Upcoming Tank and Liberator Changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Tuco

    yeah this will bring all tankers into infantry render range, and with that full reverse speed we'll be able to farm infantry more effectively.
  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    That's the Magrider's advantage over the over MBTs. It doesn't have +300% fire rate when deployed or a life-saving shield, so it has to make do with its mobility. Now, it doesn't have that anymore.
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  3. LastOneLeft7

    Boy,do I HATE NERFS!!
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  4. Arkenbrien

    Omniburn, a charge-up mechanic to eliminate drop, or perhaps an armour buff. Just something for the Mag.
  5. Deadreach

    No, No they dont and your multiple posts make you look like the ground guy that stands in the middle of a desert in indar trying to lock on to libs, Then getting PISSED. when you get a dalton to your FEET or 6 Zephyr Rounds splashed near your DAMN ANKLES. and MAYBE, 10-15 Anti armor round(.50Cal?) hits out of the massive mag it has. You can argue that anything is good at farming infantry, Especially when said farmed infantry is content to sit behind a Shield that makes them INVINCIBLE while they rack up AA/AI/AT kills with extremely low risk/HIGH reward. Prove you fly. Prove you play. Dont just tell me that the lib is supposed to be an AC130. An AC130 isnt going to down to a stinger rocket. and Ac130 is extremely high up and barely visible to the people its targeting. Infantry can render Vehicles and Aircraft at 1000m, While vehicles and Aircraft can barely render infantry at 500m which is about the max effective range of Heavy Assualt Counters/MaxAV/AA weapons and C4 fairies everywhere.

    And i saw you post on rocket pods post. They are not good against infantry, yea they will kill infantry, but you need to damn near direct hit with 16(MaxClip) them. Armor is the only thing its got going aaaaannnd its gone. sony needs to decide if rocketpods are HE or AT. And they lean to HE, So lets get some EXPLOSIVE to the rockets, and not make them a slowfired bullet. The Rotary is faster at killing infantry then LOLpods.
  6. Lord_Avatar

    Stabilized turrets for all - finally! That *is* a good change. Simply buff the Magriders overall speed (including strafe) by a noticeable margin and improve it's default rotation.
  7. Tuco

    Players: C4 should be removed from LA
    Devs: Let's give tanks full reverse speed and acceleration, increase gravity and decreased shell velocity forcing tanks to get closer to where LA's spawn from.

    Players: tank vs tank combat seems fine
    Devs: Let's increase gravity and decreased shell velocity forcing tanks to get closer

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  8. Arch

    Tank main gun range and velocity is also a indirect nerf to the TR lockdown ability as its a percentage increase and therefore is calculated from the base numbers for the gun itself. Will lock down be adjusted to compensate for the nerf?
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  9. Littleman

    Magriders can strafe while keeping their forward armor (thickest armor) facing incoming fire. Prowlers, Vanguards, and Lightning's can't do this. "BUTERMAHGERD it isn't good at avoiding tank shells!" It's good at avoiding dumbfire rockets, which make up a majority of infantry AV, despite all the beeping and LA showering One with C4 as One sits at the very base of a tower like thinking they're some immortal infantry farming god like an idiot. With slower cannon fire, the Magrider got a slight BUFF against other tanks. And remember, One can still attempt to strafe their shots, and having failed, the Magrider's thickest armor absorbs the round. The other guy's options are to hope they can mess up the Magrider's Y axis aim with forward and backwards movement, or expose their weaker side armor to achieve actual strafing.

    Magrider cannon stability was never considered a perk of the Magrider, only a consequence of it's hovering capability. Finally, fights can happen over open terrain and players won't be forced to either come to a standstill to place an accurate shot withouta pebble throwing their cannon into the dirt or way up into the sky. Third person always had turret stability too, which was an even greater mind blow, but awkward to work with.

    Finally, maybe now we'll see NC and TR spam some tanks for reasons besides pounding a spawn room. There's no end to the Magrider spam however, and I play all sides so I can say this observation isn't fabricated simply out of bias, so don't you dare act like it's a piece of crap. The cannon is a PITA, I'll give you that, so I agree it should suffer any drop or projectile loss, but otherwise, deal with the treaded tanks having a faster reverse and turret stabilization. NOW things are balanced.
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  10. Arkenbrien

  11. KnightCole

    I think the reverse changes are a bit much. maybe increase top reverse speed by 15KPH on all tanks, but to allow them to go forward and backwards the same speed with the same accel? ummm, just seems derpy....

    And with further velocity and shot speed nerfs.......THAT is why I would vote RIP Magrider..it already has a mortar on it...now its going ot be like a BFBC2 mortar.....aim straight up in the sky at a 90 degree upward angle and fire....the shot will land 5 feet away from the tank....
  12. Larington

    I approve of all the changes listed in the post.

    I must say I particularly like the proposed change to tank shell velocity & drop because right now vanguard gunners seem to be a little too good at sniping ESF's out of the air even whilst they are zipping around at a distance dogfighting other pilots at the time.

