Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. axiom537

    Sure its real easy, no more lock Down, but for 7 sec, you get all of the buffs and it is on a 1 minute cool down just like the Magrider and the Vanguard's ES abilities.
  2. Morchai

    I made this point in another thread but thought I'd repeat it here because I haven't seen anyone mention the resource angle.

    Liberators are cheap, and by that I mean they don't eat up a lot of resources. A liberator only costs 350 resources, which is only 50 more than a lightning and 100 less than the MBTs that they are so good at devastating. They have a crew of three, who can alternate pulls so that a crew doesn't have to be limited to a single resource pool.

    The ultimate cost of losing a vehicle is the time it takes for the timers to tick down and the time it takes for the resources to replenish. Killing a players tanks a couple times can take him out of the battle for a while. But it would be extremely difficult for a lib crew to lose libs so fast that a crew of three can't field a plane that costs less than half a single player's resources with three concurrently regenerating resource pools.

    Getting shot down simply means losing a minute or so pulling a new lib and flying rapidly back to the battle.

    The guns being nerfed won't mean they won't kill tanks, it just means that they will kill them a wee bit slower. Instead of killing a lightning in two seconds, it might take four.

    They will get shot down more often, because they are more fragile, but the time loss will be minimal and they will be back in the fight quickly.

    They will still be deadly. The only thing that will suffer is their KDRs.
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  3. eisiger

    I don't care how many pie charts or flow graphs you can come up with about it, Liberators should not be shooting their belly gun sideways. Come on, son.
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  4. Scr1nRusher

    Well What I am against in this changes is the fact that we haven't had the chance to try out the changes ingame yet.

    I do fly liberators(on this account) and gun for them on my TR account, I know how good they are in the right hands, yet at the same time understand that They need to be abit more interesting and less KILLING EVERYTHING THAT MOVES.

    They should be the best ground pounders in the game, but not so good that they kill everything that tries to hurt them.

    I don't hate harassers.(I love hunting them with my AP lighting or battlebus)

    I hate HE tanks & bio-labs primarily.
  5. Scr1nRusher

    Also its good to see other people being logical during these times of freak outs and Hersey.

    BTW where did Stew360 go?

    I had a feeling hes someone that SOE pays to make the forumside community go crazy or to laugh about things rather then focus on real issues.
  6. Axehilt

    Yeah, definitely does reduce the depth to tank fights. Reverse is already extremely powerful on tanks by nature of directional armor. So full-speed reverse is even stronger, and makes it even less likely you'll be able to exploit someone being out of position.
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  7. Kociboss

    Well, you're forgetting that this is a game. Can't really bring the real-life argument to this (nanites anyone?)

    If the velocities would reach 1,700+ m/s it would turn any tank gun into hitscan noskill weapon.
  8. GaBeRock

    As I see it, the problem with the rocketpod nerf is twofold:
    1. Since rocketpods are now AI, and hornets are still as bad as they've always been, if an ESF wants to give up afterburners, AI nosegun/coyotes is now a strictly better loadout choice.

    2. For those ESFs that do keep playing nosegun, especially the airsquads, there will be a whole lot more of ESFs gang-****** ground vehicles with their noseguns. The tactic won't be any more poweful than it is now, but I'd guess that it'll happen more often.
  9. Watche

    you are obviously a new player without much experience at all

    the range on libs only needs to be reduced so that cant hit you out of lock on range, that is it

    the tank buster issue is a directly related to the noise of hte lib, give the lib engie noise and the issue is resolved

    dalton libs SHOULD 1 hit ESF, if you are a good ESF pilot you will eat good lib crews alive, this is where experience matters

    giving the other tanks stationary turrets is a indirect nerf to magriders, it wont "shake up the gameplay" it will nerf VS even more

    please dont comment on things when you dont have the experience to back it up
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  10. dstock

    Well, you keep Indarside interesting, lol. I still can't figure out how you flanked me last week south of Mao SW, haha.

    General notes, nice to see the Devs are at least following this read and reading the feedback. Also, it doesn't say anywhere that they are making Liberators louder, although it seems a consensus that this is necessary and a step in the right direction.

    Oh yeah, the one thing I forgot in my massive wall of text:
    If we're reducing the range of Liberators, Flak weapons need projectile gravity. Now. If these changes go through, there will be no reasonably excuse for me being allowed to ping planes at 800+ meters away on the horizon, until I get bored. I love running AA vehicles, I've been dusting off my Skyguard, and the Ranger Harasser is finally viable. With that said, there's just no reason I should be allowed to deter planes beyond their effective engagement range. Devs nerfed MANA-AV for the same basic reason, this change needs to happen, and soon.

