Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. AirSuperiority

    Wow, you really want every good player in this game to quit dont you. This is by far the most useless, and illogical "update" I have ever seen. Tanks are so easy blaaah I dont even feel like wasting my time explaining this to children. Please hire software developers, not use coders for your ideas. Every nerf is directed at skilled players who take something thats hard to use, and make it even harder. Next update, tank nerf since everyone will be in a tank and the good players will be destroying the same people who support this update.
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  2. Nody

    Yes and were we previously needed 250m+ we will now need 200m+ (speculation obviously as we don't have numbers) that is still going to be far outside the range the Devs appear to talk about.

    Did you miss the part about Magrider being slower, larger, having worst armor, no combat ES ability etc.? Being equal to a Vanguard in DPS not enough with the other downsides when the only benefits the Mag had over other tanks (turret stability, fastest reverse speed, long distance dodging) are being removed.
  3. Goden

    Liberator pilot detected
  4. Krokozor

    Coders and software developers amost same thing. SOE need hire dedicated testers who actually play game all day long.
  5. Progapanda

    Seriously? That's one of the few good changes on that list. Liberator composite armor is broken as hell. Being able to hover and take a bunch of tank rounds or Daltons coupled with how silent the lib is are the reasons TB or the lib overall could be considered too effective atm. Also, Shredder + Walker is imba and a crutch for terrible lib crews.
  6. maxkeiser

    How can 200m possibly be considered long range? WTF?

    I've killed infantry with my Hv-45 at 90-100m. Tank long range is 400m+.
  7. Poplico

    Let me make this clear. This is a terrible idea. These are drastic changes to a minor problem. The fact that you can be killed in a tank is part of the game. The interaction in real life and before this update goes live between Aircraft and Ground has always been aircrafts advantage. Aircraft have higher mobility and the altitude advantage and deserve to be able to ground pound. This is why A2A or G2A is important. Tankers that are being killed either are doing something wrong or the lib team is doing something right.
    -Any decent lib team deserves to kill a decent tank team. And they're already putting themselves at risk, tanks arent supposed to be driven in the middle of nowhere without support. All lib teams know that the risk of being tank shelled is high when tankbusting ground.
    -The problem with nerfing liberators against tanks (lightings) means that skyguards are even more effective, skyguards currently have way too much range, and increasing the risk of killing a lightning WILL NOT HELP THIS GAME!
    -The premise of a tank is to bombard an area with fire. I really dont think Prowlers are meant to charge in. IN REAL LIFE TANKS DO NOT CHARGE IN THERE (Life isn't call of duty) Buff the harasser again and stop making the tank better than aircraft.
    -The skill ceiling on liberators is much higher. The time it takes to become effective against lots of ground and to survive other aircraft is much longer than it takes to become an effective tanker. Lowering the skill ceiling and making the tanks impervious to aircraft means that many players WILL STOP PLAYING.
    -Tank-buster changes are absolutely ridiculous. I might be illiterate or something, but isnt the tankbuster called the tankbuster for a reason. You have to get close (high risk) and it takes a good pilot not to crash into the ground or target and to get away from a fight post tankbust. Making the tankbuster as weak as the vektor means that tank "busting" becomes tank tickling and therefor impractical
    The tankbuster change is not necessary and was fine as it was.
    -Ammo changes are needed, but if the dalton has 20 rounds in reserve, that would be just stupid

    Also AUDIO CHANGES???? The liberator DOES NOT NEED AN AUDIO CHANGE! Its big and if someone cant see it already theyre total idiots. ESF's are loud enough because theyre small. The fact that you need an audio profile increase is STUPID!
    -Libs are big, theyre pretty slow compared to ESF's and skyguards and AA turrets and Tankshells and everything that shoots.

    These changes are stupid, hire developers that know how to play the game. Not stat ****** that managed to buff the scythe because of strikers stats and that listen to BR5 noobs that are mad. The elite members of aircraft and tanking understand how to fight the other, and they pay. The Public Relations developers arent helping this game. Hire some people that like to play and learn to understand the game.

    "Are liberator perfectly balanced? No. Is nerfing them into oblivion the right answer? Let's ask the Harasser." - WycliffSlim
    "SOE, learn from Jagex. They removed PKing. Lost 95% of all their players. Dont let this happen to you." AND "The devs are stupid, ******" and " So nerfs are based on what vehicle or item good players are using. Since everyone will be in a tank after this update, guess its going to be erfed next." - ThorinNewell
    'Theyre ******* up" - Kylerr
    "Soe is gay" AND "ps2 = call of duty fetus" - Canadianninja
    'WTF" Thorin, ObtuseCanadian, Ikhemri
    "Ask the tankers are they fine with it? yes, now ask the rest of ps2" - Obtusecanadian
    "Its like the harasser all over again" - Mustarde
    "They need to fix other stuff before they worry about this ********" - NestaronWarsong
    "This isnt necessary" -SeansBacon
    "I dont even want to talk about it" -Cnpmm
    "Every few months, the skilled players pick a few different vehicle to use. We all know them. Harasser, Lib, ESF, and MBT. I played Planetside 2 for the Vehicle play. Once I releaize SOE doesn't care about the skilled players who have put hundreds of hours into the game(Plus a big chuck of $$), and listen to the 20 new guys who have less than 40 hours in-game. I leave to play a better game like Guild Wars 2." - Regius
    "SOE: I let you nerf the Harasser, I let you nerf the Engineer (turret and mines), but I am now fed-up with your desire to make the game easy for a noob to play just as well as a veteran! You may no longer have my money. Subscription = cancelled" - AstusteKhan
    "I cancelled my sub because of the never ending nerfs" - Fodollah
    "I think its hilarious" -Cheeseroller
    "I think its RETARTED, like holy ****! I think the lib needs work, but this is stupid. Theyre nerfing solo libs and all things liberator." B00tywarrior
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  8. Herby20

