Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. maxkeiser

    Magrider speed will, at the very least, need a large increase. It should be the fastest tank - by a clear margin. Including strafing - which will need to be increased to 60-70 to counter the 60-70 lateral movement of the new vanguard/prowler.

    Basically, they need to turn the Magrider into a sort of sports tank : which is what it was at beta/on first release.
  2. LT_Latency

    Doesn't these changes make the lighting worthless???

    The only reason to pick a lighting IMO was that is backs up fast.
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  3. maxkeiser

    Magrider speed will, at the very least, need a large increase. It should be the fastest tank - by a clear margin. Including strafing - which will need to be increased to 60-70 to counter the 60-70 lateral movement of the new vanguard/prowler.

    Basically, they need to turn the Magrider into a sort of sports tank : which is what it was at beta/on first release.
  4. HadesR

    I would say maybe more than anything the Lancer and it's unlimited range will need looking at.
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  5. Tuco

    Are these changes for the benefit of the almost braindead who can't comprehend long range beyond MMORPG max range?

    Being hit already shows you in red from which direction, from the sound in your headphones which direction, from the very visible tracers which direction, from the deathcam which direction, from the population indicators on the map the probability of which direction, from the colored explosions on map which direction, from the "Q" spotting which direction, from implant spotting which direction, and from the positioning of enemy/friendly spawn points which probable direction.
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  6. Klypto

    Christ no. Balanced is not hovering a few meters above the ground while multiple tanks are shooting you before your fly off.
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  7. DxAdder

    Are the tank changes for ONLY MBT's or MBT's and lightnings ?

    I can't see MBT's getting there guns nerfed and lightnings remaining the same.

    BUT if lightnings are getting hit with the reduced range be prepared to see allot of lighting drivers switch to skyguards
    instead of getting eaten by MBT's and Infantry, the net effect of this would be the end of air ever being pulled.
    3-4 skyguards make it hard for air to survive, and if that doubled air would have no chance.
  8. ronjahn

    MBT desperately need more utility. This patch should provide that with turret stabilization and reverse speed buff. Thanks for that, but for the sake of balance, full speed reverse might be a bit over the top. Also how about considering the equip rate of ES utilities? I would assume that 90% or more players always equip their ES utility. Why not make this it's own slot to diversify the loadout options of MBTs?

    What MBTs don't need is a nerf. That is exactly what they are getting with the Cannon changes. For once in the lifetime of this game can tanks be given some love without the need to nerf it at the same time?

    SOE can you please provide me with the rationale behind forcing tanks to fight in closer quarters? I just don't see why this is seen as a change that needs to be made. Is it to make killing infantry more difficult? Is it to make killing ESFs more difficult? Is it to make tank vs tank warfare become a never ending stalemate? I just can't see it. To me it looks like SOE is saying, "well we are buffing it here, so I guess we gotta nerf it somehow, so.......I guess we'll nerf it's velocity" Why?
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  9. Morchai

    It will be interesting to see how these changes play out. I'm not going to panic or celebrate too much, because I know they won't be permanent. Nothing in this game endures without being reshaped and pulled too and fro.

    I'll have to actually play it to come to any real conclusions, so my only question is ... when?
  10. Klypto

    Infantry farming tanks would benefit most from the velocity nerf as the AV tanks would have to get close to destroy them.
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  11. Dhabu

    While I'm slightly concerned about the gun nerfs to tanks (speed/gravity), overall I'm very excited by this announcement. Libside Round 2 has been nearly as frustrating for me as the last go-around (this time I just made an air alt and became part of the problem, no I'm not proud of it).
  12. Frosty The Pyro

    god damnit people does no one understand WHY the strafe only lets you dodge shots at range? The answer is projectile velocity. Which is whats being reduced across the board in order to reduce effective range. that means that mag strafe will let you dodge shots CLOSER than current after the change. its a BASIC concept. it is NOT a case of "mag strafe dodges shots at long range" long range is being reduced thus mag strafe will not be able to dodge shots. It is a case of "tank range is being reduced, therefor effective strafe dodging is being improved. I should not have to spell this out.

    AGAIN, nerfing effective range of tank cannons INCREASES the effect of dodging shells via strafe.

    As for the mag canon being hugely worse than Van cannon, it is not. it is slightly worse, in the same manner that the Van canon is slightly worse than the lightning cannon. But they are very close, the Magrider HEAT has 6% less dps than the Vans, and the magrider AP has 4% less dps. However due to having a close dps and the marider having the higher fire rate, what this does is produce a series of damage zones in which certain zones the mag canon has the advantage, and certain zones were the van has the advantage. The mag advantage zones reduce in size until eventialy being overcome, though that point is somewhere around 9 shots, most targets are dead in that many (as an interesting but mostly pointless aside, FPC actually starts a new set of advantage zones over titan AP at 18 shots). In ye olden days it translated to the mag cannon being better against rear and side armor than the VAN and the Van being better against front armor targets and sunderers, however both damage and armor values have changed sense then so I don't know the new targets. I am going to do the raw calculstions for HEAT below.

