn rooms or that tank driver that wants to put rounds into the spawn room door - but instead of using a stick every time to make up for the behavior of some cheesy players, I'd love for SOE to put out a row of carrots that offer alternatives that have greater reward.
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  11. Attic Lion

    I don't suppose Prowlers could get their velocity increase while in Anchored mode back could they?

    That way Anchored mode will remain the same as it is right now and won't push us further into brawling territory where the other two MBTs far outclass the Prowler.

    As is this just makes me want to not play my TR characters anymore. Even right now I have a hard time justifying pulling my Prowler instead of my Vanguard. And my NC character is on a Waterson, a dead server.
  12. Mustarde

    I completely don't understand why you are nerfing tank velocity and gravity. The closer a tank gets to a base, it becomes incredibly vulnerable to rockets and other forms of AV. And despite increasing the mobility, the Magrider and Prowler will explode if you look at them funny. This is solving a problem that never existed. This is meddling with a part of the game that needed very little change.

    Most of your data is going to be based on the most popular continent in the game... Indar. Which has some of the worst bases for vehicle abuse on infantry. Compare to Amerish data where tanks live in a more balanced world where it is much harder to farm infantry.

    There is so much bias in the tank buster data as well. All the best pilots use it, and have for the last 18 months. The other guns are not worth using, and no one who is good with the lib is using them. So to say that "numbers" back it up, I respond by saying that you will never have good data to compare the TB to the other guns. When you say that it is "so far out of line", that means to me that the other guns are just that bad. Nerfing the TB is the wrong direction to take liberators.

    Kevmo, this is the Harasser nerf all over again. You guys are going to ruin the liberator, your pilots are going to leave for Star Citizen, and it's going to be tankside 2. You need to make small, incremental changes.
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  13. Nate

    The slowness of the Magrider HEAT round is idiotic. The arc to it is unbelievable. Please increase its speed and decrease the arc. This will put it more in-line with HEAT rounds from other factions. Don't bring other tanks down to Magrider HEAT idiocy. Do the opposite.

    I'm quite happy we are going to get turret stabilization. After it is added. Wait to see how tank play changes and then make further adjustments if needed. Tanks have already been nerfed enough.
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  14. Giggily

    You're being very optimistic here.
  15. Scr1nRusher

    SOE, do this in small steps.

    Test/ do/implement the the ESF and tank changes first....... then figure out the liberator and then add in the liberator changes to gameplay.

    Baby steps.
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  16. Deadreach

    Your doing Planetside wrong my friend. This isnt supposed to be a SOLO game, where a single person makes a huge impact on the game, Welcome to being a infantry cog in the machine, Dont like libs ruining your day? Go meet up with one of your factions platoons or join an outfit, role in a 48+ man group, and watch as the 30+HA/Engis keep those mean nasty "op" libs away from your fun.

    "Solo" players are ruining the game by asking for these COD/BF nerfs.
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  17. McToast

    A list with nerfs and changes that long will provoke a lot of anger from players. People don't exactly have confidence in your ability to balance things (Striker, ZOE, harasser...) and fear for the worst. Do what you think you have to do, but don't be surprised if there's a wave of paying players leaving after this. You're shaking balance up pretty hard and a lot of people wonder why you don't use that energy for more content.
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  18. Wobberjockey

    and this is coming from a prowler driver!

    at least you guys got some bugs (and a very fortuitous bug in the +500% projectile speed bug)

    how do you think those of us in magriders feel?

    perhaps they should just call us the MagMortar and be done with it.
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  19. Silus

    While this is all well and good, how will this affect Lightnings? Everyone seems to be focusing on the MBTs but ignoring how this will affect Lightnings.

    I'm a fairly dedicated Lightning driver (Skyguard woot woot), even before the whole "Pull Lightnings from everywhere" addition, but a blanket "Let's mess with tanks" update will more than likely mess with Lightnings as well. The range nerf will hit Lightnings the hardest I feel, as they've been more or less untouched since launch. And assuming that it's a blanket velocity nerf, are Lightnings getting some sort of buff to compensate them now having to mix it up in CQC with the bigger MBTs? Or are the light tanks, as I hope they are, generally unaffected by this patch?
  20. Whatupwidat

    Oh my god, the tank reverse speed change might just be the greatest thing to ever happen....in Planetside 2.

    Also lol at Lib-***** xD
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