Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. AirSuperiority

    If a lib is hovering a few meters off the ground and you cant kill it with tanks shooting at it, its the tankers fault. Either fly with flak or put a ranger/walker on the tank.
  2. Klypto

    You ever use a Ranger? It's 2nd worse weapon next to the Duster.

    No, it is very clearly overpowered buff of armor. It can take more tank shells than an actual tank. People aren't calling the overbuffed lib resistance a flying tank for nothing
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  3. Kill2This

    And if skyguard driver is not totally dumb it's the way it should ever work.
    Don't forget that skyguard give away every other aspects of engagements for a near pure AA dedication. So stop whining and learn to play to your strenght and let the dedicated people play to theirs and have fun too.
    I'm upset by those type of statements. Nobody know what balance mean anymore :(
  4. AirSuperiority

    The solution isnt nerfing libs, its allowing tanks to have a better way of dealing with libs. Right now, it seems to me that every tanker wants invincibility from libs, which doesnt make sense because tanks should die to libs, just not as frequent.
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  5. Scr1nRusher

    Redditside & Forumside are freaking out.... once again.

    I'm trying to be the voice of reason.... but it seems like people are putting there fingers in there ears and going "I'm not listening, I'm raging, My farm simulators favorite levels are going to be less Easy"
  6. Kill2This

    You just put the finger on it! Why higher skill ceiling on libs give him so much power than ground. This is in no way a balanced concept. Give the same chance to every units to be effective in their dedicated roles. At least this is my personal vision of balanced interactions.

    I really think that all your wall of text mean nothing and is just leaded by rage.
  7. Progapanda

    I didn't quote or reply to you with that composite comment you know. Also as I said, I'm against most of these liberator nerfs, only few of them are warranted and comp nerf is one of them.
  8. maniajack

    The airhammer nerf is a bad idea. You get decent AV/Lib DPS because you have to put yourself at huge risk to reap the reward. You also have to put yourself at a lot of risk to get within kill range of infantry. The decent DPS you get to AV/Lib balances that out a bit.

    For libs you can steal kills with the AH but if they are even a little decent you can usually only run them off while taking a big risk at getting dalton'd. That won't be at all worth the risk now since they'll have even more time to get a dalton instagib.
  9. AirSuperiority

    Ranger is enough to keep a lib off a tank, it maaaay need a slight buff but thats about it. Now youre saying that it can take more tank shells than an actual tank? Well, if you want to bring logic into this, then how should a tank be able to kill an ac130. It shouldnt. But of course that would be unfair, so dont bring that type of logic to this discussion.
  10. AirSuperiority

    The comment says otherwise. But yes, composite nerf, but not not its flak resistance. I challenge you to fly a lib into a huge fight. Theres nothing a lib can do. At least a tank can hide behind the rocks and take out things. Libs are literally an open target to everything. The solution isnt nerf libs, its a) get good at tanking and b) give the tank a 3rd gun, available only to the main operator and second operator, that will be a flak gun.
  11. HandofWinter

    I like almost all of the changes. There's just one that sticks out as the wrong way to go.

    Tank battles in planetside feel like knife fights already. With the exception of the Skyguard, every tank weapon in this game has a muzzle velocity slower than the musket carried by Napoleon's soldiers. Even the Skyguard only outpaces a musket by a couple dozen meters per second.

    Tank battles should be multi-kilometer engagements with fire being exchanged across valleys from hillside to hillside. Moving even farther away from that makes no sense at all. This game is supposed to feel like large scale far future combat, and when every weapon in the game is totally outclassed by its World War II equivalent it completely fails at that goal.
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  12. axiom537

    Horrible changes pretty much across the board...

    Liberator changes...Personally I have NEVER had an issue with liberators on the ground as infantry or as a vehicle, because I always work in a coordinated group and when you work as a team they simply become free xp and generally have little impact on you. The people complaining about the liberator for them most part have absolutely no idea what it takes to fly them, as is relevant from their stats in said vehicle and generally those players are solo, none team work, un-coordinated players and that is the primary reason they have problems dealing with liberators.