    Yours Truly,
    Someone who actually plays vehicle-based AA and thinks it's totally broken.
  11. Watche

    for whatever reason i cant edit my last post

    rocket pods didnt deserve a nerf, they were fine
  12. Klypto

    Just in case I wasn't clear:

    I am apposed at decreasing the effectiveness of anti-tank engagement ranges (velocity) when it's coupled with increasing tank mobility and evasiveness.

    Not sure what you mean by fun and exciting, but I'm doing just fine shooting enemy tanks at the ranges I am at now. If anything was to change with velocity, it would be the Magrider cannons going up 25m/s, which I am sure the Magrider pilots would like at least somewhat. Current tank cannon velocity is already able to be dodged at 300+ meters. I also believe this will have the opposite effect against long range tank fights that take too long. They will still be long range, but now it will only take longer to destroy the tanks.

    From my perspective, the only thing this change represents is a nerf to G2A & AP tanks with a bit of a buff to base camping tank zergs who could care less about velocity (I mean seriously, HE is 175m/s).

    I also don't envy Kevin with his job. It is impossible to make everyone happy when it comes to vehicle balance.
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  13. TriumphantJelly

    The Magrider projectile-velocity is getting nerfed too, yes?
    And the Magrider will then be forced into closer ranges to be able to shoot things, yes?
    And this will then nullify the advantage of range, and we'll be in the same situation, but closer to infantry.
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  14. Degenatron

    MFW This thread:
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  15. Moridin6

    The only thing i see that causes me worry is that my magrider only has a small, very small, thing going for it, and now it sounds like theres a possibility the Slight maneuverability advantage mags have may be taken.. I Can Not aim other than forward, so it makes sense that all other MBTs have some kind of downside to the maneuverability to balance this.. right?
    If you can tell me magriders will receive the same boost that other MBTs will get, than good, Great, i love this update.
  16. Scr1nRusher

    thank you lol. Like my WarHammer 40K referances i say in yell chat?

    Was I in my AP lightning(which has nearly max level stealth) or Battlebus?
  17. p10k56

    They are probably trying to kill game. At least tank part will be completely arcade tank race:(
  18. Scr1nRusher

    For proposed changes they are not actually bad overall and could lead to some great gameplay if done correctly.

    RadarX why don't you talk to the balance guys and then Find a way to update the Test map or something with the changes so people can test them out before making judgements?

    people are unnecessarily freaking out (As forumside and reddit side does).

    Its hard making everyone happy and taking flak for changes..........

    I wish I could help you guys..... Since i'm a visionary & gameplay balance design person.
  19. dstock

    I like that you actually scrap, instead of running or letting us kill you, haha. You were in a stealth AP Lightning north of Briggs Lab, facing Mao SW. We were west on the hill, I was trying to train some newb gunner. I last spotted you moving forward (North), and somehow you came around the hill behind us from the SW. Wide flanking turn, I guess. It just made me laugh, I knew we were screwed, but I was really surprised it was you, when I'd last seen you going the other way like 20 seconds before.
  20. Nepau

    Perhaps it is because so far whenever things are "Balanced" to improve gameplay that affects VS abilitys, the VS tend to get the short end of the stick.

    At launch Magrider was considered the best tank. Many people said they should buff the other tanks up to the VS level, not nurf the Magrider.

    Tank patch comes out, buffs Vanguard and makes Prower very OP, while nurfing Magriders manuverability to crap. Prower gets fixed quickly. Takes repeated attempts to force Higby to drive the Magrider (month or 2) before he will even admit there might be a problem.

    Saron Secondary for Magrider has been repeatily nurfed, changed in function, then nurfed again. there has not been a Direct buff to any VS tank weapon since launch.

    Tr and NC weapons have had balance passes, adding veraity to their weapons. Vanu have had their weapons Nurfed, causing more focus on just a few weapons.

    Zoe ability was one of the most unique abilitys, hard to balance, and caused much complaints. Was nurfed to Uselessness, instead of trying to improve the other abilitys, "balanced"

    Look at the forums, EVERYTHING that is Unique to the VS bar the Lasher is being targeted as something people want nurfed. So please tell me again how us being worried about another VS unique ability being nurfed is holding back the game?
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