    Wanted to drop by and leave one other comment though. Lately I've found myself using the sunderer as a double AA platform, unfortunately when it's taken moderate to heavy damage it starts belching smoke up through the centre of the vehicle and completely obscures my ability to aim upwards. If there's anything that can be done to fix this, like possibly having the smoke belch out more towards the back where I presume the engine is, that'd be great as I can then return fire more effectively.

    Also I'm getting the impression that ATV engines are a bit too loud, I'll try and sneak up on a tank from behind with a buddy on wraith flashes and before we're even close to getting into position the turret spins around in a split second and wipes us out (Yep, even when cloaked).
  13. Tuco

    Would you all stop thinking so faction centric (what about lockdown, what about magriders), and consider the overall boring generic Battlefield arcadey feel tank combat would feel after range reduction and full reverse?
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  14. Arkenbrien

    The only problem with this is that damage is not given based on where the shot lands, but the relative position of the origin to the target. You can strafe all you want to one side, but as long as you aren't within a certain arc of the front of the target, no matter how many shots you land on the 'side' of the target visibly, the damage will take into account the front armour, not the side.

    Furthermore, and this is going to be even more relevant now with turret stabilization across the board (don't get me wrong, this is a good thing), all the target has to do is to press A or D to rotate their entire tank to face the Mag. Front armour, 100% of the time.

    Strafe will be directly nerfed because of turret stabilization.

    Also, acceleration and speed will be the same in both reverse and forwards. So even if the target decides to strafe as it's primary means of dodging shots, side armour increases the damage resistance to near, if not on par, as the front damage resistance.

    You may still be able to doge shots, but as it has been stated that the nerf to tank ranges, which is the only place you can dodge shots, is going to be quickly irrelevant. I'm not sure about this final point, but I believe it is likely to happen as stated.
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  15. ColonelChingles

    No, it's entirely because of particular roles.

    Think of it this way. Effective counters to things are also resource and manpower efficient solutions. If I have to outspend and outman the enemy to win, then whatever I have pulled is not actually more effective or specialized in taking out the enemy.

    Essentially relying only on resource cost and manpower to win makes it so that the higher popped side has access to victory. But this isn't, shouldn't, and in the eyes of the Devs ought not to be the way it works at all.

    Instead, tactics call on the idea that the right piece of equipment at the right time can trump resource cost or personnel. This is why a sneaky Light Assault with 200 resources of C4 can take down a 2-person 450 resource tank. Or why a 250 resource ESF can (should) take down a 3-person 350 resource Liberator. Or why a 3-person 350 resource Liberator can take down a 12-person 350 resource Galaxy.

    Resource and manpower requirements only serves as a limitation on power, and should not be seen as an indicator of how one unit should trump all others.

    If that was the case, the 12-person 400 resource Battle Sunderer would be the most fearsome combat vehicle, but obviously that's a joke. This is because the role of the Sunderer is a transport, not a combat vehicle.

    This is why roles do and should trump resource/manpower costs. That's how you get effective force multipliers.
  16. Tuco

    One thing that's obnoxious about long range tank engagements is either being out-repaired, or the enemy backing up and ducking behind cover to repair when you are 1-shot away from killing him, after spending 3 minutes playing "who's a better engineer healer". Full reverse speed makes this even more obnoxious.
  17. RemusVentanus

    Tank gun velocity and range nerf is a baaaaad idea.... if this nerf gets through it better comes with a nerf to the MANA range (that thing is still a PITA with its 450m range) and other infantry AV with the exception of dumbfires. Tanks stay at range because infantry will obliterate them when they get to close.

    And the Magrider... strafe as it is atm isn't going to do jack sh.. when all turrets get stabilised and tank gun range gets reduced. Magburn only going forward isnt going to help either with our gun stuck in place.

    Reading this and other planned stuff for tanks i am glad i canceled my sub before it went on the next auto renew.
  18. Arch

    I asked a question hoping for an answer from the people who know. I have no real feelings on the reverse speed changes or the decreased range and velocity of tank guns. Its not the end of the world and people will still use the vehicles just as they did before.

    Please go back to spamming your usual wish list of PS1 cloaked AMS, spitfire, mines, boomers, audio detectors and let the adults in the room have a constructive conversation.
  19. Snoozzzer

    Why are you messing with the projectile velocities? If it's to nerf that small percentage of elite gunners who are able to shoot down esfs and put rounds straight through a window from 300 yards..... they'll still be able to do that, no matter what. It'll just be that much harder for the 99% to do adequately in tanks and libs.

    Oh, and please to buff air hammer against infantry then. It already requires a reaver to get within easy dumbfire rocket range to effectively kill squishies, unlike the banshee and ppa. Why can't it be left as is? Higher risk vs reward than the other factions in exchange for being a unique air vs air weapon

    Perhaps the balance team could be retasked to assist in creating additional content, as opposed to the current screwing up what we have currently
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  20. Tuco

    You're no sim player, phffffft. That's the problem with gamers these days. Hey why don't we reduce all projectiles to World of Warcraft range (10 meters) while we're at it, I bet you wouldn't have a problem with that.
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