    Mag vs Van HEAT advantage zones (note, ties go the faster fire rate)

    damage range, advantage owner, size of range, duration of advantage, [Targets within range]

    0-1410 Advantage Mag via fire rate tie breaker, 1410 damage, 0s, [infantry, Flash]
    1410-1600, Van, 190 damage, 3.75s, [ESF]
    1600-2820, Mag, 1220 damage, .25s, [MAX]
    2820-3200, Van, 380 damage, 3.5s
    3200-4230, Mag, 1030 damage, .5s, [Lightning Rear, Liberator, Harasser]
    4230-4800, Van, 570 damage, 3.25s [U-Harasser]*
    4800-5640, Mag, 840 damage, .75s, [MBT rear]
    5640-6400, Van, 760 damage, 3s
    6400-7050, Mag, 650 damage, 1s, [Lightning Side]
    7050-8000, Van, 950 damage, 2.75s [Lightning Front]
    8000-8460, Mag, 450 damage, 1.25s [U-Lightning Side]
    8460-9600, Van, 1140 damage, 2.5s [MBT side/top]
    9600-9870, Mag, 270 damage, 1.5s [U-Lightning Front]
    9870-11200, Van, 1330 damage, 2.25s [Van side/top, MBT Front, U-MBT Side, Sunderer*]
    11200-11280, Mag, 80 damage, 1.75s,
    11280+, Van, X damage, X time [U-Van Front, U-Van side/top, U-MBT front, Van Front, Galaxy, U-sunderer]

    "U-" means upgraded value, so reinforced or composite armor,
    * means I am not 100% certain on that effective health value.
    Additional Note, I do not have composite values for aircraft in my charts, so I did not include them.

    Edit: If I am feeling bored I will do the mag AP vs Van AP. And if anyone wonders, the prowler versions are real easy, the cannons will only ever have one advantage zone over the prowler, once the prowler fires its second shot it will always be ahead of the Van and Mag cannons.
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  13. zSkunk

    Impressed, looking forward on how it's gonna play out.
  14. Sian

    This is the only change I have issue with, the rest look to be necessary.
    What's the useage rate of composite armor? As it stands, there's no reason to take it over the ever-present NARS, now there will be even less reason. Composite should be buffed to a point where it's a viable alternative to auto-repair.
  15. Epic High Five

    I didn't realize Magriders weren't just PPA platforms.
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  16. Klypto

    The sniper tank is already getting nerfed. It's targets will be moving now instead of remaining stationary.
  17. PWGuy93

    No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No ! No No No No No No No !

    Seriously rethink this before it goes live. Just Don't Do It!

    This is going to make tanks utterly vulnerable and impossible to kill Harassers from within a tank.
    This is going to mean those adjustments to the Lib to let AP rounds kill them NOT kill them.
    This means the lockdown Prowler wins in every instance.

    Don't Do This! Just Stop This Line Of Thinking Now!
    For my payments sake DON'T DO THIS!

    Haven't even earned my purple ribbon the AP and this!
    You guys killed my fun in my certed Sunderer.
    You guys killed even certing into the Harasser.
    Now you want to kill off the Lightning and make into a larger target flippable on small bump Harasser, Just NO!!!!!!!!!

    Lightning and AP "was" the one niche I found I could play with some enjoyment. You took away the fun from the Sunderer, I started certing into the harasser and you guys broke that before I wasted certs, you guys killed the viper turret which I had gotten used to so I moved to AP and learned to target at range, shoot hit a few times and move on as being close (which you now demand) meant dying almost instantly from anything (heavy, Max, Harasser, Liberator, ESF, Mines, Base Turrets, even a manned Sunderer can kill a Lightning) and now you want Lightnings to play the role of a Harasser - NO!

    If you want us all to play infantry just remove all the vehicle terminals entirely and call it CoD.

    Am so pissed... am so very pissed. This is game breaking for me. I never thought I would say this on a forum but this might lead me to quitting entirely. I'm sick of this. Everytime I find something to play you KILL it, sick sick sick of it.
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  18. Klypto

    You missed the part where he said outnumbered.

    AP tanks main job is to counter tank zergs and blow up sunderers. Tank zergs are usually surrounding a base and are using HE / HEAT weapons. You can't get in close if they outnumber you.
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  19. Krokozor

    it's reality. and it cant be changed.

    dude, light assault can kill tank only if he has some good advantage. Position, brain, knowledge, anything else. And it's pretty hard to C4 tank in open space. In that way he just compensate disadvantage by luck. if i see like 10 LA kill 10 tanks it will be pretty hilarious.

    actualy if skill of bouth liberator crew and ESF are similar and they bouth well serted liberator have more chanses to kill ESF of course. and how it should be. and actualy 12 crew gal pretty easy can take down liberator.

    Well you really a n00b. 12 crew sundy is one of most powerful things in PS2. Especially if it well hidden.

    there no "roles" in PS2. skyguard only have ability to damage flying things. LA have ability to C4 some tanks. and even tanks have ability to damage liberator pretty hard. it's all rely on teamplay, skill, number of players. and SOE want take away ability to do **** from liberator.
    And, well, SOE not understand that teamplay on liberator and harasser and anything else is the same. if vehicle cant do anything players just dont use it even if it well serted. If me and my gunner cant use liberator in some situations we just take couple of ESFs and use them. Cost some more and need more cooperation but it's work better in teamplay.

    if SOE add some coperation to shooting down aircrafts i'l be totaly OK. Even if it's look like ****. flack turret on liberator belly, or even two those crappy hyenas? totaly OK. it need cooperation and it cost some resourses. if those pretty new valkyrie have some AA abilities it's OK. if one lonley skyguard can take down liberator it's ****.

    and actually crappy duster will be OK in that state if it gain somthing to cooperate with ground forces. make smoke? wow! i can cover enemy forces and they cant see! maybe some EMP or some concussion granade effect? wow i can disarm enemy squads! it's userful! even if it's not it will have some use other way than just killing enemy. thats what planetside need.
  20. GhostAvatar

    I wasnt even talking about the Magrider, just the sudden emergence of the PPA.
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