    That being said was there room to tweak the liberator, yes. Increasing the sound it makes is a great first step, Make it appear on the mini map when it gets with in 250m is another. And the best thing that could have been done is to remove the ability for the liberator to see or spot infantry on the ground. I also think the reducing the tank busters effectiveness is fine, but not really a big issue, but over all I think you are moving in the wrong direction catering to those complaining about the liberator.

    As for ground forces being able to engage liberators, just increase the elevation of the Main gun on the MBT's and increase the velocity of dumb fire rockets. The only issue that would remain which still remains is the TR anchor mode on their MBT, which is just incredibly OP.

    MBT changes...Where do you think tanks are going to have these great tank vs tank battles? There are way too many bases and outposts and very little open ground in which to have them...What would be the point anyways? There are no objectives outside of capping a base by infantry that matter.

    The reason tanks sit back and shell targets is because the driver is the main gunner. If you hadn't catered to the solo crowd to begin with and made the MBT require a gunner for the main gun, then you would see rolling tank fights, with the driver focusing on driving and the gunner focusing on gunning but until that change is made you are going to get the same type of tank play which is sitting back and shelling, only now tanks will be able to get a little closer and pull back faster.

    I think the liberator changes are un-warranted, but whatever... the best lib crews didn't have problems before the "buffs" they won't have problems after only the less experienced will and those of us that work in coordinated groups never had an issue on the ground and we still wont, but the soloer's still will. As for the MBT, I think these changes wil not produce the desired results, which can only be accomplished by giving the driver the secondary gun and the Gunner the main gun.
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  13. Kill2This

    So please, go away and let us breath my darling. The wind is changing and people accustomed of one side gaming gonna get away with their infect mentality of bad people .

    ... I croud founded Star Citizen too, hope I'll never meet you there.
  14. AirSuperiority

    Ok guys, since most of the people supporting this update have no idea what they are doing, I will offer a better solution. Dont nerf the lib(which is ridiculous in the first place, its hard enough to fly anyways), but give the tanks a fighting chance against libs that are directly above it.

    Here is the solution. Give the tanks a 3rd gun, only available to the main operator and his gunner, so 2 people still, and that gun will be a flak gun. As both a tanker and experienced libber, i know that 1 flak gun is enough to deter a lib especially for the time it takes to kill a tank, a vanguard especially.
  15. Klypto

    Nowhere did I say that.

    The only things that need to change for Libs are:

    • Engine noise not to be quieter than every vehicle in the game.
    • Resistance to tank shells and dumb fires restored to not insane pre-buff.
    • Vektor becomes better at A2A.
    • Spur become better at or almost exclusively targeted for AI (explosive splash).
    • Dalton gets projectile acceleration like the Halberd and Enforcer. (ESF buff without impacting ground effectiveness)
    • Duster needs to not SUCK
    • Ammo Capacity Nerf
    Things that do not need to change for Libs:
    • Projectile speed
    • Weapon blurred specialization
    • Tankbuster
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  16. Pikachu

    Tanks could get a 3rd gun that is either AI or AA. :)
  17. Tuco

    We had that as a prowler in PS1 and it WAAAS the main reason i chose to play TR.
  18. SinerAthin

    Wait, they are nerfing Rocket Pods AGAIN? o_O
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  19. AirSuperiority

    Dont forget they want to reduce ammo cap on all lib weapons. The reason this update is receiving a massive reaction is because of the ignorance of the devs to nerf the lib. Nerfing it is not the solution. I agree that yes a tank alone has no fighting chance against a lib, which is why i believe it needs a 3rd gun available to the driver/gunner that will be a flak weapon. That will deter libs. Now some people will say, 1 isnt enough, well tanks shouldnt be going around solo. And if you ever step into our shoes, youd know that 2 turrets is enough to keep you away and nearly kill you. So 1 turret on a tank should be enough for it to have a chance.
  20. AirSuperiority

    No just AA.
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