    Honestly, I don't get the point of the Rocket Pod nerf. Are you intending them to be an anti-infantry secondary? Because I quite honestly would have gone in the complete opposite direction and basically removed their splash damage and range. Then again, I think most of these changes will just send the air-ground interaction further along on the downward spiral it has been on since launch.
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  9. vanu123

    You and I both know SOE will over do it. They can never "balance" something just right, they always either over buff or over nerf. In no way does this patch buff magriders. All this patch does is give the few advantages the magrider has left to the vanguard and prowler, both of which already outperform the magrider in the Anti vehicle and Anti infantry role respectively.
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  10. AirSuperiority

    Nerfing composite is different from nerfing every aspect of the lib.
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  11. Obstruction

    "Star Citizen is coming along nicely" - Withstand
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  12. Riddlley

    So in the end, the only things lib's have gotten, and will see is the tail-gun changes and afterburner QOL. Right.

    I haven't actually seen any positive changes for lib's except nerfs. The Duster is quite possibly the WORST weapon in the game. I would be more effective LANDING on people. I don't think reducing the range of things is the way to go either. It reduces complexity in the game, and compresses the skill ceiling. Besides that, lib's fly at a range because going closer is simply intolerable and gets you instagibbed by ground locks and Max Flak. The liberators guns already have extreme difficulty firing at anything above 300 meters. (And that's a static target, to say nothing of moving targets, it takes a full second for the Dalton's projectile to hit the ground at 300).

    Another little known fact, if its visible, it will be fired on. If I have to fly at eye level, there is going to be some issues. Tanks already take potshots at aircraft, and that's flying 300 meters in the air.

    Composite Armour nerfs are justified, it was made overly powerful.

    Noisier lib? OK. I can accept that. Give me an air siren too. That would be fun.

    With regards to the tank-buster, I personally pull it because it works well on the liberator for tasks that the liberator is DESIGNED to do. The other nose guns are not used simply because their specific purpose is simply not feasible, the spur is just ineffective at anything... While the default gun doesn't actually do too bad at anti-air, that's simply not what a liberator should be thinking about. Killing power against tanks and infantry. A fixed gun on a fairly slow aircraft designed for close air support? OK. So you wonder why people want to pull nosedives like a StuKa?

    RIP Liberators.

    Time to move on it seems.
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  13. Poplico

    I already have star citizen. I used to play Planetside whenever i was on my computer, but since Arena Commander came out, Im enjoying it more than planetside and its in Prealpha where all you can do is shoot Vanduul scythes until you die. Actually that sounds alot like planetside, but its been out over a year.
    -Pre Alpha Star Citizen is better than Planetside 2
    -Star Citizen Devs actually care about their game
    -Star Citizen is a real game
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  14. AirSuperiority

    SOE logic: "Hey our new players who want to tank are dying, must be libs." "Should we buff tanks or encourage them to fly with flak?" "No, lets just nerf the hell out of lib, make it useless against air and ground."
  15. Littleman

    A prowler, vanguard, or lightning can't effectively dodge shots AND face the Mag-rider at the same time. DO NOT downplay that benefit of the Mag-rider like it doesn't matter. Forward-backwards dodging only really works at longer ranges, where the angle of the shot determines where it falls. At closer ranges, right now tanks can afford to shoot directly at other tanks. They won't be able to stop on a dime and move in the opposite direction either. What was said was that going in reverse should accelerate at the same rate to the same speed as going forward.

    Strafing wasn't nerfed at all, especially if rounds will now fly slower and drop sooner. And according the how directional damage works, Mag-rider pilots needn't worry about exposing their sides to their enemy to attempt to evade that shot, much less incoming rocket fire, unlike the treaded tanks. The conclusion that strafing was nerfed is just panicked VS realizing they'll no longer have a monopoly on moving and shooting. This is how it should always have been from the start. If anything, it's not a nerf, it's a bloody fix.

    VS really won't use anything unless it's clearly overpowered.
  16. Obstruction

    we're going to keep playing through the patch and see what happens. i'm trying not to be all doom and gloom, but this week is probably going to be the last of the good dogfights with top ESFs. the Dalton is already so slow that skilled ESFs dodge it 90% of the time, any further decrease is just going to mean 0 ability for Dalton A2A and all the scrubs have finally won with their most powerful weapon: The Tears of the Oppressed.

    we'll try, like i said. but my prediction is that this ham handed garbage is going to push almost all air players and especially all farmers into ESFs. Lib players will dwindle down to maybe 10-15 per server, plus noobs that don't know it sucks.

    long live Planetscrub 2: The Higby Effect.
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  17. Progapanda

    It sure is. What's your point or it's relevance to what I posted?
  18. Krokozor

    YeAAah, Give liberator nonswitchable light projectors. Thats my dream. Light up enemies, make loud noices and waving grass with dust beneath me. That will be awesome.
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  19. Hicksimus

    Are liberators and rocket pods those things that derp tanks with C4?
  20. AirSuperiority

    Actually, I should be asking that question. You started talking about composite despite my post never mentioning it. The solution isnt nefing the crap out of libs, its buffing the tank in its g2a capabilities, even that is going too far. Tanks should either travel with flak or have a ranger or walker on them.
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